Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences Definitions


These cultivated flower essences support healing emotional issues of the heart. Use any of the 24 Shenandoah Valley Flower Essences as individual essence support or add to a custom remedy of Mineral, Flower, Body/Soul, Astrology, or Vibrational Nature essences to support healing of specific issues.


Collection I

Balloon Flower

When you limit your life to chores and responsibilities, it is time to bring balance back into your life. There is a deep subconscious misunderstanding that tells the ego/personality that says life is only about hard work. This is out of balance. Life is a dance between work and play. Spirit wishes to be heard, and this is a difficult task within the personality that is always focused on responsibility.

Spontaneity must be brought into the thoughts in order for Spirit to do its work in the life. We open the conscious mind to the energetic force of spontaneity. When spontaneity and responsibility are in harmony with one another, life flows through the person allowing creativity to be expressed and manifested. Life no longer feels like a burden and the individual’s soul purpose will pour forth in joy.


Low to no self-esteem is the keynote of those desiring essence of Basil. Those who only define themselves by their achievements and financial successes have closed off their hearts to the love within themselves which is wishing to be let out and expressed in the world. Our essence assists in enabling the individual to redefine success, allowing for a new understanding about their talents and opening them to appreciate all of who they are, not just what they do in the world. As this new way of seeing themselves emerges, they begin to experience themselves as loving and lovable human beings. As love is accepted within the individual, their gifts expand and success in their life is unlimited.

California Poppy

I can assist when you feel unable to give of yourself to others, or share your material possessions with others. As my blossoms open wide, I am able to give myself to the world with no thought of holding back anything within my bloom. I offer this understanding to you. As you use my essence, you will feel more secure within your world which will enable you to give of yourself to those who may benefit from your service or help. You will feel your heart open to others and find yourself giving what is required with no thought of what’s in it for me. As you give from your heart, not only do those who receive your gifts benefit, but you too will feel the love from the one Source of All That Is flowing through you.


Essence of Columbine is available to assist in the merging of wisdom from the level of superconsciousness Higher Self/Soul and that of heart. On the personality level, it will appear as if you have become more independent, more confident in your decision making process. You will begin to know what needs to be done in a situation as well as to feel the answer. This knowing is through experiencing your accumulated wisdom, the feeling is a result of your open heart. When these two are in harmony with one another, decisions are made more smoothly because you are allowing divine guidance to flow through your body systems without the blocks of doubt. The result of this merger will be tangible in your decision making process and a higher degree of fulfillment will be yours.


Coreopsis will warm the heart and draw light into the dark places deep within the personality allowing compassion to be expressed. Compassion has been replaced by judgment of self and others. It is time now to let ideas of judgment be replaced with the love of compassion. The compassionate personality is unable to judge, but would rather see all sides of the issue and be understanding of the choices made. Compassion understands that no one is perfect, but instead, is evolving. To judge evolution is to lack understanding of the greater picture.

Crepe Myrtle

When one experiences deep anger or rage, it is time to reach for the essence of Crepe Myrtle to aide in expressing desires in a constructive, loving way. When one tends to feel misunderstood, Crepe Myrtle will guide the user to a place of inner peace about one’s strengths and gifts, thus allowing one to speak of their desires from a place of confidence, rather than fear.

Anger is a manifestation of subconscious fear; fear can be healed by looking into the heart and seeing only love. When you are expressing your desires in the energy of love, all who hear you will be able to understand you and work with you in a peaceful, loving, constructive manner. Change around an issue for the highest good of all involved will be the outcome.


The intention and gift of Daffodil are to assist in releasing long-held subconscious resentments and the judgments they hold. Resentments keep the heart chakra closed to the energy of love and forgiveness. Resentment holds an immature, closed energy of lack which feeds the physical body pain and stiffness. Daffodil supports the integration of compassion into the conscious mind and the heart chakra, thus releasing feelings of anger and bringing about the ability to experience happiness. As the vibration of happiness becomes one with the heart, love will be more easily expressed through the personality/ego.

dianthus edit

When you are experiencing loneliness, feeling as though you have no connection to anyone in the family of humanity, it is time to go directly to the center of the issue. Dianthus will help you take that journey. As you travel inward to the core of this feeling of separation, what will begin to become obvious to the conscious mind is the urgent need to nurture the self. The personality has not laughed in so long that despair is all that is felt. You will begin to understand that no one on the outside can bring you the love and happiness you desire in order to feel whole again. Only you can heal this wound within, this feeling of not being worthy enough to warrant joy in life.

As the vibration of Dianthus moves within your subconscious, an opening of the heart will take place, enabling you to open to those around you and feel your interconnectedness to all who are called human. As this happens, take advantage of the opportunities that will be quickly brought to you in order for you to participate in your own nurturing. Only you have the power to say, yes, I will go out and play and enjoy myself. It is time to allow Spirit into your heart.

Echinacea (Purple Cone Flower)


When our essence is desired, it signifies that it is now time to cleanse one’s thoughts. Too much debris has collected in the mental body causing a feeling of lethargy within the physical body. When one indulges in too much judgment or negative thinking, this will produce a toxic effect on the physical body. The essence of Echinacea will assist in cleansing and releasing these toxins from the system allowing strength, character, and vitality to once again prevail within the physical form.



When you feel overly dependent upon someone of the opposite sex, your energy field requires healing. You are experiencing fear and this fear is pushing you to dependency. As you stay in that place of dependency, more of your energy is drained off making you feel more vulnerable to the whims and actions of the other person. The person of the opposite sex takes on the persona of being in control, making all the decisions, thus the cycle of draining off your energy is in full motion.

Our essence assists you in healing your subconscious patterns of lack of trust in your own unique abilities, and, most importantly, helping you recognize your own personal strengths and values. As strength returns within the personality/ego, your feeling of separateness will decrease, allowing you to once again blend with society from a place of confidence, trust, and equality.

Geranium (white)

Geranium (white)

When you are in the midst of a situation and its outcome is beginning to look like a failure, it is time for White Geranium. Our essence will help you see the cycles in life. What looks like failure is only a disguise for learning and growth. What is important is to not get caught up in the immediate outcome, but to learn from the experience, contemplate the positive and adverse occurrences, and move forward. Life is always about give and take. Take the good, discard what did not work out correctly, and build on the foundation of the idea. Trust that you are in your own way experimenting and with persistence, you will succeed.

Gerber Daisy

When the feeling of anxiety washes over you and uncertainty about the future is your prevailing thought, it is time for the essence of Gerber Daisy. You have detached from the voice of your Higher Self and feeling disconnected from the one and only Source. Our essence will realign you with your destiny. As you feel yourself becoming centered and focused on the truth of who you are and what you have come here to achieve, you will see the road you have chosen to travel aglow with Spirit’s light. Your subconscious patterns of doubts about your talents and ability to fulfill your role in life will be cleansed and healed, replaced by confidence, love, and the knowing deep within that as you move fully into your new life, your gift of service will be rewarded with health, prosperity, and acceptance. Your open heart will have no room for fear.

Collection II


Do you wake up feeling like you have no direction in life? Are you considering asking yourself and others, “What do I do next? Where do I go now?” The person desiring Hydrangea is searching for answers, but is not hearing the wisdom within, which contains the answers. The answers to your questions are not located outside of yourself but at times can be spoken through those with whom you have contact. You must be open to hear the wisdom. Hydrangea will help you formulate concise questions. Divinity will bring you the answers through the various means available. When questions are answered, life takes on a loving flow. A true feeling of connection to All That Is develops within the individual and a conscious experience of trust in your own wisdom will be felt.

Iris (Violet)

Iris will help put one in touch with their creative nature, the side of themselves deeply connected to color, beauty, and solutions. When you find yourself stuck in a problem and solely focused on that problem, you are not allowing your creative nature to participate in the process of finding a solution. Iris opens your awareness to the beauty around you thus putting your mind in an expansive state of consciousness. As you experience beauty, you let go of your single-track thought of solving your problem and new creative ideas will begin to come into your consciousness. This flow of energy will stimulate your mind to move from solely left-brain thinking and begin to incorporate the gifts from your right brain into the process of finding a solution. Logic from your left brain can now work alongside creativity from your right brain. You will then find new meaning to the word solution.


There are times when you have a plan, you have been formulating a goal, but something seems to be lacking. It may be that one’s understanding of the plan and subsequent goal are out of alignment with the greatest good for the whole. We help in bringing clarity to the plan, aligning you with your inner best judgment and discernment. For when one is in synchronicity with the whole, reasonable expectations may be achieved with ease and serenity.


I offer healing of your wounded emotional body around the subconscious misunderstanding of not feeling secure and comfortable in the world. You have come to believe the idea, reinforced over lifetimes, that you cannot trust the ebb and flow of life’s movement. It is in fact you who create your life, your security, your comfort. As we realign your emotional body with the balanced vibration of love and harmony, you will feel your conscious mind shifting its awareness and focus from the uncertainty of the future, from the fear it has held for you in the past, to a new feeling of security and inner wisdom that this knowing provides. All is well; comfort, security, and peace of mind are yours. All that is necessary is to align your emotional body with the vibration of trust. Trust is the vibration that we offer.

Monarda (Bee Baum)

When an individual is living with an attitude of low self-esteem, Monarda essence can help. Being overly self-critical on all levels drains the life force, the energy that flows through each of us. The individual has feelings of not measuring up to self-imposed high standards, as well as not seeing that these standards are many times unrealistic. It is time to change thought patterns that are directed at the self and recognize the talents and beauty within.

Our gift to humanity is to assist in opening the eyes of the individual to their inner beauty and abilities. This is done in a manner that allows for a grounded and realistic understanding of the individual’s relationship to the whole. As one is able to see self as a part of the whole, self-judgment lessens and finally is released once and for all. It is the heart center that draws in this new awareness, allowing the energy of love to flow through the individual, thus providing a new picture of oneness to be viewed.

Morning Glory

It is time to awaken to the glory of the present. It is within the present moment that joy resides. Your connection to Divinity is here in the present, not buried in the past. The past cannot be altered, you must let it go and return to your present. It is here in your present where all opportunities for change lie. Embrace the present without worry or fear of the future; stay focused on allowing the Source to flow through you and this will bring beauty and harmony into your life.

Painted Daisy

Many times you go into a situation with a narrow opinion of someone or a preconceived idea of an outcome. You are not allowing yourself to see all of the varying aspects of any given situation, idea, or person. This restriction of thought limits how you may grow from the experience. Painted Daisy offers to you, through its vibrant range of colors, the ability to see all sides of a person or idea being presented.

This ability to see the wholeness of a person or idea will reunite you with your gift of compassion. Your need to express judgment will diminish because of your expanded awareness about the person or idea. You will see the true nature of the person or the idea and know that it is an image of Divinity being manifested. As you interact with this person or idea, you will experience a healing within your heart of the judgment you carried within you about the situation. The result of this healing will be openness to growth whenever and however it is presented.


Portulaca will bring repressed feelings of anger and hurt to the foreground and allow the feelings to be expressed in an appropriate constructive manner. There are many forms of anger within the personality and it is now time to begin the process of releasing this anger as each situation arises rather than suppressing the feelings and having them expressed at the wrong time, often toward an innocent bystander. Holding anger drains you of important life force energy, leaving your immune system weakened, struggling to keep up with the demands placed upon it. Expressing your anger in the midst of a hurtful situation, rather than later, quickens the healing process and allows a more optimistic outcome of the situation that caused the anger.

Roma Green Bean

There are many who find it difficult to express themselves in group settings. These individuals are very sensitive, shy people who find that their feelings can be easily hurt. The individual has much knowledge but simply does not know how to share this wisdom with others. Our essence will open their hidden ability to assert themselves, thus allowing them the opportunity to share their opinions with those around them. This, in turn, builds confidence in one’s talents that allows their personal gifts to blossom. All of humanity benefits from the individual’s ability to express their ideas. Ideas and opinions are meant to be shared. Openness builds trust.


Essence of Sage from the Light Expression garden is about bringing emotions, anger, hurt, jealousy, etc. back to the place of the center. When strong emotions have swung wild, it is difficult to examine the true subconscious root of their cause. When these feelings are brought back to the center, one is better able to examine their cause and all of what they are about. From that place of calm and centeredness, one can express their feelings in a balanced and constructive manner. Clearing of the wounded emotional body takes place, old wounds begin to mend, and Soul wisdom can now enter the conscious mind to assist you in your decision process to help clear the air, promote healing and balance the extremes.


Our essence opens the door to a higher awareness of how to interact on the personality level with others from a place of balance. During new situations and encounters with individuals, it is sometimes necessary to quickly see all of the dynamics involved so that you may respond in a manner that is for the highest good of all who are involved in the moment. As you bring your new awareness and response into the situation, you automatically become a teacher by example. This in turn has a healing effect on all who are involved in the encounter.


When your experience of the moment feels like nothing but chaos, crisis, and turmoil, it is time to reach for Verbena. Spirit has to be heard in order for peace to reenter your life. Verbena allows the mind to relax so that a sense of peace and tranquility may be felt on all levels. As this occurs, enlightenment can be ascertained and the experience of turmoil and lack of harmony will fade into the past. A new perspective about the situation is brought into the conscious mind, one that allows harmony to enter into the situation. Peace and understanding are the end result.


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