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Vibrational Nature Definitions


These 56 essences support healing where we are out of balance with our individual eco-system: our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. These essences add a level of healing that teaches us how to experience Unity Consciousness within our own being. We then see how to consciously interact in harmony with all of life.

Conceived from, but not limited to, the animal, insect, flower, mineral and elemental kingdoms and the elements of fire, earth, air and water, all of which hold the healing energy of change that teaches us harmony and oneness through the connection to all life forms. Use any of these Vibrational Nature Essences as individual essence support or add to a custom remedy of Mineral, Flower, Body/Soul or Astrology essences to support healing of specific issues.


Collection I

Carpenter Bee
Shenandoah Valley
Blue Ridge Mountain
Black Ant

Collection II

African Violet (Violet)
Ever Blooming Begonia (Coral)
Owl (Great Horned Owl)
Cat (Tiger)

Collection III

Alabaster Bear
Barn Swallow
Canada Goose
Poppy - Burdock
Land Turtle

Collection IV

Starseed I Am
The Resurrection
Birth Activation
3D Graduation (Third Dimension Graduation)

Collection V

Poison Ivy
Snake (Black)

Collection VI

Please and Thank You
Clear Quartz / Clematis Vine
Faith to Wholeness

Collection VII

The Four Sacred Element Essences

Fire, earth, air and water are the energetic building blocks of the universe, earth and humanity. Each soul in form must connect with, relate to, embody, integrate, know and be one with each of these elements for optimal health and well-being.

All individual souls were created out of the energy of the four elements. They are the primal energies of the universe created by Source. They are the structural blueprint energies out of which all in form and out of form are connected to and must be one with for health, growth, vitality, evolution and oneness with Source/All That Is.

These Four Sacred Element Essences provide healing to each unique individual in form. Over the many life incarnations, there may be moments, hours, weeks, years when an individual may feel disconnected to any one or all of the sacred elements. When life pushes the individual past a point of internal balance and comfort, any one of the sacred elements may become so unbalanced within the individual that the soul actually becomes allergic to the form (body) in which it resides. To become out of balance with one of the sacred building blocks of the universe is to deny a part of our own uniqueness as soul in form.

Our continuing evolution as soul requires that we each be in wholeness and in harmony with the primal creative energy of Source, contained within these four sacred elements. Love is the motivating energy of all creation, and the four sacred elements embody love as their core creative motivator. To be out of balance with any of the elements is to be in conflict, disharmony and disease within your own physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies.

These four essences were co-created to support humanity in healing the soul personality ego’s misunderstandings of breathing in a body and living on a structure (planet) with other unique individuals. We each were created out of the same energy building blocks, the four sacred elements, and yet we, as soul in form, are all each uniquely individual and different. Our journey as soul in form provides us each with unique knowledge and unique misunderstandings. But, at our core, we are all made of the same energy. Harmony, wholeness, health, vitality are ours in abundance when our individual soul becomes one with each of these four sacred elements. These essences contain the universal wisdom of wholeness and they will support your process in healing all imbalances associated with your personal relationship to the four sacred elements.

The Sacred Element of Fire Essence
The Sacred Element of Earth Essence
The Sacred Element of Air Essence
The Sacred Element of Water Essence
Unity Support Essences 1, 2, 3, 4