Birth Activation



Product Specifications:  25% brandy alcohol, infusion of Birth Activation in distilled water.

Currently available only in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles.

Definition: The energy and vitality of the essence of Birth Activation will unite with the seed, which is planted within your heart center (home of your soul). This seed contains a new energy blueprint for your continuing evolvement toward 5th dimension awakening. The energy of Birth Activation is like the life-giving force of water to a seed which must receive this water in order to begin the process of germination. There is an energy configuration contained within the essence of Birth Activation which, when it merges with the corresponding frequency of the seed within your heart center, will produce a noticeable movement toward conscious awareness of the many levels of life. Evolvement is an activity which requires a level of conscious participation; each new level of human evolution always comes from moving through an untested paradigm. You are on the threshold of just such a new paradigm in the process of human evolution and the essence of Birth Activation is the catalyst given to you from nature to nurture this new awareness.