Information on Vibrational Nature Essences

Within every Soul created by Source, there are frequencies of Universal Truth that support the Soul in evolving consciously throughout the journey of Soul. As Souls incarnate and experience life in a body, each unique Soul has access to their Universal Truth frequencies. All Souls can access the wisdom, strength, and love of these frequencies consciously at any time. This connection supports the incarnate Soul in making loving, truth-filled choices and decisions.

Within many Souls, frequencies of Universal Truth and Oneness have become distorted and corrupted and lack their original vitality and integrity. Why? Because, as Souls incarnate, we each have free will and this causes many people to experience life from many subconscious, emotional and mental perspectives that are not always in harmony with love and light.

The Light Expression Vibrational Nature Essences strengthen the truth within the Soul that corresponds to the qualities represented by the various individual Vibrational Nature essences. When your universal truth is strong and vibrating in harmony with love, you are more conscious, present, mature, and open to acting in the world from the vibration of truth, integrity, wholeness, unity, and love.