Essence Healing Sessions with Sharon

Sharon Hamilton has been studying the world of energy, vibrational healing and frequencies with nature most of her adult life. Nature has been her teacher and the classroom has been Earth, humanity and beyond.

The first phase of the Light Expression Essence project involved co-creation with nature. This aspect of the work is ongoing and expanding with the core foundation being the Light Expression Mineral and Flower Essence collections. All of the Light Expression Essences are used in the vibrational healing sessions. Custom essence solutions to support the work performed in the sessions are part of the protocol.

The Light Expression Essences Combination Collection is available for those wishing to enhance their healing journey.

Classes in vibrational healing and using vibrational essences in your everyday life are available throughout the year. Phone Sharon between 9 AM and 5 PM EST for class schedules.

When is it appropriate to consider a Healing of the Soul Journey Session?

Anyone, at anytime in their life, experiencing discontent, anger, pain, confusion, crisis, depression, jealousy, obsessive behavior, detrimental addictions, etc. may wish to release these thoughts and feelings. Any constant or random thought that causes you to feel sad, angry, confused, alone, abandoned, unloved (you get the idea) can be brought to wholeness during these healing sessions. All issues or misunderstandings, whatever they may look like or sound like, are energy patterns that have been collected throughout our lives. These painful, distracting, emotionally driven thought patterns drain vital life force energy away from the individual and may eventually manifest within the physical body as disease or illness. Healing the pain within the memories that have manifested as detrimental habitual thought patterns from all levels of the individual will result in a feeling of lightness and clarity. You are no longer distracted by useless critical, judgmental, angry, etc, dialogue in your mind or feelings of sadness, loneliness, poverty consciousness, etc. within your emotional body.

As you become clearer and less distracted, you will feel and hear guidance from your Soul/Higher Self as a definitive, powerful presence. Higher Self/Soul is who you are, but we are unable to experience this beauty and awareness when we are distracted by the pain that resides in our soul blueprint (astral body) and in our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Each topic addressed in a session will be energetically brought into wholeness with Source. This process takes the emotionally driven thought pattern within the individual soul blueprint out of duality thinking (good/bad, right/wrong, etc.) and into alignment with the Akashic memory of Source, wholeness thinking and feeling.

Each session is a unique experience, guided by your soul and supported by Nature and Spirit. Sharon will communicate with your soul and find the frequencies called for to heal the pain within the issue being addressed in the session to bring that issue into wholeness with Source. Through the use of unlimited access to any essence frequency needed, Sharon will facilitate the client on their journey to clarity and understanding.

Each session will take the client to a new place of clarity and feeling of lightness. No session will go anywhere or address any issue that the client is not ready to bring into wholeness. Ultimately, clarity and lightness will lead to oneness with Divinity.