Having Fun with Your Vibrational Essences

It is increasingly apparent that we often take the concepts of healing and Spiritual disciplines too seriously. Working with Nature through vibrational essences can be fun, adventurous, exciting and mind-expanding. Yes, we take healing and working with Spirit seriously, and we can rejoice and giggle as we do so.

This is where I would like to interject a few ideas to assist you in having a more joyous time with your essences. It’s time to get these loving, healing vibrations out in the world, and what better way to facilitate this end than to sprinkle the drops around your home.

Are you about to redecorate a slightly tired room? Why not consider putting a few essences in your new paint color for your walls? Did you add a few drops of Bluebird to your tile grout, a bit of Hummingbird to your floor finish, a little Wisteria to the wallpaper glue going on the walls in your master bedroom?

Are you thinking about painting your house? How about a few drops of Black Ant in the house color, maybe a drop or two of Deer or Owl in the trim color, or a little Lava for that fresh coat of paint on your front door?

By adding a drop or two of a vibrational essence to paints, stains, oils, wax, etc. we can spread the energy patterns of the essences to all who walk or drive through our environment.

Are you about to create a work of art today? Add some essences to your clay for those pots you are throwing, or a little flower essence for the glaze? Dye your yarn in dyes that contain essences? That furniture you are creating, does the wax finish or glued joints have essences in them?

Add a few drops of Deer, Butterfly, Bluebird, Humming Bird, Friends, Relax, Universal Hug, or Experiencing a Miracle to a tabletop water fountain. This adds a loving touch to any environment. Test for the essences and everyone wins. The world needs a vibrational bump now more than ever. Be creative with your essences. Share the joy, love, and healing with everyone.

More specific ways to use essences will be discussed during the LEE classes.