It’s Just a Dream




Product Specifications: 25% brandy alcohol, combination mineral and flower essences in distilled water.

Available in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles & 2 oz. spray bottles.

Definition: Dreams are the medium to the wisdom of your Higher Self. Dreaming is the experience of letting go of your conscious mind or ego, and stepping into the reality of Soul/Higher Self and Universal Mind. Dreaming accesses the highest vibrational communication between your Higher Self and your conscious mind. Sleep, dream, wake, remember the wisdom of your Higher Self. Take It’s Just a Dream to sleep, dream, wake and remember that the love and light of Higher Self is with you always day and night, awake and asleep.
Dreaming allows your Higher Self access to your conscious mind without the interference of fear and reluctance to change. Dreaming is about which way you have been and where you go from here. Dreams are the doorway to Universal Mind. Infinite possibilities and infinite outcomes await your mind. Change and growth are waiting for your interpretation. Dream and listen, respond from your heart and your dreams will grow in wisdom and influence in your daily lives.
Use 2 to 3 drops or sprays before sleeping. This will attune your conscious mind, Soul/Higher Self to the vibration of sleep, dream, wake, remember, interpret and respond. Change, evolve, wake up and claim your wisdom!