Body / Soul Definitions


This collection is a unique and comprehensive set of essences brought together through the collective input of all the kingdoms of nature. The 24 essences were made at one time. Each Body/Soul essence 1-24 came from the 1/3 acre Body/Soul garden made up of 24 individual gardens. Each of the 24 gardens contained a variety of medicinal herbs, shrubs and trees which correlate to the physical body systems and included both the female and male reproductive systems.

body soul gardenThe garden was built from direct spirit guidance and took three years to settle in before the essences were made. The angel for the Body/Soul Collection asked that the gardens only be identified by number, leaving out the information about the specific medicinal herbs and body systems. These 24 essences add more healing information to any custom essence formula you wish to make for yourself and others. Use any of these Body/Soul Essences as individual essence support or add to a cus-tom remedy of Mineral, Flower, Body/Soul or Astrology essences to support healing of specific issues.

The lack of specific garden information is intentional. These are designed to be used intuitively. If you knew the specific information within each garden number, you might be inclined to think you know which garden essence to use, rather than simply using your intuition to guide you to which of the garden essences will support your healing agenda.

These 24 essences work together to bring humanity to a body/soul integration of wholeness within your physical body. The purpose and intention of these 24 essences is to move through the timeline of soul (your Akashic Record), going back to each soul incarnation to align all misunderstandings within each lifetime with the vibrational pattern of love. As this is accomplished the individual soul will experience, while in a physical body, a oneness with Divinity (your Christ self) bringing those lifetimes into balance and oneness with soul’s purpose and the vibrational pattern of the one true energy known as I Am (light and love).

Detrimental emotional and mental patterns held within the current lifetime will find balance and healing, allowing the individual to fully and completely integrate the blueprint of Christ Consciousness (Unity Consciousness) into the physical and energetic bodies. This integration is not only of the current life embodiment, but all parallel life embodiments simultaneously. The end result will be the awareness of your true identity: I Am manifesting within the physical!

Time is not linear. We are part of time: past, present and future. As you work to heal misunderstandings within your current physical body, while raising your vibrational levels, you will bring soul fully into the physical body. However, a piece of healing is still required to complete this process. This piece is the healing of all previous lifetimes and is accomplished through raising the vibrational level within each incarnation. When this is accomplished, soul is fully integrated and resonates with the current physical body of the individual. This process activates the Light Body.


Individual essences in this collection are numbered 1 through 24 and do not have an individual definition.