Vibrational Essences and Health Challenges

I include vibrational essences in all cases when first aid treatment is needed as they ground the person immediately and assist in healing and releasing the subconscious pattern. No matter what first aid protocol is required in any challenging event, vibrational essences can be an added element to the healing process. Essences will support life’s ups and downs: colds, sprained joints and fractured bones, infections, puberty, headaches, and more. All earthly challenges (physical, emotional, mental, and Soul) are indications that there is a subconscious emotional and mental pattern that is in need of being brought into wholeness with your Divine Source Self and the energy of Love.

I have a friend who will not consider going to the dentist for an examination without first testing for essences. Any conventional method of healing in which you are engaged will be enhanced by the introduction of vibrational essences. The physical, emotional, mental, and soul bodies will more effectively integrate the healing benefit of any treatment program in which you are involved through integrating essence therapy. Be open, be creative.

I use essences first thing in the morning. If a health challenge is persistent or suddenly presents itself during the day, more essences may be required. As a result of regular testing during a physical imbalance, you will usually experience a quicker return to wholeness.

Some days only a single essence is needed, some days many and other days none at all. The key is to be open to your inner guidance and test yourself when your heart nudges you. The more you include essences in your life’s work, the clearer your guidance will become. This adds greater assurance and comfort that you are hearing guidance from within. Basically, it is safe to say that there is no inappropriate use of the essences and time to use essences. They will always help in whatever way is needed. The role of vibrational essences is to provide the user with guidance, wisdom, love, and nurturing. I have always found this to be true.

Just a few ideas to prompt your creativity in using your essences: Add Safety to a spray bottle and use it to balance with love a room in-between healing sessions, or just to balance with love after general living tensions. Or you may make your own custom remedy for healing the energy in your work or home environment by adding Safety or your own custom remedy to a spray bottle and just mist the area. Mist plants with this solution, pets, etc. Add essences to a vaporizer where it is being used to assist in breathing or humidifying. Add essences to aromatherapy, massage oils, acupuncture, or any treatment for your wellbeing. Add vibrational essences to your laundry detergent, hand soaps, dishwashing, detergents, etc. I have found that Universal Hug is a lovely combination formula to share in this manner.

Your only limitation in the use of your essences is your imagination.

For more ideas on how to use your essences, see “Having Fun with Your Essences.”