How Vibrational Mineral Essences Were Made

These Mineral essences are conceived in communion with nature to further serve the mineral’s purpose in the support of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, uniting us with the understanding of Universal Oneness.

Before I begin to make any essence, I first test myself for essences and then double-check to make sure the essence I am being asked to make has given me permission to make it that day. I connect with the overlighting deva (angel) of the essences and the nature spirit (elemental) with whom I co-create in my garden for the purpose of making the essences. Next, I connect with the nature spirit of the individual mineral asking to become an essence. Then I place the mineral in water and put it in the garden under the sun or moon as prescribed. The sun or moon shines through the water onto the mineral, causing the mineral to charge the water. Once this step is complete, I pour the solution into a bottle, add the amount of brandy I am told and put the bottle containing the newly made essence in the garden once again, under a pyramid for the prescribed amount of time. Each essence requires a different amount of time for each step. I simply ask the overlighting deva and nature spirit what the time frame is for each step and then I go with it. Next, I dilute the mother essence to the suggested proportion and bottle the new solution. In doing each step, the utmost care is given in making sure that what you receive is of the highest quality and vibrational purity. Nothing less is acceptable.

By spraying the room or placing the essence made with this charged water on our body, we become one with the vibrational frequency of the mineral and our interconnectedness becomes more recognizable.

There is a natural balance that exists between plants and minerals. They are interconnected, as are we. We would find it difficult to exist on a planet with minerals and without plants, and vice versa. As you use the essences in Mineral Collections I, II, and III, know that there is a harmony created when they are used with flower essences. It is strongly suggested that you use the two in tandem. Please utilize your mineral essences with as much balance as the minerals and plants show in their existence.