Integrating Vibrational Mineral Essences

As I bring together all the information I have received over the past years pertaining to Light Expression Mineral Essences, it is increasingly obvious to me that the full understanding and potential of these mineral essences upon humanity is yet to be brought forth.

The purpose and nature of Light Expression Mineral Essences is about releasing, transformation and healing. Releasing detrimental habitual thought patterns in the subconscious will leave a person feeling lighter in mind, body and spirit. Beyond releasing detrimental subconscious habitual thought patterns, the Light Expression Mineral Essences will vibrationally move a person to a place where it becomes safe again for displaced aspects of that individual’s personality to merge once again with the individual’s soul consciousness thus creating wholeness at the ego level. This is just a few of the changes one will begin to notice as a result of using Light Expression Mineral Essences. With this understanding, it is difficult to explain in any detail how these essences assist an individual through their particular transformational process.

Light Expression Mineral Essences are a tool for assisting humanity in bringing forth a spiritual change in consciousness that is ready to be brought about at this time.

The definitions for Light Expression Mineral Essences I, II and III bring together the overall understanding of what each collection offers the individual when they are used. Collections I and II work together to release as much detrimental subconscious emotional and mental patterns as is appropriate for each individual to release at any given time while using the essences. As you work with Collections I and II over time, you will indeed experience changes in attitudes as well as how you react to old patterns. Emotional maturity is now being cultivated.

When I began making the first Collection of Mineral Essences, one of the first pieces of information I received about the individual essences was their connection to assisting in the balancing of our chakras (energy centers within our form). I was told that each of the first twelve Mineral Essences corresponded to each of our twelve major chakras front and back. I was shown five more chakras outside and within our physical body, above the crown chakra and below the feet. When I began writing the definitions, I thought I would add the information about the chakras as well, but was told not to as it was thought that people might choose to use essences from an intellectual understanding rather than from an intuitive understanding. Many times from an intellectual understanding, we think we know what we need, but upon checking with our individual Source (Higher Consciousness), we can find that our needs are much different than our intellect suggests. Nature wishes for us to go within to receive our information pertaining to our individual needs for essences. This understanding allows for a much deeper connection between you and your essences. Information is a wonderful tool, but I have been told that too much information can cloud our trust. Trust and go within, you will receive your own truth.

Light Expression Mineral Essences Collection III assists in bringing pure Spirit universal frequencies within the human body. The primary intention is to align the human body on all levels physical, DNA, cellular, emotional, and mental with that of Divinity. This collection is also aligning your body on all levels with the frequency of fifth dimension, also referred to as Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, superconsciousness. When essences from these three collections are mixed together, more complex vibrational patterns are created, which in turn set into motion new depths of healing subconscious emotional-mental issues unique to humanity at this time.

It must be noted here (and I can’t emphasize this enough) that these essences came in as a series of collections with the complete intention of being used together. They work within us in a holographic manner. We are not one-dimensional and neither are these essences. It can be said that working with Light Expression Mineral, Flower, Body/Soul, Astrology, Combination, Animal and Family Relationship, and Vibrational Nature essences is something like playing chess on a holographic board. One move facilitates the necessity for another move on another level. This process continues around the spiral of evolution until we are experiencing enough clarity of self to manifest divinity within our lives from an understanding of wholeness. Therefore, each person’s requirements of the essences and the amount of time they need to be taken are truly an individual unfolding.

Nature has stated clearly that when you use all three collections of mineral essences along with flower essences, what you will experience is an opening to the magnitude of abundance of creativity that the universe has to offer humanity. When you are clear and balanced within your own subconscious, there is room to take in new ideas and manifest them into the world.

Healing our detrimental issues is an unfolding process. The more we heal, the more clearly we begin to see what else is lurking in our subconscious waiting to be healed. This takes time. Like any discipline, staying healthy is a full-time activity. As you use these essences the way that nature has suggested, on a regular basis, you will surely experience a new feeling of lightness within your body, mind, and spirit. This feeling of lightness is the manifestation within your conscious mind and physical body of experiencing your oneness with Divinity!