angel looking upAs I come into the home stretch of what feels like only phase one of this project I have willingly taken on, I know that none of what you see before you could have been made possible without all of the support and encouragement that I have been blessed to receive. I wish to say Thank You to all of the Beings who have participated in the creation and manifestation of Light Expression Essences. Without the help and guidance from my family and friends, Spirit, angels and elementals, ascended Masters, and guides, I would have long ago sat down in the middle of the pile of details and given up.

There were many times throughout this experience when I thought I had totally lost it on the day I said yes to doing this project. But, within hours or sometimes minutes of having that thought, a supportive soul would come along and remind me in some profound way that nothing was impossible and that I was not alone in doing the work before me. Help was always around the next bend. Help was even brought to me when I was still unaware that I was in need of help. It doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you one and all for your wisdom, guidance, and support on all levels throughout this project.

Over the decades of my life, I have found comfort and support in knowing that angels truly do exist. Since my early childhood, I have been fortunate to be able to see angels in many forms and in many locations. This has always given me the strength and courage to find out about my ability and use it to its fullest capacity. Making essences is a part of my gift and I am always in communion with the angels to do my work. Over the years, I have collected angels and Noah’s Arks, which grace our home. As of late, I have felt encouraged by my friends the angels to share photos of some of this collection. Angels are a blessing and I feel the love of the angelic realm come through these garden sculptures, art prints, and folk art pieces.

To all the artists who have created these lovely pieces, I say thank you for your artistic talent and desire to create angel art. I continue to be inspired and uplifted by angels and I am happy to share some of these pieces with you all. Enjoy.