Celestite Replacement Bottle



Product Specifications: 25% brandy alcohol, infusion of Celestite in distilled water. Part of a set. Not to be sold individually.

Currently available only in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles.

Definition: My gift to you is to be the catalyst for your remembering how to communicate with and see the wondrous beings of the Angelic Kingdom, as well as the Nature Kingdom. My purpose in becoming an essence is a simple one. The Angelic Kingdom wishes to reach all of you in a way that you have blocked to them for a long time. As you use this essence, many understandings will gently float into your conscious mind and you will become aware in a short period of time that these understandings are being offered to you from the Angelic Kingdom.

You will find yourself having many comforting and insightful conversations with your Angels, and when you are in need of support and guidance from Nature, you will experience the wonderful nurturing gifts that the Nature Spirits have to offer. As you become increasingly in tune with these kingdoms, your awareness and ability to interact with them will open you to new understandings too numerous to describe.

The pattern that is imprinted within me is offered to you in Love, and with the highest regard for your individual spiritual paths. Walk down your path with an Angel on your shoulder, and know it is so.


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