Universal Will Plan Timing



Product Specifications: 25% brandy alcohol, combination mineral and flower essences in distilled water.

Available in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles & 2 oz. spray bottles.

Definition:  You were given a unique soul personality and a unique soul gift (talent) and the individual free will energy to manifest your personality and soul gifts in your own time and way. Source gave free will to every soul created so the soul personality could make choices and decisions about when and where to incarnate and experience life in physical embodiment. Free will gives all souls the freedom to grow, evolve and develop as it chooses and in its own time frame.
As soul evolves and grows in knowledge and understanding of itself, it will eventually desire instinctively to know its relationship to its Creator/God Source/All That Is. Once this level of consciousness has developed within the soul and your personality ego, the personality will experience a moment in its evolution where it decides that it wishes to know God Source. This level of evolution brings the personality ego consciousness to a feeling of humility and understanding that a single soul consciousness can never know, in and of itself, all of God /Source/Creation. The only way to access the magnitude of God Source is to consciously surrender the idea that the individual soul agenda knows all.
Once a personality ego accepts that God Source is the creator of all and knows all, it has begun to evolve to a conscious desire to experience oneness and wholeness with All That Is. To fully experience the wholeness feeling of God Source, it is necessary for an individual soul to eventually move its free will agenda aside and say yes to God Source’s Will Plan Timing. Once the individual soul accepts God Source’s Will Plan Timing, the oneness experience of God Source may be manifested while in a physical body.
You have free will so you may eventually choose Divine Will. The essence of Universal Will Plan Timing supports the soul and personality ego consciousness in feeling the ease, support, joy, harmony and love within God Source’s agenda for all. In God Source’s Universal Will Plan Timing, all souls experience a feeling of oneness, love, cooperation, collaboration, creativity, joy, peace, ease and acceptance of where you are in each and every moment. In the vibration of Universal Will Plan Timing, all of your ego agenda, plans and concerns are shifted to the energy of God Source’s plans and agendas. You will feel lightness in your thinking, which will allow you to experience that which God Source desires for your life and evolvement as soul in physical embodiment.
In God Source’s Universal Will Plan Timing, your personality ego consciousness may find that it now has less work to do, less stress and less busyness, because in God Source’s vibration, all is in ease and harmony with love, cooperation and perfection.

If you are finding that your days and nights are full of busy thoughts and activities, try some Universal Will Plan Timing and see if you manifest more time and less work for yourself each day. Follow the guidance within the vibration of Universal Will Plan Timing. It will take your consciousness to ease, harmony, wholeness, acceptance, peace and oneness feeling with all souls. This is love.