Product Specifications:  25% brandy alcohol, infusion of Cedar in distilled water.

Currently available only in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles.

Definition: There is a deep and abiding universal wisdom in all human beings. This is accompanied by a feeling of peace. Many have forgotten or lost sight of this aspect of themselves. One cannot experience the inner wisdom without inner harmony. Our essence assists in cleansing and release in order to provide the experience of harmony and inner wisdom, whether the needed cleansing be on a physical, emotional, mental or astral / etheric level. On a physical level, we can be of assistance in any detoxification process, such as fasting or withdrawal from an addictive substance. Because of the support we can give to inner harmony, one may experience a decrease of side effects. In sickness, we can help the body to release and detoxify more fully and completely.

INDICATIONS: Use whenever there is a cleansing needed on a physical, emotional, mental or astral / etheric level. Support for fasting or a withdrawal process from an addictive substance. Helps one to have the necessary release needed to experience the universal wisdom and peace within