Custom Remedies/Custom Solutions

When you feel that a situation is stagnant or persistent, you may be guided to design a remedy (a custom essence solution) to use for a few days, a week or any other amount of time. Simply connect with Spirit Source, your physical body consciousness and soul. I call this my System 1. Ask if you would benefit from a custom remedy at this time. If you feel the answer is yes, a remedy can then be made. This process can greatly assist and aid in healing through any long-standing imbalance you are experiencing.

Clearly state the situation you want to resolve and heal. Allow yourself to be intuitively guided to the essences (flowers, minerals and Body/Soul, Astrology and Vibrational Nature) that will best serve this end. Have a clean bottle ready, partially filled with distilled water and a small amount of brandy or vinegar as a preservative. Ask how many drops of each essence to use and put those drops into your bottle (usually a couple drops of every intuitively selected essence is sufficient). Finish filling the bottle with distilled water. Ask how many drops or sprays to use each time; how many times a day to use it; and for how many days or weeks. Put the drops on your body or put the remedy in a spray bottle and mist yourself with it as guided. When you have several remedy bottles in use, it may help to label the bottle to remember which one is for what purpose.

The process of making a custom remedy can also be of great value when you find that, for whatever reason, it is not convenient or appropriate to have all your essences with you for an extended period of time – perhaps when you are traveling. Simply make a remedy to use with you which has the intention of keeping you in balance and in harmony with your System 1 for the period of time you are not able to access all your essences. What you then have is one bottle to use with you instead of hundreds. Nature has the ability to adapt to our needs of being mobile and traveling light.

Remedies can also be a great way to introduce vibrational essences to family members, friends or clients. It allows them the opportunity to experience essences over an extended period of time without having to determine for themselves how to use all the collections. The most important part of making a custom remedy for someone is to first make sure this is something they want to do. Divine law requires you to have their conscious approval. Next, simply ask for a connection with their System 1 (just as you would do for yourself). Ask to be guided to the essences for the custom remedy that would best serve their healing, spiritual growth and understanding at this time. This allows their System 1, through the use of essences, to guide them along their healing path.

There are times, however, when someone wishes to begin using essences by targeting a specific subconscious pattern. The essence selection process is the same; the intention is different. You now would state clearly the issue wishing to be addressed and allow your System 1 to guide you to the essences needed for this specific intention. When the custom remedy solution is complete, label the bottle with the information regarding how many drops to use at a time, how many times a day to use the remedy and for how many days. Be open to however the custom remedy will work within you or another individual. Just because we state the issue we want to address does not mean that the remedy will manifest within you or the person for whom the remedy is being prepared in the way that you may expect. Remember that healing is a process and your System 1 will always know the best path. Essences are intended to work in a gentle manner to assist in revealing the issues that need to be addressed, allowing new, creative solutions that had previously been overlooked to come to mind.

After selecting essences for a remedy you are making for someone, please take the extra moment to disconnect from the other person’s System 1. The last thing that any of us working with others need is to be left feeling drained at the end of the day because we forgot to disconnect.

As a result of regular testing during a physical imbalance, you will usually experience a quicker return to wholeness and more conscious clarity about what changes can be made to keep your life in harmony with good health and your highest good.