Be Open and Creative

People are always asking, “How do I know when to use essences?” Daily testing of essences (Astrology, Animal and Family Relationship Health Care, Minerals, Flowers, Body/Soul, Combination Solutions and the Vibrational Nature Essences) assist in maintaining emotional, mental, and physical balance during times of stress and change. Essences hold unity frequency information. When taken, the unity frequency moves the survival ego frequency out of the subconscious.

Depression and anxiety can sneak up on all of us when we least expect it. This is the nature of subconscious emotional baggage. Detrimental subconscious habitual thought patterns (Soul karma) act as triggers within the emotional body and are what hold you hostage to repeating undesirable situations over and over again. Vibrational essences help you become consciously aware of your detrimental patterns. Through their vibrational infusion from the various aspects of nature, they assist you in transmuting and healing your patterns that are out of harmony with your highest good. Change is always about choice.

When you recognize your patterns, denial of them becomes more difficult. In time, as your subconscious emotional and mental bodies no longer vibrate at the lower level of judgment, anger, and fear, you will no longer resonate with the misunderstanding you have carried with you for lifetimes at the soul DNA cellular level. This healing brings you to emotional maturity. As you open to change, more choices will make themselves known to you. Essences are wonderful and offer soothing comfort and healing during these times. Essences help us move through unwanted subconscious thought patterns of judgment, bringing divine wisdom into the situation that allows us to release our attachment to the misunderstanding. Harmony, health, vitality, peace, love, and balance are the end result.