Essence Healing Sessions / Session Information

Vibrational Essence Sessions with Sharon

Sharon Hamilton has been studying the world of energy, vibrational healing and frequencies with nature most of her adult life. Nature has been her teacher and the classroom has been Earth, humanity, Soul, and beyond. Then the adventure of actually listening and making the essences began. The first phase of the Light Expression Essence project involved learning to co-create with nature. This aspect of the work is ongoing and expanding with the core foundation being the Light Expression Mineral, Flower, Body/Soul, Astrology, Combination, and Vibrational Nature Essences. All of the Light Expression Essences are used in the vibrational healing sessions. Custom essence solutions to support the work performed in the sessions are part of the protocol.

From Sharon:

I began making vibrational essences in 1991 after going through an intense experience with cancer and chemotherapy in 1986. I have been an empath my entire life and have severe dyslexia. Through the use of essences, I have cleared many of the subconscious emotional limitations which contributed to the cancer challenge I experienced. 

I began following the whispers of the nature kingdom calling me to know what my work was to become. These whispers turned into full conversations with spirit and angels as I began to co-create the Light Expression Essence collections. Making essences for my own healing needs turned into a full array of vibrational essences from all the kingdoms of nature. These essence collections support the essence session work I began in 1999. The essence sessions are a collaborative experience between myself, and those who wish to work through their limiting dysfunctional subconscious habit patterns. Over the years these sessions have grown in their ability to support others in uncovering their gifts and Soul purpose.

The latest expansion of the essence session agenda has moved to working through issues using your astrology chart as the guide to uncovering hidden limitations within your subconscious. This work is exciting for me as it gives us the map to uncovering our individual limitations and bring wholeness to our conscious lives. 

I have found that supporting healers and caregivers with this process is eye opening and allows for the left brain and right brain to integrate the knowledge learned about yourself and your Soul purpose. When we can feel our uniqueness from wholeness it becomes more joyful to share what we each have to offer as individuals.

How does it work?

  • Anyone, at any time in their life, experiencing subconscious patterns of discontent, anger, pain, confusion, crisis, depression, jealousy, obsessive behavior, detrimental addictions, etc. may wish to release these thoughts and feelings. Any constant or random thought coming from the subconscious that causes you to feel sad, angry, confused, alone, abandoned, unloved (you get the idea) can be brought to wholeness during these healing sessions. All subconscious issues or misunderstandings, whatever they may look like or sound like, are energy frequency patterns that have been collected throughout our lives. These painful, distracting, emotionally driven thought patterns drain vital life force energy away from the individual and may eventually manifest within the physical body as disease or illness. Healing the pain within the memories that have manifested as detrimental habitual thought patterns will result in a feeling of lightness and clarity. You are no longer distracted by useless critical, judgmental, angry, etc, dialogue in your mind or feelings of sadness, loneliness, poverty consciousness, etc. within your emotional body.
  • As your subconscious becomes clearer, your ego will be less distracted, you will feel and hear guidance from your Soul/Higher Self (True Self) as a definitive, powerful presence. Higher Self/Soul is who you are, but we are unable to experience this beauty and awareness when we are distracted by the subconscious low-frequency promptings that drive our thinking and the actions we take.
  • Each topic addressed in a session will be energetically brought into wholeness with your Divine uniqueness. This process takes the subconscious low frequency emotionally driven thought pattern within the individual subconscious out of duality thinking (good/bad, right/wrong, etc.) and into alignment with Unity consciousness, wholeness thinking, feeling, and non-attachment to judgments.
  • Each session is a unique experience, guided by your Soul and supported by the unity frequencies of Light Expression Essences. Sharon will communicate with your Soul and find the essence frequencies called for to heal the pain within the issue being addressed in the session to bring that issue into wholeness with Unity consciousness (superconsciousness). Through the use of unlimited access to any essence frequency needed, Sharon will facilitate the client on their journey to clarity and understanding.
  • Each session will take the client to a new place of clarity and a feeling of lightness. No session will go anywhere or address any issue that the client is not ready to release and integrate the new frequency awareness of wholeness with your Higher Self and Divine Source. Ultimately, clarity and lightness will lead to a knowingness of who you truly are.[/su_expand]
  • All of the Light Expression Essences Collections are available for those wishing to enhance their healing journey.
  • Additionally, classes in vibrational healing and using vibrational essences in your everyday life are available throughout the year for those who are interested. Phone Sharon between 9 AM and 5 PM EST for class schedules.

Menu of Experiences

Find Inspired Solutions to Difficult Problems

Inner Balance Session

When life throws you off balance, move to inner balance by being listened to really well and empowered by a custom vibrational essence formula.

Sharon Hamilton will make a custom spray formula to support any subconscious emotional, mental and physical issue/challenge you would like to address, for example:

  • Life purpose, what to do next
  • Transitions of birth, death, leaving home or moving
  • Employment confusion
  • Relationship issues
  • Animal & pet concerns
  • Medical diagnosis and urgent need for healthy habit formation (that is, support for integrating advice from your professional healthcare team into your daily life routine)

Group Essence Session (2 or more people)

Bring a group together (friends, family, business associates, church group, first response team, etc.) to focus on a specific topic and have a discussion while a custom essence formula is made. The formula is inspired by your discussion and will support the healing of each individual’s perspective about the issue being discussed.

When we are challenged or stuck in our beliefs, healing comes to us all when we find a larger perspective of our group dynamic and become more conscious of each other and the group’s interests. This session work supports team building, even in the face of internal and external discord, moving the group consciousness to the highest outcome for all. Each member will leave with their own bottle of the group’s custom essence formula.

Defining the Essence of the Soul’s Journey Sessions

This session work has evolved over the decades. As each essence collection was completed, the session work evolved accordingly. Once I completed making the Astrology collection, the entire session protocol changed immediately. Each session is focused through the individual’s astrology chart and Chakra system.

Our unique astrology unfolds for each of us at the moment of our birth. Our astrology and chakra system is built from our subconscious information. Our subconscious holds all our individual perceptions, opinions and experiences from all lifetimes your Soul incarnated.

The subconscious holds this information in frequencies. The subconscious has no ability to discern the information from a perspective of right or wrong, good or bad. It just holds our perceptions of our life experiences from any lifetime and feeds these frequencies back to our ego consciousness. Infants are feeling their birth. Thinking comes later as their lives develop. The subconscious is simply sending the Soul’s subconscious frequency information into our physical, emotional and mental bodies at the time of birth. Our health and wellbeing come from this information. 

Each session will direct vibrational frequency essence information direct to the individual’s subconscious. As you continue to participate in session appointments, the essences will do what they are designed to do which is bringing unity conscious frequencies to your unique subconscious information and support releasing any dysfunctional, duality promptings that are causing illness, disease, lack of any kind in the physical body and your life experience. This session work is best experienced with ongoing appointments.

Our astrology is our Soul’s map, full of information and when accessed through these sessions, allows us to more accurately understand our individual ways of thinking and feeling. The vibrational essences are non-judgmental and simply send unity frequencies to the subconscious, redirecting the old past life and current life perceptions to be released from their hold on the conscious mind and physical body. 

The power of the subconscious mind is just now being understood by the mental health community. Vibrational essences are a tool that essence producers have been co-creating with the kingdoms of nature to support the process of healing the subconscious mind of its dysfunctional duality perceptions and survival fears.

The mission statement of this session work is to align our subconscious mind and conscious mind with two simple sentences: 

  • Love the Creator of All That Is with your unique whole heart, mind and Soul.
  • Love your unique neighbor as yourself.

This is Unity Consciousness. When we each love ourselves and all others as well as love and honor the magnificent universe, we will be vibrating a frequency that will shift not only our individual conscious awareness of ourselves and all others, but this will also influence the collective subconscious mind with unity conscious love energy.

The collective subconscious mind holds frequency information from every soul in the universe. We each program our individual subconscious mind from how we uniquely experience our lives. This frequency information from every individual soul is added into the collective subconscious mind. We each influence the collective subconscious mind and in turn the collective subconscious mind influences each unique individual. It is a two-way communication all done in frequencies.

The more each individual holds love as a response to life, the more the collective subconscious receives this individual love energy and reflects that back to all other Souls.

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