The Story of Lava

In 1993, I found myself taking a trip to Hawaii on nothing but faith. I knew that whatever the reason for going to Hawaii, it would reveal itself to me.

As it turned out, there were many good reasons for the trip. One of the best reasons was to simply have some much needed fun. Other reasons were about furthering my understanding of how the Light Expression Mineral Essences work, and still another reason was to make an essence from Hawaii. The essence that I was being asked to make was that of Lava. I was told to just make the essence, hang onto it, and I would be told when it was time to share it with the public.

It is now time to offer Essence of Lava to all who wish to benefit from its Love and specific healing qualities. After making the Essence of Lava, I received a very simple yet moving definition from the essence. I knew that there was much more to the essence beyond its simple and loving words. I was told that its full beauty would be experienced through using the essence and that words were not important in the experiencing of this essence. The essence of Lava finally found its place within the Animal and Family Relationship Health Care collection.