The Birth of Light Expression Essences and Farm History

Many have asked how Light Expression Essences came about. It is important for me to start at the beginning of my education and awareness of nature. Many years ago, a friend gave me a copy of Machaelle Small Wright’s book, Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered. Machaelle is the creator of the Perelandra line of flower essences. With information from that book and what I had already learned from reading about Dr. Edward Bach, M.D., the creator of Bach Flower Remedies, a broader picture began to unfold.

After reading Machaelle’s book, Wayne and I began to discuss implementing these ideas in our garden in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. We had a lovely perennial garden and a very productive organic vegetable garden and we were in the process of expanding our urban garden sanctuary. Working co-creatively with nature on a conscious level was very comfortable. Before implementing these ideas, we travelled west for a much-needed family vacation. We wanted to show our son, Avery, the grand sites of Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Mesa Verde, Santa Fe and many points in between. This vacation turned out to be a lovely way for Spirit to work within us.

We were guided to many loving encounters with nature and were continually amazed by how close we got to rare species of animals. By the time we arrived home, we were invigorated by nature’s power and beauty and ready to begin phase two of our urban garden, or so we thought. We no sooner got out of our car and walked into the house with suitcases in hand when we found ourselves saying yes to an abrupt change in our lives.

Wayne checked our answering machine and found a message from a high school friend inviting us to Virginia. This was not just an invitation to visit, rather this was a request for us to consider moving to rural Virginia. Wayne and I knew something was up, so we decided to check it out. Within three weeks of returning home from our vacation, we made the long drive to Virginia to see what was trying to get our attention. Wayne and I both had driven through the Shenandoah Valley many times, so we already knew its beauty and quaint presence first hand. In fact, on several of my drives through the Valley, I felt a pull by the mountains, asking me to stay. By the end of our weekend visit with Wayne’s friend, we were in a realtor’s office putting a contract on a house. We knew it was not the house we were meant to have, but rather our way of saying yes to whatever Spirit was asking us to do next. When we left on that summer Monday morning to return to Atlanta, we told our host that we would indeed be moving to the Valley. We were confident we would be moving into our new farm within a year. That turned out to be a very accurate statement.

The gears were in motion and we were being propelled to Virginia at a speed that was overwhelmingly fast and smooth all at the same time. From the moment we said yes to Virginia, it was as if we were no longer residents of Georgia. Rather, we were just in Atlanta for as long as it took us to sell our house, pack, and disconnect from Wayne’s contracting business. The funny part of it was that we did all of those things with the knowledge that we still had no residence purchased or determined for certain in Virginia.

We had made several trips to Virginia to house hunt but had not located our farm until one cold weekend in February 1989. We decided to drive to Virginia and put a contract on a farm that we had seen earlier in the year, but knew that it was still not the right one for us. Even though this farm offered no sense of permanence, we felt that perhaps this would do until we found our farm. We were intent on moving to Virginia and left open all avenues to get the job accomplished. Fortunately for us, the easiest route presented itself immediately upon arriving that cold weekend in February. We already had an appointment with a realtor to take a second look at Farm #1 and most likely we would put a contract on it that weekend. The friends that were inviting us to move to Virginia and with whom we were staying said to us upon arriving that they thought our dream farm was for sale and that before making any commitments to Farm #1, we should take a look at Farm #2. This was not a problem for us.

We went to our first appointment, took another look around that first farm, and tried to determine whether we could make that place suit our needs. The house was in rough shape and honestly, it would require all but blowing it up to get it renovated. The land we concluded was okay, but not really what we envisioned our farm to be. With these less than superlative characteristics, this farm was better than anything else we had considered. Neither Wayne nor I felt excited about the place, so we told the agent that we needed a little more time to think about it and we would get back with them before the weekend was over.

Meanwhile, we returned to our friend’s home and decided to take a look at Farm #2. We hopped into our car and followed our friend, Richard, down lovely winding country roads. He finally pulled off the road, got out of his car, and came over to us with a puzzled look on his face. He told us he couldn’t understand it, we passed by the house and there was no For Sale sign visible. He had seen a For Sale sign in the front yard in the past week. We all said at once, “Let’s turn around, drive by again, and take a closer look.” We got in our cars and drove in the direction of Farm #2. Richard pulled to the side of the road and pointed to a lovely Victorian farmhouse and said, “That’s the place I know is for sale. I saw the sign out front just the other day.” My heart took a leap at that moment. Every part of me said, “That’s the place, that’s our new home.” There appeared to be one small problem, no For Sale sign. Before I said anything, Wayne was already out of the car saying that he was going to ask the people at the house if the place was in fact for sale. At that moment, I was extremely glad that Wayne is not a bashful person. He walked up to the front door and before he even knocked, the woman living there met him at the door and asked if she could help him. He told her the story of our friend thinking that he had recently seen a For Sale sign in their yard and that we were looking for a farm to buy. Right away she answered, “Yes, the farm is for sale and the papers were just signed yesterday; however, the Realtor had not yet placed the sign on the property.” The lady allowed that if we wanted to see the property, we could contact their Realtor. We left immediately to call and make an appointment.

Light Expression Farm

We met with their agent that evening just before dark and we only had a short time to look around before the sun was to set. I didn’t need much time to look around though; I knew in my heart that this was the place. We probably spent less than an hour looking through all of the outbuildings, barn, and house. The land was exactly what we were looking for as well. There were beautiful rolling fields across the road that went with the farm. Even in the dead of winter, you could see that the land on this farm was superlative among other land in the Valley.

Further back behind the fields were several more acres of woodland. Lovely pastures surrounded the house, just enough space to put some horses. The barn was huge and in pretty good condition for its age. Next to the house, there was a large vegetable garden. Everything looked perfect, and more importantly, it felt right! With no hesitation in our minds or hearts, we told our realtor that we wanted to put a contract on this farm.

We were beside ourselves with joy at that moment. Everything felt totally in harmony with our plans. To top it off, that Saturday was my birthday and we were ready to celebrate! I do not believe that I have ever had a better birthday than on that weekend in 1989.

The next task was to get back to Georgia, finish a few projects on our house and get it ready to sell. We moved like a colony of ants preparing everything in order to place a For Sale sign in our front yard. For the sake of budget, we decided to sell our house without the assistance of a realtor. I was working out of our home and felt I knew our house better than anyone and I could be available at a moment’s notice to show it. Once again, everything worked perfectly. Our house sold within three months and we were on our way to Virginia on the exact day we had committed to back in February.

This five-month period from the day we found our farm to the day we settled finances at closing was an exciting time. If ever there was something divinely guided, it was our process of moving to Virginia. In one year, we decided to relocate, found a farm, finished renovating our Atlanta home, sold our house without the assistance of a realtor, and firmly landed in rural Virginia. We were exhilarated and exhausted all at the same time.

Once moved in at the farm and unpacked, we stood ready for whatever else Spirit had planned for us. Our lives had just changed dramatically. I had a feeling it was only the beginning of the changes we were about to experience. When the physical and emotional trials of relocating subsided, we discovered that Machaelle Wright’s nature research center was only an hour away and her only annual workshop on co-creative gardening was in two weeks. Two places opened in the workshop and Wayne and I jumped at the chance to attend.

Machaelle’s workshop was a powerful learning experience. It took months for us to assimilate all the ideas and working concepts. As always, once ideas are absorbed, more concepts form. We began to map out our garden in our minds. Several months passed and I discovered a place of devotion that was endowed with wonderful, gifted, and seeking Souls. It was there I met Christen, who was to become one of my dearest friends. She was conducting a workshop on communicating with Spirit; Wayne and I registered immediately. Christen taught us dowsing as a way of Spirit communication. Dowsing comes from the ancient Chinese word Tao which means the way/the order of nature, the way nature works and is connected to all. Dowsing became a tool that provided a connection to the God within through the use of my pendulum. I also discovered that I could communicate with nature and the Devic (angelic) community through the use of dowsing tools.

Wayne and I, shaky at first, began to co-create our first garden during that spring in 1990. We muddled along with what we knew and that first co-creative garden wasn’t bad for our efforts. The next winter (all good gardens start the planning stage in the dead of winter) we made a list of the tools we needed. With my new found gift of dowsing, an Energy Garden began. In putting together the design and ingredients for the garden, I was guided to add elements from the mineral kingdom for balance. Every good garden has rocks in it, right?

Our garden requested to coexist with specific stones. Using my dowsing skills, I went over lists of rocks and gemstones. I found there were ten gemstones that the overlighting deva of the garden had in mind for the altar area. At the end of my day, I had lists of flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits, rocks, gemstones, and the overall design of the garden. Yes, it was a long day. There is a great deal of effort involved in mapping a garden such as this. Nature is very specific. We began to order seeds and plants; however, I gave little thought to stones, thinking I could pick them up at any rock store.

During the next few days, I was out with Christen and we began discussing Flower Essences. I told her that Flower Essences didn’t seem to be necessary tinctures in my life. She suggested Mineral Essences and gave me a brief description of their process. My little voice said, “What about the gems for your garden? Could you need essences from those stones?” Upon returning home, I checked with the overlighting deva of the garden who replied, “Of course, it’s good that it didn’t take you a fortnight to come to this realization.”

The list of stones took on a whole new meaning. I felt an uncontrollable urge to create the essences NOW. Initially, I thought I needed help finding the stones so I asked the deva if I could request the help of Judith, a friend and jeweler in Atlanta. An overwhelming yes resounded and I telephoned Judith who agreed to help. A search for the perfect stones turned into a months-long project instead of the weeks we thought it would take. After many adventures, Judith finally phoned with the news that the stones were on their way. I later discovered the reason it took Judith so long to find all the minerals was because we were unaware of the fact that there was only one specific stone from each mineral group that would become Light Expression Mineral Essences. In order to guide her to the exact minerals, Spirit had to keep Judith from purchasing an incorrect stone for this project. For instance, the person she was to meet would not be there at the agreed upon time or the stone was no longer available by the time she arrived.

Because Judith understood the importance of this project, she was persistent in her quest for the minerals on my list, exactly matching the quality and specifications. We were jubilant. If I had confidence in my ability to hear Spirit’s promptings, collecting the minerals would have been a much easier task. In time, I did indeed develop the ability to clearly hear communications from Spirit pertaining to the project. Beyond that, after using the Mineral Essences for a while, my abilities to hear Spirit’s guidance increased by light years.

Our second garden, the Energy Garden, was underway, although for the first few weeks it appeared to all passersby as a garden of strings. There were lines of string going up and down and across to define the labyrinth style rows of this garden. Once the stones arrived, I was anxious to get to the next process, but first I had to cleanse them. The full moon was upon us so I put the stones in the center of the garden on top of a larger flat rock, the altar area, and left them to be renewed by the moon.

Shortly after the cleansing, Christen and I began to get the information from the stones on the essence process and purpose. I assumed these essences were for my personal use. It wasn’t until we had finished the definitions that Christen and I realized that these essences had a far more significant purpose and mission. Christen spent a great deal of time working with each stone for its definition. I did the dowsing intuitive work to confirm the information she was getting and to get the recipe for each individual stone’s essence. Ten stones, ten definitions later it became obvious there would be two more stones in the group. I thought I would start making essences immediately. Not so. I was to wait another two months before everything was energetically correct. The recipes looked simple enough, but proper sun time, proper moon time and proper rest time were essential.

Once again, Spirit provided the help I needed to move forward with the project. Because I doubted my ability to hear Spirit, Christen came to jump-start my intuitive ability to connect with nature and receive the needed information. I had the strange notion that I didn’t have the gift to hear guidance when, in fact, hearing was what I did best. I just needed confidence in what I was doing.

It took a while for all the gears to click into place and realize that in our own individual way, we are all here doing spiritual work. I was asked to make these essences. Once I aligned with this idea, I became very open to hearing Spirit’s guidance. More and more information came to me every day about the work I was asked to do. My confidence grew along with my abilities to communicate directly with Nature. This process was actually a natural progression in opening to my Soul’s purpose here on Earth. By the time the minerals were ready to be made into essences, I was also ready and prepared to participate in the process of making them. The minerals weren’t the only things needing to be cleansed. That summer, I did much to release my dense thought patterns that were interfering with my new job description. The day I began making the first mineral essence felt like a birthday.

Flower essences are all made pretty much the same way. It takes basically a half-day to make each one. Mineral essences, I found, take much longer to prepare. All this work has to do with infusing a frequency into a solution, and the frequency of a stone has a much different quality than that of a flower. It can take a stone up to several weeks to infuse its frequency into the water. I was amazed at how long it took to make the Mineral Essences. The stones were in the water with the sun shining on them for days, so the evaporation rate was very high. I usually had to go through the process twice in order to come close to the needed amount of essence solution. Each stone required different amounts of days and nights in the garden. I was also receiving information about how to use them for the greatest good for healing. One of the clearest pieces of information that came through was to always check for flower essences at the time of using the mineral essences. This single bit of information is most important in the understanding of balance.

Finally, I sat in awe before all the mother essence bottles. They looked complete sitting in their brandy solutions. As I began to work with the newly made essences, I was aware that I was acting as the guinea pig for this project. The first day, I took all of the essences while Wayne watched, thinking I might vaporize! I consumed the essences with water and waited. I only had to wait a few seconds to experience what felt like a locomotive being driven up my spine. I was a believer. This was a Kundalini energy surge that felt life-changing. Three months after taking the initial ten Mineral essences, I knew it was time to begin the search for the next stone wishing to become an essence. Stone eleven came first (naturally!). Several days before I actually ventured out, I connected with the overlighting deva of the mineral kingdom and asked for guidance in locating the next gemstone. It took little time before I was shown a shop and told I would find the next mineral for the collection there. Upon arriving at the rock and mineral shop, I immediately sensed the area in the shop where it was located. I found the gemstone easily, made my purchase, and returned home eager to begin making this essence. That was easy; one stone compared to ten! Several months after the eleventh essence was made, I received a prompting that it was time to track down the twelfth gemstone.

The twelfth gemstone was a challenge. Of course, it didn’t need to be, but for some reason, I chose to make it difficult. I was taken into a different store, not as orderly as the last. It looked as though a dump truck had spread its offerings and driven off. I immediately found the stone I was sent to find, but ego stepped in, “No, this couldn’t be the right one.” I left after an hour of searching. That night I dreamt of the stone I originally held. It was the right stone. The next day, I drove back to that rock store and brought it home. The process of making the last essence in the set had begun.

Clumsy at first, the definitions began coming to me in small sentences, which eventually blossomed into paragraphs. When I made Light Expression Mineral Essences, I had no idea there would be more essences to make. Nor did I have a clue that I was being asked to turn it all into a real business. I was simply following my guidance on faith that what I was doing was correct. By the time I finished what is now known as Light Expression Mineral Essences Collection I, I was clued in on the understanding that there would be two more collections of mineral essences. What I didn’t know at the time was that in addition to the three collections of mineral essences, an entirely new and different series of essences were waiting to be created and brought into the material plane.

The second collection of mineral essences came along during the fall of 1992, through the winter of 1993. At first, it was a slow process, almost without any enthusiasm, but by winter I felt myself being pushed into my car almost every day in search of new stones. As I was guided each day to go out and get another stone, all that I would be given the night before was a town name, or maybe the name of the shop where the next stone would be waiting for me. Some days I literally went out in search of the next stone with a map of Virginia on my lap, not totally certain where I was going. By the time I had over one-half of the stones for the second collection, I arrived home some days with stones for the third collection. It almost felt as if nature wanted to be sure that I would do all three collections by committing me to purchase the stones for the third collection in advance.

Since starting this entire adventure with nature, I have found it easier to just go with the flow rather than ask too many questions upfront. The process seems to go smoother that way. By the end of the winter, I had all the stones for Light Expression Mineral Essence collections II and III sitting on our kitchen counter and windowsill. I even had one essence made and defined.

As spring arrived, I was back out in the garden with stones, bowls, and water making the essences. Only this time something different was happening. As I picked up each stone to get the information on how to make it (for each stone has a different recipe for its completion), I found the definition quickly coming to me. No time to waste putting this collection together, I thought. Some weeks I was able to accomplish much and other weeks life would ask to be lived. Another thing happened while making the second collection of Mineral essences. I was asked to begin a new series of essences, soon to be known as the Light Expression Vibrational Nature Essence series. By the time I had completed making the 36 Mineral Essences, which took another year, I was well into the process of making the Vibrational Nature Essences.

At the time, I was under the impression that the Vibrational Nature essence collection was going to be just one box of 8 bottles. I was also of the idea that I was complete with the task of making Light expression Essences. I truly never imagined that I would be making vibrational essences for the foreseeable future. As of 2022, I have completed seven unique collections of vibrational essences. The 8th collection of Animal and Family Relationship Health Care continues to be created at this time. All of the collections can be used together to create very unique solutions to support the release of unique subconscious patterns which are ready to be transformed from duality thinking to unity consciousness.