Defining Vibrational Essences

One of the most fascinating aspects of working with the essences has been with the process of receiving a definition for the finished essence. When I am asked by Nature to make a certain essence, the first thing that I do is connect with the Overlighting Deva (Angel) of Vibrational Essences and the Nature Spirit (Elemental) of the aspect of Nature (mineral, flower, bird, insect, etc.) which is asking to be made into an essence.

As I work alongside the Elemental and Angel in the process of making the mineral, flower, etc. into an essence, I begin to get a sensation of feeling from the essence about how it will work within form. These initial sensations always make me smile because what always comes through is a great feeling of unconditional love. Next, I begin to get words, feelings, and pictures of what the new essence is about. I am always amazed by how many feelings I receive about an essence, but I lack the words to interpret those feelings. What I have come to understand about essences, in general, is that it is difficult to put a linear definition of an essence into words, because there are so many subtleties within each essence and there are not always words to accurately describe all of the feelings and pictures that go with the essence. This is why, at times, you will test for an essence, read the definition,  and wonder “how could that possibly apply to me at this time?”

Trust your heart and guidance when this happens. I have learned to not spend too much time analyzing the “whys” for a certain essence coming up during an intuitive testing process. I just test, trust, and know that what I am taking is what I need at the time. This is how I feel every time I feel guided to make a new essence. I just trust the prompting and go to forward with the process. The definition mostly writes itself. I know that volumes could be written about each essence, not only made by me but by every other essence maker as well. The words are helpful in nudging our thinking process, but it is the vibrational quality of the essence itself that is the most important consideration along with the healing that it provides. The more that you use your intuitive tools (dowsing, kinesiology, intuitive, etc.) and go with what comes up in your testing process, the more effective will be the end result. Trust is a most valuable lesson for us all to learn.