Information on Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences

Just when I thought I finally had a handle on my work at Light Expression Farm, I was brought back full circle to my roots. Upon arriving at our farm after leaving Atlanta, the very first thing I wanted to know from Spirit was, “Where am I to build my gardens?” Much to my dismay, I was told to hold that thought until it was time to put in the gardens. My heart sank, but I held back my desire to construct gardens anyway. Instead, I dug in to helping Wayne with our new vegetable (energy) garden. It was there that the foundation for Light Expression Essences began. With the first ten minerals in place, Light Expression Essences grew to include all aspects of nature. Much to my joy and excitement, during the spring of ’94, Spirit finally asked me to begin building my flower gardens. I must say that they did not come the way that I initially had envisioned, but that is the nature of doing Spirit’s work.

It all came about one day in early June 1994 when Christen, the friend who helped me in the beginning with the Light Expression Mineral Essences, came to visit and asked me to consider assuming responsibility of her flower essence company. I was completely taken by surprise. It never dawned on me that she might wish to pass her essence creations along to me. She explained that some radical change was about to take place in her life, making it difficult at best for her to continue making the Blue Ridge Flower Essences. She proposed that I consider taking over Blue Ridge Flower Essences and incorporate them into the work I was doing at the farm. Christen had been a great help when I began to realize that nature was asking me to make a collection of essences. She worked with me initially, helping me understand what was being asked of me. I was reluctant at first to begin making my own essences. Her help and guidance was of tremendous value. Once I began making what was to become Light Expression Essences, it was as if the essences took on a life of their own. I was finally becoming comfortable with the essences and the process of making them when Christen presented her ideas to me about incorporating the Blue Ridge Flower Essences into my life and work. My first reaction was “No” only because I felt inexperienced in making wildflower essences. I heard my guidance say to tell her that I would think it over, which I did indeed.

A few days later, I was in our fields doing a meditation when I was drawn to the woods behind our fields. Nature immediately began the conversation by assuring me that I was indeed qualified to make the Blue Ridge Flower Essences and that Nature was in fact aware of the possibility of the essences transferring from Christen to me for the continuation of the Blue Ridge Flower Essences.

Still feeling unsure, Nature began to show me how many of the trees and wildflowers already grew on our farm and continued to say that in time many more of the plants found in the Blue Ridge Flower Collection would be found on the farm. A little of my apprehension was beginning to dissolve. Later that week, I was shown a location where a garden wished to be built to contain the vibrational frequency and intention of the Blue Ridge Flower Essences. Only a few of the plants would reside in this garden, the rest would be found around the farm and beyond. I was beginning to get the idea that Spirit had a strong desire for me to take on the Blue Ridge Flower Essence project. I called Christen and told her yes, I would take the essences and incorporate them into my life if she would agree to assist me from time to time when and if I did not understand something about the work. She agreed and the transfer became complete. It took two years to incorporate the Blue Ridge Flower Essences into my life. Once complete, I heard to expand their name to Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences.

Unlike the mineral essences, which work together in their healing as a unit, the Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences can be used individually. There are three boxes of 12 each that can be individually selected from the group of 36. This will give the user greater flexibility in their flower essence selection.

Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences is a collection of 36 essences consisting predominately of wildflowers that have been collected in the Blue Ridge Mountains area. The few domestic flowers, shrubs, and trees are grown at Light Expression Farm. The flowers that make the individual essences were gathered early in the morning, placed in distilled water in a clear glass bowl, and set in the sun until the infusion process was complete. The essence was placed on the altar and the angel of the Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences continues the work until the essence is energetically complete. Essences are bottled in concentrate form in 1/2-oz. pharmaceutical dropper bottles for your convenience. These flower essences are made in a co-creative partnership with Nature and are offered so that you may benefit from their healing and balancing frequencies.

Flower essences have a great value to offer in our ongoing healing and transformation as a society. Through their intent to interact with humanity, a gentle but profound healing can take place within the human subconscious and consciousness. As always, healing is about being open to change. Much change has taken place in my life as a result of taking on the job of sharing the Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences with the public. I will continue to make these flower essences for as long as they wish to make themselves available to humanity. I have learned that when working with Spirit, there is always a plan, and if we openly and willingly say yes to our part in the plan, all the rest will fall into place.