Vibrational Essences and Children

using essences with childrenI use vibrational essences in many ways here at the farm. I highly suggest using essences while raising children. Children are particularly receptive to the healing qualities of essences and respond immediately to vibrational healing. As children go from adolescence to their teen years, essences can be of immense value to the teenager in processing the shifts of their emotional swings. Parents will also benefit from the children using the essences. It is often noted that when families use essences, family dynamics shift at a much faster and smoother rate. I work with a varying array of children in my practice and find that they all respond extremely well to vibrational essences.

Anyone struggling with a child or adult who has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), dyslexia, and other learning challenges, please consider actively adding essences to their regular treatments. Vibrational essences have a very positive effect on those dealing with ADD/ADHD and other learning differences. As with all treatments, each individual will benefit in his or her own way. I recommend essence testing for anyone who experiences these disorders as well as any other subconscious emotional or mental challenge. These conditions are really subconscious imbalances of energy as they relate to the soul-body wishing to hold more high vibrational energy. Any detrimental addictive behavior is another area where essences can be of immense value.

I have been challenged with dyslexia all of my life. These essences have supported my healing. I have a healthier self-acceptance and have benefited from the essences bringing me consciously to a new perspective about my learning issues.

My way of learning is mostly intuitive. I first have to feel an idea, let it perk in my mind without trying to understand what it means. The more I can feel what I need to understand, the easier it becomes to let a new idea expand into what I can see as tangible and possible.

My intuition has greatly expanded and has become more clear and focused. Trust and Knowing rule my intuition. I trust that God gave me a gift that is for me to understand and effectively use. I know that when I live in acceptance of being me, the way that I was created, I can do what is mine to do in a way that produces success.

For most of my adult life, I have been with people who love to use computers and technology devices. I’m happy to watch others use technology but have never personally been drawn to it. My mind seems unable to understand the way technology works. Years ago, I felt that I had to force myself to learn how to use computers, cell phones, etc. This always made me feel uncomfortable, to say the least. I took essences daily in an attempt to heal what I thought was a flaw in my brain. My lack of intelligence felt to me to be the problem. Where I am now is in a place emotionally that understands that I learn by allowing my intuition to guide my life and choices. This happens for me easily and naturally now. I’ve come to understand that by not relying on technology, I’ve become more receptive to hearing Spirit, Nature, and Souls. I have trust in what I can do and know that when technology is necessary, I am able to collaborate with others to get whatever I need from the computers. I have found that I feel more confident in being the way I am and can allow others to support me with their gifts and talents from true gratitude and appreciation. We all have uniqueness. We all have something to share with the world. I have a website – trust me – the writing, photos, and gathering of information have been a profound collaborative effort on the part of all involved in the project. I love to make vibrational essences and can attract others who love what they can do that supports my work.

Collaboration is a beautiful process when you feel self-acceptance, value, and worth. This is where taking essences for me opened the doors to being in acceptance of my uniqueness and trusting that it has a place in God’s universal plans for all of us souls. I feel the power of my intuition and no longer lament my inability to understand how to use computers and cell phones. This has been a healing journey that continues. I love to use these beautiful essences every day to further open my heart and develop my intuition.