Information on Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences

I had no sooner adjusted to the idea of making the Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences when I began hearing Spirit say that it was time to begin building the garden for the Light Expression Flower Essences. My first thought was “there must be a mistake in my understanding. Wasn’t one line of flower essences enough?” The answer came back very clear, “NO.” Light Expression Shenandoah Flower Essences would have a completely different intention, purpose, and vibrational frequency from that of the Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences.

My days as a non-flower gardener were over. I was really quite excited about the prospect of building my own special gardens. As soon as I said yes to the new project, I began dreaming about flowers. In several dreams, I was shown the specific flowers that would be in the Light Expression Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences collection. I was even shown their placement and what the completed garden was to look like. One of the dreams was about my gardens in Atlanta where I was shown how I had been guided to plant most of the flowers that would become the Light Expression Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences. I also was told to go back to my old home in Atlanta and retrieve some of the plants I had put in those gardens years before. Upon awakening from the dream, I knew I would be making a trip to Atlanta very soon. I contacted the current owner of our old home, a lady who I had made a point of staying in touch with over the years, and told her of my request to visit and thin some of the plant groupings I had left behind. She was thrilled to be able to participate. It was a joyful experience to reconnect with my very first garden. I carefully dug out the flowers that were asking to be moved to Virginia, wrapped them, and placed them in my car, which took on the aroma of a greenhouse.

With the help of my husband, Wayne, on the physical level and the energy for the design and intent from the level of Spirit, I created two distinct and unique flower essence gardens. The Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences and Light Expression Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences gardens are as different in design, energy, and intent from each other as night and day. All essence collections have their individual vibrational frequency range and intention. The intention within the Light Expression Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences collection is to primarily address issues of the heart.

The journey of Soul, individual and collective, has accumulated many traumatic experiences and perspectives along the way. The individual Soul subconscious and that of the collective Soul subconscious holds many wounds, hurts, judgments, criticisms, and resentments that hold a cause energy that has manifested as a lack of trust; lack of trust in the divinity of us all; lack of trust in God, All That Is; and lack of trust in the abundance of love. Self-acceptance and forgiveness of self and others are what the Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences offer as a primary healing frequency.

The Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences garden was filled with lovely perennials and annuals laid out in an orderly design, a very appealing and beautiful garden. The Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences garden on the other hand looked like a forest in progress. Visitors told me it appeared as if my goal in that Blue Ridge garden was to grow the largest weeds possible. One of the first things the overlighting deva of Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences told me was not to pull weeds in the garden. Nature said it wished to allow seeding to occur naturally in that garden. I followed those instructions and must say that I had a lovely weed (wildflower, tree, shrub, and herb) garden.

To the casual passerby, it looked like I was totally out of touch with this garden in contrast to the neat and orderly Light Expression Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences garden. This just goes to show the diversity in physical manifestation within the different gardens. Each garden had its own specific intention and energetic frequency that translated into very diverse physical appearances.

With these gardens solidly in place, the energy of the farm shifted once again. Each time an addition to the essences was complete, the energetic frequency at the farm became lighter. When I was working in communion with the earth through the plant kingdom, it almost seemed as if every niche on the farm wished to be cultivated into some type of garden.

Both collections of flower essences are available to those who wish to experience them. The Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences and the Light Expression Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences come in 1/2 oz. bottles, packaged in boxes of 12 each. If you feel guided to use some of the Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences and some of the Light Expression Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences, you may select your twelve choices and we will package them in a box together. Or, you may decide to choose a complete collection.