Berkeley Springs Rock Replacement Bottle



Product Specification: 25% brandy alcohol, infusion of Berkeley Springs Rock in distilled water. Part of a set. Not to be sold individually.

Currently available only in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles.

Definition: I bring to you a heightened state of consciousness that will open you to the awareness of the increase in energy that is flowing through all of your chakras. This energy moving through you has been activated by the use of these Mineral Essences. You will begin to notice a sensation enveloping you that you have never before experienced. This sensation is the manifestation of all of your bodies merging with the crown chakra. It is through the Grace of God that this transformational process is occurring.

In conjunction with many of the other Mineral Essences in this collection, the entire awakening Kundalini process will emerge within you. As these individual vibrational patterns come together, and merge with your physical cellular and etheric bodies, they set into motion this transformational awakening experience. My vibrational pattern is a complex one which offers much to this unfolding process on the cellular level.



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