Light Expression Essence Facilitators

Most Light Expression Essences Facilitators have been using essences personally for decades. Essence Facilitators offer a valuable service to people who are ready to explore the use of vibrational essences and would prefer to work with a facilitator. Essence Facilitators will meet with you either by phone, Skype or in person, if possible, depending on your location. They will discuss your situation and make a custom essence formula to support your healing agenda.

As you read the bios of the various Essence Facilitators below, you will be guided to the person who feels right for you and your healing needs.

An Essence Facilitator will co-create with you a specific custom essence formula. After your session, they can be available to help you connect the dots pertaining to how you processed your custom formula. Essence Facilitators are talented with helping you to understand any detoxing you might experience. They can help you with determining what issue or agenda that you might wish to work on next.

Healing with the support of essences can be an exciting adventure. With the help of an Essence Facilitator you will find your own unique abilities bloom. You will also find that your intuition will be enhanced.

Your custom essence formula will be made from any or all of the Light Expression Essences collections. It will contain as many individual essences as are appropriate for your specific needs.

Every Essence Facilitator is unique and brings their own healing ability and perspective to every session with their clients. The cost of a half hour phone session is $130. You will receive a custom formula in a 2 oz spray bottle in the mail for your use after the phone session. The shipping price depends upon your location and will be added to the session fee.

Facilitators should be contacted directly to set up an appointment and make payment arrangements.

Lynn Amendola

Lynn Amendola is an intuitive spirit communicator who facilitates the use of Light Expression Essences by her clients as a tool to enhance their caregiving for animals and their clearing of negative energies in homes, offices, and community structures. She has also been known to help grieving family members, giving intuitive information on lost loved ones.

Lynn is an expert sought out in her community to help clear negative energies found in old real estate or things acquired from inheritance, antique shops, auctions, rummage or garage sales. She is also called to communicate with animals and other beings who are unable to speak. Through this shamanic work she helps her clients to find and keep peace and harmony and balance in their lives. Lynn enjoys working with others, like the clergy as they clear and bless spaces, giving them the details she receives intuitively, which they use to focus their prayers while preparing sacred space for a community, a space, a business, or an event.

Lynn will facilitate your use of Light Expression Essences so that you too can do this sort of work in your spaces and with your family, including your pets!

Contact Lynn at or (717) 808-5618.


Ben L. Cramer

As a child, I often asked myself, “What can we do to help people get along better with each other, to love one another more?”

These remain my guiding questions and I feel tremendously blessed that they are being answered in small and big ways by the use of Light Expression Essences. Their ability to remove obstacles, clarify purpose, relieve pains, and help people and animals to live in greater joy and harmony is truly a blessing!

At age sixteen I was introduced to movement arts: yoga, tai chi, and dance. These activities became practices along with daily meditation. The addition of regular testing with Light Expression Essences helped me to attune my intuitive gift and authentically hear and connect with the desires, challenges, and strengths of my clients, friends, and family.

For four years I immersed myself working as a support to young adults facing severe emotional challenges as they transitioned into adulthood. This experience taught me about the complexity of emotional pain, what is possible when youth discover hidden strengths, and the necessity of tools like essences and mindfulness to support caregivers.

I bring these experiences as well as an abundance of curiosity and passion to every healing session.

My masters thesis project at New York University showed me how essences can support students, teachers, and professionals to harmonize with one another under stressful conditions. Today, I continue this work by assisting families and couples to live together in greater understanding, love, and harmony.

My ultimate purpose and deepest passion is to support to individuals, families and groups in expressing their uniqueness. I look forward to offering the gift of healing offered by Light Expression Essences to you with clarity and love.

Contact Ben at (347) 986-8990.


Anne C. Devine

AnneAnne Devine is a holistic nurse with experience in intensive care, public health, home health, and visiting nurse practice — a career that spans 37 years and diverse countries and cultures and standards of living. Her specialty is setting up health care systems, especially for medically fragile people who wish to remain in a home setting.

She has embraced and explored many systems of health care and healing from medical to traditional to alternative to emerging. Always, her attention is on what helps individuals in families to: navigate self-care in the face of disease and challenging emotional environment; care for family members with traumatic injury, genetic or chronic diseases; prevent disease and injury; and improve vitality and expression of personal gifts.

Anne works with family members giving care and with their hired caregivers too so that that they can all work smoothly together. She works with each individual on personal self care as well. She is also available to work with the staff of care facilities as the patient advocate for a family.

Anne has incorporated Light Expression Essences into her toolkit for 15 years making custom remedies from Mineral, Flower, Body/Soul, and Vibrational Nature essence sets from the Light Expression collections, as well as using Combination and/or Animal and Family Healthcare Relationship spray remedies. Anne is best at helping families to set up their own family-based healthcare plans, with simple strategies and tools.

Anne will facilitate your use of Light Expression Essences to meet your personal goals for mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

Contact Anne at or (703) 501-3802.


Helen Ford

Helen Ford brings 78 years of wisdom and sensitivity to her practice of Reiki energy healing and to Light Expression Essences facilitation. From her childhood as a black girl during the Jim Crow years she successfully pursued a long career in mental health research in Washington DC. Observing her clients closely and caring for her four children, she developed a profound ability to discern individual needs and offer support to people when they are emotionally vulnerable or stressed. She chose Reiki and Light Expression Essences as the best tools for making her clients and loved ones comfortable with themselves and their environment.

Helen will help you choose Light Expression essence remedies that are best for your situation and can also prepare custom remedies that are perfect for you as you handle stress and mental health challenges.

Contact Helen Ford at


Bill Sanda

Bill“My intention is to support individuals, families and businesses in their healing process to become more aware, more mature and ultimately more loving of others as well as themselves, for truly you cannot love another anymore than you love yourself. Without loving ourselves, we have what we see around us today. Light Expression Essences provide a tool for such profound healing and expression of love.”

Bill Sanda has been a spiritual seeker for more than three decades and has studied with some of the most respected spiritual masters of our time. He has been working with vibrational essences since 1995 and considers them a great gift from Spirit for healing. Bill says, “I have been blessed to discover my passion and path in life. I have been guided to work with others using vibrational essences for healing. I am honored to be granted the ability to share these healing tools with others.” I would ask you to carefully consider using a facilitator and choosing one of us who calls to you.

Bill lives in the Washington DC area and can work with you in person, by phone or by Skype.

Contact Bill at or (301) 448-0388.