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Light Expression Essences is a global project designed by Divinity to assist those who seek personal evolution and healing. The intention of these vibrational essences is to move you further along your Spiritual and Healing Path in a smooth and gentle manner. The Light Expression Essences are co-created in harmony with the Devic Realm (Angelic) and are created from the Nature Kingdoms including the plant, insect, animal, mineral, astrology – and Beyond.

Sharon Hamilton, co-creator of Light Expression Essences, has often said that Vibrational Essences are “frequency information from Universal Creative Source Energy – put into a bottle form”. Everyone should know that all plants, trees, minerals, insects, animals, etc. have a particular frequency or “signature” which is “identifying in concept”. These frequency patterns can be infused into solutions that then can be selected (ideally) through intuitive tools and applied physically by spraying or consumed to the benefit of the user.

Light Expression Essences can assist you with:

  • Acquiring and experiencing emotional maturity.
  • Releasing detrimental habitual thought patterns in the subconscious — releasing addictive behaviors and the disease they cause.
  • Recalibrating/rebalancing the twelve major chakras in and out of the physical body.
  • Attaining greater clarity and focus about your uniqueness.
  • Raising your subconscious vibrational frequencies to hold a higher resonance with health and vitality in the physical body and aligning your conscious mind with the superconscious mind.
  • Expanding your current perspective from individual ego thinking to unity consciousness awareness.

bullfrogLight Expression Essences consist of eight collections of vibrational, flower, and healing essences from all of the nature kingdoms. These collections include:

  • Animal and Family Relationship Health Care Essences
  • Astrology Essences
  • Body/Soul Essences
  • Combination Essences
  • Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences
  • Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences
  • Mineral Essences
  • Vibrational Nature Essences

Introduction to Vibrational Healing & Flower Essences

Vibrational Essences are nature’s universal energy wisdom. They teach us how nature has successfully solved its evolutionary challenges and provide us with that intuitive wisdom.

Our subconscious holds emotions that carry a frequency that contributes to our unique energy signature. We impact one another through our subconscious emotional responses to life situations. Emotions fuel our thinking and can prompt us to make choices that are in integrity and add to our harmony, or to make a selfish, immature response to a life situation sending out ripples of discordant energy that causes us stress, anxiety, disease, poverty consciousness, and drama.

When used on a regular basis, vibrational essences can support us by continually healing and releasing individual subconscious survival concerns and judgments that cause us to experience fear, worry, stress, anxiety, confusion, and indecision. These concerns can cause our immune system to weaken and become compromised, prompting our physical body to attract illness, disease, and other signs of discomfort and imbalance. Through their wisdom, vibrational essences show us how to successfully navigate our survival concerns. They create an opening that allows us to adapt to change, make new choices, feel our own uniqueness as valuable, and stay heart-centered in our daily interactions. Experiencing feelings of self-acceptance, self-worth and confidence produce new and exciting possibilities and outcomes for our life. Essences support us in feeling our life purpose. Once we feel it, we can make decisions that are in harmony with that purpose. This new uplifting energy inspires us to make healthy habit choices that promote physical and emotional well-being.

The essences are preserved in a small amount (25%) of brandy alcohol and distilled water (75%). This holds the energy frequency pattern of the essence.

The vibrational essence definitions tell us what the individual essence is able to provide energetically. I use all of the Light Expression Essences in my personal healing and can say that regular use will release subconscious detrimental patterns. Using vibrational essences is an experience and the outcome of healing is unique for each person. Using them often will eventually bring that energetic outcome to your subconscious and conscious minds. Please note that the definitions are the best energetic outcome.  While using the essences, a detox may be part of your experience as you release any detrimental patterns that are causing harm to your physical body. The detox is a part of the benefit provided by using vibrational essences. Every physical and emotional release provides your physical body with more vitality. The clearer our subconscious mind becomes as a result of fewer judgments and fears, the more our conscious mind can hear and act on the guidance from our individual superconscious mind (higher self).