Combination Essences Definitions


Light Expression Essences Combination Collection essence formulas are made from all kingdoms of nature. These 16 essence formulas support healing our basic emergency concerns as well as providing caregivers and health practitioners with vibrational formulas to support their healthcare practices and their clients’ healing.


Practitioner Testing Formula

angels holding handsThere are times when a practitioner may find it difficult to stay clear and non-attached from the topic being explored in a healing session. A practitioner may identify closely with the issue being addressed; they may be tired or simply not grounded. This condition may cause a practitioner to blow out their testing circuitry, with the end result being a lack of clarity or uncertainty about the information being received.

This formula will allow the practitioner to experience non-attachment from the subject issue being explored and maintain an open and clear channel through which to receive Higher Self/Soul information throughout the testing procedure. Use Practitioner Testing Formula whenever you wish to engage in receiving intuitive information via intuitive tools, i.e. muscle testing, dowsing, intuitive gut feeling, etc. It will ground you and bring you into polarity with the individual being tested.


This solution will prepare a person to do release work in conjunction with any healing process (meditation, medical, therapy, dental, acupuncture, etc.). Its intent and vibrational pattern is suited to assist the individual in becoming centered and at one with the emotional, physical or mental release work. This solution will help the individual prepare and accept the healing they are experiencing.


This solution will assist with the process of integrating the healing work. As the healing arrives, the individual can integrate the new awakening to truth, so there is a balancing of the energy fields on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and astral. A new truth will be integrated and the healing accepted.

Fast Flush

Fast Flush was designed to support those consciously addressing their healing by moving subconscious emotional and mental toxins not in harmony with love and light out of the physical body. Subconscious emotional and mental patterns being accessed and healed hold frequencies of density that can and have manifested within the physical body as disease, illness, and death.

Healing old subconscious patterns can release toxins from deep within the physical body and may cause you to feel like your physical body is ill. This sensation of illness during the release of toxic build-up is actually a healing crisis, not an illness. Once the subconscious emotional and mental pattern is complete in its healing, the physical body will be lighter, healthier, and more in harmony with love, light, and wholeness. Wherever you feel ill in your physical body during this process, the illness is showing you the density energy that the subconscious pattern was holding and feeding to your physical body and conscious mind.

Take Fast Flush when you feel that toxins from your healing process are getting stuck within your physical body. If you feel physically ill or off-balance, this is a sign that your outworn subconscious emotional and mental patterns have been found and are healing. Take the Fast Flush Combination Solution as often as necessary to move the harmful toxicity out of your physical body.

Experiencing a Miracle!

MaryFor centuries, humanity has held the misunderstanding within its collective subconscious that miracles are experienced only by a chosen few, and that the rest of us must simply cope with our condition as best we can. This is simply not true.

We are surrounded with miracles every second of every day. We do not see them because we are usually vibrationally out of alignment with their loving energy pattern. As a result, we are not generally able to resonate with the divine energy patterns available to us for healing. We also believe that healing is a process that we must experience in stages.

This combination solution holds the energy pattern that will speak to your subconscious and entire cellular body, telling it that healing can and will take place within any level of your body (physical, emotional, and mental) as quickly as you wish for it to happen. If you require time to process the healing, this solution will support that as well.

Healing is God’s gift to all humanity. Receive it with the love with which it is given.

5D Grounding

The 5th Dimension energy grid surrounds Earth and holds the energy pattern of Unity Consciousness, overlaying the 3rd Dimension’s grid intention – duality consciousness. Emotional survival issues (fear) are 3D in vibration and do not vibrate in the harmony frequency of 5D Unity Consciousness. Healing low vibration feelings and survival fears moves you closer to the vibration of 5D, which then requires grounding this new awareness within the 5D grid.

As each individual evolves in consciousness, moving closer to 5D, the ability of the 3D grid to hold its intention becomes less anchored within Earth. The formula 5D Grounding was designed to vibrationally support humanity/nature/animals, etc. to consciously ground into the 5D grid. As each individual chooses to evolve, expand their consciousness, and grow in lightness by healing subconscious emotional issues of survival, it becomes important to stay grounded within the 5D grid paradigm and stay present to your new growth in consciousness. 5D Grounding will assist in energetically supporting your consciousness in staying connected to the 5D Grid, thus providing a compatible vibrational foundation to support your growth and evolution to oneness with God, Source, True Self.


Agreements made, promises broken, this is what we show you to heal the wounds accumulated during lives lived without the help of friends.

Agreements made between two (or more) people seem easy to fulfill when made, but when a crisis unfolds, the drama can unravel the ability to stand in love, harmony, peace, and support. It all seems hard to hold. I promised you I would be strong and not bend when things get tough. We promised to remind each other of the strength, the love we have to share. And when the pain we must heal bears down upon our hearts, it’s time to look to friends to claim our promises made.

We can, we do and we will support the treasures in our hearts and Souls. We said we would help each other claim our highest truth and purpose, and we do this together hand in hand, to ease the journey and heal the heart of the fears we feel. Our fears are less when we support each other by shining light into the dark.

I am your friend, I love you dearly, I promise to support your healing in love, in light, in peace. We share our gifts and treasures to now be whole. As friends, we join to spread our love to help the light grow stronger.

Our hearts are open when we join hands. Friends can heal the wounds with love. This is the gift we share.


The basic idea of meditation is to go within and connect with your Source for grounding and information. The understanding and experience of meditation are different for everyone. Some people connect by simply sitting in a quiet location and being still. For others, meditation can be found during a walk, run, or other period of individual exercise. There are many ways to meditate.

The combination solution Grounded assists in connecting with and grounding in divine energy during meditation and connecting with Earth and the physical body during times of feeling airy and out of body.

There is no specific recommended dosage for this solution. Using three to four drops of this solution when feeling uncentered (lightness of mind and body; not being connected to the physical) may do the trick. It may help to take the solution every few minutes during one of these episodes. Other times once a day may be sufficient.

If you experience periods of not remembering what you wanted to do, continually changing your mind, unable to make a decision, forgetting if you have eaten, you probably could use Grounded. This is also a good combination solution to take during the birthing process. It is suitable for women and animals giving birth. Test for your individual purposes. Your heart will let you know how often to take this combination essence solution.

Heaven to Earth/Earth to Heaven

Take this solution when you are experiencing doubt. It will take you where you need to go to access your inner guidance for answers. When we are in doubt or confusion, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. Sometimes we are too much of Earth in the moment to hear Spirit speak. And other times, we are too much in the Universe and are not feeling the earth speak. This formula will show you where you are too focused in one direction so you can stop and look in a different direction, thus gaining balance in the moment and allowing guidance to show you another way of seeing a situation.

Taking this formula with any other substance (vitamins, food, etc.) will immediately take the highest good of that substance to where it is required most within your physical body.

I Am Soul’s Potential

I meet my Soul’s potential and hold my I Am space within all levels of my being: physical, emotional, mental, Soul.

Neutral energy = no judgment = non-attached

Ask no questions (stay neutral, open-minded, and surrender to God)

Take no prisoners (judgment of choice or situation)

As you open to the awareness of your Soul’s potential, you will see infinity before you. Your potential is infinite and only hindered by how much of it you choose to manifest. Are you expansive and neutral in your choices, or do you limit yourself based on doubts and fears? I Am Soul’s Potential will open the doors to your infinite potential.

It’s Just a Dream

Dreams are the medium to the wisdom of your Higher Self, superconscious mind. The subconscious mind will also speak to you and show issues and fears as well as solutions. Dreaming is the experience of letting go of your conscious mind/ego, and stepping into the reality of Soul/Higher Self and Universal Mind. Dreaming accesses the highest vibrational communication between your Higher Self, superconscious mind, collective superconscious mind, your subconscious mind, collective subconscious mind, and your conscious mind. Sleep, dream, wake, remember the wisdom of your Higher Self. Take It’s Just a Dream to sleep, dream, wake, and remember that the love and light of Higher Self are with you always day and night, awake and asleep.

Dreaming allows your Higher Self (superconscious mind) access to your conscious mind without the interference of subconscious fear and reluctance to change. Dreaming is about which way you have been and where you go from here. Dreams are the doorway to Universal Mind. Infinite possibilities and infinite outcomes await your mind. Change and growth are waiting for your interpretation. Dream and listen, respond from your heart and your dreams will grow in wisdom and influence in your daily lives.

Use 2 to 3 drops or sprays before sleeping. This will attune your conscious mind and Soul/Higher Self to the vibration of sleep, dream, wake, remember, interpret and respond. Change, evolve, wake up and claim your wisdom!

Move to Truth

When it is time for change to make its way into your life, subconscious fear and pain struggle to hold the attention within the conscious mind; change is not invited in, but rather, held at bay. The old subconscious patterns, no matter how distracting or painful, do not give up their place of attention easily.

Move to Truth allows you to feel the universal flow of creativity as it moves through the Soul, bringing light to the pain. This enables you to receive strength from God Source, which opens you to see that change will always bring with it a higher truth. Change is about movement. Truth is gathered from each movement towards change. Change refines the understanding at the conscious level of truth’s evolution within Spirit.


The essence of Relax supports the understanding that relaxation is an important function for a physical body to experience. Subconscious emotional and mental patterns can cause your physical body to feel tension, tightness, rigidity, aches, pains, cramping, etc. This tension manifesting within the physical body can feel very exhausting to the nervous and muscular systems. If you have no clear healthy understanding of the necessity to relax, you can manifest many exhausting days and nights at the physical body level.

If you experience tension, stress, exhaustion, or overwhelm during your day or night, take Relax and that will ease the feelings of tension and stress. Rest and relaxation within the body are like oxygen to the lungs. In order to manifest grounded and clear physical health, your body requires and wants to experience relaxation in order to heal an issue and fully process a new understanding.

Use Relax as often as necessary to support the body in its process of relaxation. Take the time to relax and enjoy the life you are experiencing. Relax supports peace, calm, tranquility, vitality, strength, health, and well-being in a physical body. Use Relax and feel the tension drain away as you experience acceptance of your current need for rest and relaxation to be fully manifested, balanced, and in harmony with love.


The essence Safety will assist in strengthening the immune system after a trauma, accident, illness, or stressful situation. It will help humans and animals stay clear and grounded during negative and stressful situations. It is helpful when one is feeling psychically or physically attacked during waking or dream state. It also helps to clear animals that live with humans from the negativity generated by their human caretakers.

When you are feeling grounded and clear, you are able to make decisions from a place of feeling safe about the outcome.

Suggested dosage for humans is to use 5 to 6 drops or sprays every few minutes after an initial accident or stressful experience. Continue to use as often as you feel guided. When you are clear and have regained your sense of balance, you will no longer feel a desire to take the remedy. Take as desired during the day or night. You can mist another person by adding 5 drops into a handheld water bottle with a sprayer and mist the body starting above the head and continuing until you reach the feet. You can mist a room to clear the energy after a conflict, or emotional interactions. Pets benefit from having 6 to 8 drops or sprays directly on their body or from misting them.

Universal Hug

Are you feeling a little less than unconditionally loved, a little less than totally supported, not really comforted or understood? Try wrapping yourself in a hug from the Universe. This hug will warm your heart, mind, and Soul, and envelop your body with comfort and support.

Love surrounds you from all realms within the Universe. Regardless of the feelings and thoughts, you are experiencing at the moment, know that the Divine is aware of the journey you are traveling and is sending you this hug of love and support. You will not fail. You will not fall. Take a leap of faith into the unknown and know that I Am here to support you, guide you, love you, and comfort you through all of your travels. I Am the supportive loving hug.

Universal Will Plan Timing

You were given a unique Soul personality and a unique Soul gift (talent) and the individual free will energy to manifest your personality and Soul gifts in your own time and way. Source gave free will to every Soul created so the Soul personality could make choices and decisions about when and where to incarnate and experience life in physical embodiment. Free will gives all Souls the freedom to grow, evolve and develop as it chooses and in its own time frame.

As Soul evolves and grows in knowledge and understanding of itself, it will eventually desire instinctively to know its relationship to its Creator/God Source/All That Is. Once this level of consciousness has developed within the Soul and your personality ego, the personality will experience a moment in its evolution where it decides that it wishes to know God Source. This level of evolution brings the personality ego consciousness to a feeling of humility and understanding that a single Soul consciousness can never know, in and of itself, all of God /Source/Creation. The only way to access the magnitude of God Source is to consciously surrender the idea that the individual Soul agenda knows all.

Once a personality ego accepts that God Source is the creator of all and knows all, it has begun to evolve to a conscious desire to experience oneness and wholeness with All That Is. To fully experience the wholeness feeling of God Source, it is necessary for an individual soul to eventually move its free will agenda aside and say yes to God Source’s Will Plan Timing. Once the individual soul accepts God Source’s Will Plan Timing, the oneness experience of God Source may be manifested while in a physical body.

You have free will so you may eventually choose Divine Will. The essence of Universal Will Plan Timing supports the Soul and personality ego consciousness in feeling the ease, support, joy, harmony, and love within God Source’s agenda for all. In God Source’s Universal Will Plan Timing, all Souls experience a feeling of oneness, love, cooperation, collaboration, creativity, joy, peace, ease, and acceptance of where you are in each and every moment. In the vibration of Universal Will Plan Timing, all of your ego agenda, plans, and concerns are shifted to the energy of God Source’s plans and agendas. You will feel lightness in your thinking, which will allow you to experience that which God Source desires for your life and evolvement as Soul in physical embodiment.

In God Source’s Universal Will Plan Timing, your personality ego-consciousness may find that it now has less work to do, less stress, and less busyness, because, in God Source’s vibration, all is in ease and harmony with love, cooperation, and perfection.

If you are finding that your days and nights are full of busy thoughts and activities, try some Universal Will Plan Timing and see if you manifest more time and less work for yourself each day. Follow the guidance within the vibration of Universal Will Plan Timing. It will take your consciousness to ease, harmony, wholeness, acceptance, peace, and oneness feeling with all Souls. This is love.

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