Suggestions for Essence Usage

Essences are safe and effective for every situation. How often you use them each day is an individual decision. A useful guideline would be to use two to three drops or one spray in each of the following situations:

  • Put essences in laundry detergent when washing.
  • Add to shampoo, conditioner and pump soap dispenser.
  • Add an essence or a combination of essences to the dog house, bedding, barn or livestock area.
  • Add to paint for any application. Put different essences in wall and trim paint in rooms where your pet spends a lot of time. Essences are wonderful for children’s rooms, kitchens and more.
  • Add to your cat litter box. Competitive/Jealous/Insecure essence is a good choice for this area.
  • Universal Hug is a lovely essence for all areas of your home.
  • Add essences to your home or work environment to support health, harmony and overall joy.
  • Spray anywhere you and your pets spend time during the days and nights.
  • Spray your car when traveling with your pets. Relax essence is a nice choice.

The use of vibrational essences is only limited by your imagination. Essences are a tool that can be used easily with any healing protocol. They will always guide you to see what’s ready to be healed and support you in feeling what changes will most benefit you in living a balanced, healthy life.