Product Specifications:  25% brandy alcohol, infusion of Buttercup in distilled water.

Currently available only in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles.

Definition: When this essence is needed it is because there is a wound within the emotional body that has never healed and which has recently been torn open exposing the anguish the person has been feeling for lifetimes. This wound was most likely caused during a time of severe persecution, thus leaving the individual feeling cut off from any experience of healthy connection to humanity. The person feels a deep mistrust, thus they hold themselves back from experiencing healthy, nurturing, loving relationships. It is time to reconnect with the energy and love of human / God connectedness. The wound will experience a draining off of the infection, allowing for the light to enter and heal the negative memories that have caused so much pain and feeling of separation. A feeling of connectedness to humanity and the ability to experience friendship and Love will return.

INDICATIONS: Feeling mistrust and an inability to connect with other human beings in a healthy relationship.