The Birth of Vibrational Nature Essences

The conception of the Light Expression Vibrational Nature Essence project took me completely by surprise. The first essence in this new series wished to be acknowledged the year before I actually made the first essence in this series. I was not clued into the bigger picture of what Light Expression Essences was wishing to become at that time. Therefore, when I found this beautiful Monarch butterfly following me around in the Energy Garden during the summer of 1992, I was not aware that it was wishing to be made into an essence. The essence of Butterfly would be the first in a series known now as Light Expression Vibrational Nature Essences. It didn’t take long after this encounter with the butterfly for nature to communicate this different tangent my essences were about to take. Nature gets my attention through many ways and people in order that I not miss an opportunity to make an essence.

The second time Butterfly asked to be made into an essence, it spoke through my husband. One evening during the fall of 1993, Wayne was walking along the driveway to come into the house. As he was about to pass by my car, he looked down to see this lovely black and goldish-yellow Monarch butterfly hovering on the ground near my car. He immediately knew what was happening. He rushed inside our house to get me. I was busy making dinner and had not experienced the best of days, so I reluctantly went outside to observe this butterfly. I was certain it would be gone by the time I got to where he had seen the butterfly.

To my amazement the butterfly was still there, sitting on the ground and very peaceful. I sat down next to it and asked if its intention for being there was for the purpose of being made into an essence. It said that its only intention at this time was to become an essence. The butterfly then proceeded to tell me how I was to make the essence of Butterfly that evening. As I sat there talking with the butterfly, I felt calm and peacefulness come over me. I was already experiencing the gift the butterfly was to offer humanity. Before going into the house to get everything needed to produce the essence, I asked Avery to stay with the butterfly so the cats wandering around would not disturb it. By the time I finished collecting everything I needed to make this strange new essence, Spirit had done much-needed work on my energetic body, enabling me to shift my conscious perspective on essences from mineral to insect. Once this shift occurred, I felt myself completely in alignment with the vibrational quality and the gift of the butterfly that was asking to be made into an essence. It was a profound moment for me as I gathered up all the needed utensils for making the new essence.

When I came outside again to prepare to make the essence, the butterfly had moved out of the driveway and into the grass Avery still protecting it. I sat down in front of it and began connecting with its Spirit. The butterfly guided me through the entire process of making it into an essence. And no, the butterfly was never physically placed into the water (this is a much-asked question). I was told how to connect with the vibrational frequency of the butterfly and was guided through the process of shifting the vibrational frequency energy from the butterfly into the solution. The butterfly and I did this together, and it was only with the permission of the butterfly that this transfer of energy was allowed. With that step complete, I was told to take the bowl containing the vibrationally charged solution to our garden to complete the process. With that task underway, I went back inside to cook dinner but instead found that all I was able to do at that moment was to sit down and write the definition for the Essence of Butterfly. This was the beginning of my education in making Nature Essences.

Shortly after that experience, the second want-to-be essence showed up in the driveway, in the same spot the butterfly had appeared. Once again, Wayne was on the scene to make the initial contact and bring it to my attention. This time the being wishing to be made into an essence was a beautiful and powerful hawk. From an upstairs window in the house, Wayne watched as a hawk hit a small bird in mid-air and both tumbled into the gravel driveway. The hawk repositioned itself upright and stood there for a few minutes, with its claws crushing its prey in its talon. It was looking directly at the house. Just as suddenly as it had landed, it flew from the driveway. As Wayne was coming downstairs to tell me about what he had seen, something distracted him and he forgot to tell me about his experience with the hawk. A bit later he was on his way out to the barn and as he was walking past my car (again the car) a small whirlwind started to twirl right in front of him. The whirlwind grouped the feathers that had been extracted from the hawk during this event and swirled them together into the air, then dropped them at his feet. He picked them up, not sure from which bird they had been removed, Hawk or prey. Wayne brought the feathers inside and once again I heard, please make me into an essence. I was told that the hawk had left the feathers for this purpose and would guide me through the process. As with the butterfly, the feathers of the hawk did not go into the essence solution.

The process of making this new essence was much the same as with the butterfly. I now had two of these new essences made, and still, I was unaware that they would be part of an essence collection. Fall turned to winter and my attention turned back to the mineral essences. It was a busy winter. Every time I turned around, I was sent out to bring back another gemstone. Soon spring 1994 arrived and I was outside once again making mineral essences and doing chores.

While doing an outside chore, the next essence presented itself. I was followed by a carpenter bee while cutting the grass. The bee stayed right with me almost the entire time I was cutting the lawn. As I went back and forth, so too did the bee, right alongside me. It didn’t take long to understand that this flying creature was asking to become an essence. After catching my breath and removing the soil from my body, I made a connection with the bee that was still hovering in the same area where I had left it. I was told, yes, it did wish to become an essence. By this time I pretty well understood the process and only needed the recipe from the bee deva in order to make the essence.

Another one done. I was beginning to understand that there would be more aspects of nature coming to me asking to become essences and that I need only stay open to the presence of nature in order to receive the information needed. Next came Wasp. I have to admit a bit of reluctance on my part about making this one. But it was persistent, and I made the essence. After completing this essence I noticed a slight shift in the energy around the farm, a feeling of lightness blowing over the land surrounding our home. Then an insight came regarding the next two essences.

Our farm consists of three small pastures, a wooded area, and a fair amount of tillable fields. We became the caretakers of a large and powerful vortex in the rolling fields where the grass for hay is grown. A vortex, to be brief, is a power spot on Earth, where several ley lines come together to form what can be called a window or doorway into other dimensions [for more information, Google vortex/ley lines/meridian}.  We have six such vortices in the fields, but the one I am describing is the largest and most powerful. In fact, its energy range encompasses much of the Shenandoah Valley.

The next essence wished to be created on the center of this vortex. It became the essence called Shenandoah Valley. As I finished making that essence and was walking back to the house, I heard strongly and clearly from the nature spirits around me that I was now to make an essence in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Blue Ridge Mountains Essence is the companion to the Essence of Shenandoah Valley. I did indeed take an excursion into the mountains, found the spot that was calling to me, and made the essence. It was a loving and powerful experience. I felt awestruck and energized by the power and energy of the mountains as I went through the process of shifting their vibrational frequency energy into the solution soon to become the Essence of Blue Ridge Mountains. I was exhilarated on the ride home. The final two essences in the collection presented themselves, one right after the other. Dragonfly followed me around in my kitchen until I stopped what I was doing and made it into an essence. To this day, I am still not sure how it found its way into the kitchen. And, Essence of Black Ant is actually an entire community that lives on a tree in my front yard.

With the manifestation of this collection of essences, my whole concept of what I was doing needed to be altered. I started this process with the understanding that I was being asked to make a set of 12 mineral essences, which quickly became a series of 36 mineral essences. When Light Expression Vibrational Nature Essences came along I was not clear at first how they fit together with the mineral essences. As I have become more in tune with the overlighting deva of Light Expression Essences, the bigger picture of what Light Expression Essences are all about has begun to clearly unfold. With that understanding in mind, it is time to go back to the beginning of Light Expression Vibrational Nature Essences.

As the first Light Expression Vibrational Nature Essence collection unfolded, I felt there would be eight essences in a box. When I completed the last essence, I did indeed have eight. I understood that their intention was to act as a vibrational first aid kit for humanity. What I later became aware of was that through these essences, nature was wishing to participate in the healing and spiritual growth of humanity in a more comprehensive way than ever before. Even as the mineral essences need flower essences to support the work they are doing, it became obvious to nature that additional support was needed for humanity to more fully realize the potential and healing capacity of the Light Expression Mineral Essences.

When working with Light Expression Mineral Essences, it is impossible to describe the magnitude of the release process of which they are capable. Fortunately for us, nature does indeed understand the full potential of Light Expression Mineral Essences when taken by humanity and has brought forth additional support in the form of Light Expression Vibrational Nature Essences.

As the summer of 1994 progressed and I gave more of my energy to the expansion of Light Expression Essences, I heard nature say that there were more vibrational nature essences to make. Once again, I was caught off guard. I had made the assumption that the series of essences was complete and I only needed to get them out into the world. I knew there was no use in fighting it, so I opened myself to the idea and quickly made two new essences within a week. These two essences were different though, as they were flower essences. I questioned this, and the overlighting deva of Light Expression Essences explained that between the series of mineral essences and the series of vibrational nature essences, all aspects of nature would be represented. The two flower essences do not in any way preclude the necessity for taking flower essences with Light Expression Mineral Essences. These particular flower essences are houseplants that I watered over time with a remedy I was guided to make from the mineral essences. This provided the nature essence of house plants with a vibrational tuning. These plants have a very strong bond with the mineral essences and Light Expression Farm and have a specific intention for assisting humanity while the mineral essences are being used.

The essences of Deer and Owl brought me to tears as I made them. I was told by Nature to go out to the woods one evening at sunset and connect with a family of deer that occasionally call our woods their home. On a cold winter afternoon just before sunset, I lugged my bowl of water out through the fields and into the woods. I immediately set up everything so I’d be ready for the next instructions that I felt sure would be forthcoming. It only took a few minutes before I heard the family of deer tells me that we would begin to make the essence. As I made the connection with this family of about twelve deer, I could feel their eyes upon me from their places of hiding in the woods. They guided me through the process of making the essence. Just as I was finishing, I heard underbrush creaking and knew the group was moving. I stood, and within a second saw several deer run across my path on their way to another area in the woods. That moment was a powerful experience. I went out that evening to make the Essence of Deer on faith and trust that deer would be waiting for me. In that split second of seeing the deer, I knew I had been blessed by Nature, once again.

At the time I was told to make an Essence of Deer, I also heard that an Essence of Owl was wishing to be made before the end of 1994. Just as I was guided to the day and time to make Deer, Owl had its own considerations for me to hear. The Essence of Owl asked to be made on the evening of Winter Solstice. It was a beautiful brisk cloud-covered night with a deep coat of snow on the ground. My son Avery decided he wanted to come with me as I made this essence. As with the deer, I went outside at the specific time that I was asked to be there and set up where I was told to, not knowing what would happen. This time, in my mind’s eye, I saw the owl perched in a tree in our woods. I felt its spirit communicating with me. This was different for me as I was hearing the definition of the essence before I had begun the process of making it. I followed its instructions and felt its power and love flow through me as we united in the making of the essence. Just as I finished I heard a faint hoot swirling around me in the night air. I saw the owl leaving its perch to fly to another area in the woods. My job of making vibrational nature essences for the year was now complete. I knew that in the spring of 1995 several new essences would be added to the series.

The overlighting deva of Light Expression Essences gave me the understanding that the Vibrational Nature Essences Series would expand to a total of seven collections of essences over several years. I am the guinea pig for this series as well. As I continually used the mineral and flower essences and allowed their healing to expand within me, Nature and my Higher Self let me know when I was ready to go further into the healing process by connecting me with each new vibrational nature essence to be made.

The effectiveness of the nature essences depends solely on one’s frequency of use. As the depth of release work spirals within your subconscious, chakras, and emotional, mental, and physical bodies, Nature wishes to offer all the support needed to adequately and gently assist humanity’s ongoing spiritual growth and progression of consciousness. An individual may need all or some of these essences at different times. I am offering this essence collection in boxed sets and as well as individual bottles.

I can’t say enough about how deeply rewarding it is for me to be asked to make this collection of very special vibrational essences. Each essence in this series has its own story to share with us and its loving gifts to offer. I share many of the co-creating stories in classes.