Using Vibrational Essences to Assist in Grounding

St. Francis assist in groundingJust staying in sync with the increasing vibrational energies that are upon Earth at this moment in time can feel like a full-time job. Remaining grounded through these changes may feel easier said than done.

What does being grounded really mean anyway? Several years ago, the Master Teachers who work with the Light Expression Essences revealed what it means to be grounded. I was also shown the value and purpose of being grounded and how vibrational essences can assist us in becoming and remaining grounded.

First, I was shown that, until recently, we used the material plane to stay grounded. We acquired relationships with family and friends as well as things such as land, livestock, homes, vehicles, etc. These things gave us a sense of identity as we experienced ourselves through the eyes of those around us. We measured our worth by our accomplishments and what we accumulated. This understanding leads to our feeling grounded.

This understanding is no longer true. Relationships are breaking down, financial institutions and governments are collapsing and we are left with a world that, at the moment, is in flux and unstable.

As we are no longer firmly entrenched within the 3rd Dimension duality, the old ways of staying grounded no longer apply. It is now time to know ourselves, not through the eyes of others, but rather through our awareness of our true identity. Our true identity is that of Soul within form. How do we come to know ourselves as Soul? We accomplish this by going within and making our connection to the Source of All That Is. The struggle for many of us is that we attempt this connection while carrying much subconscious emotional baggage, misunderstandings, survival concerns, and fears.

Also, because of fear, trauma, and stress, we have aspects of our personality fragmented from the whole. These fragmented aspects have splintered off and are in other dimensions waiting for the time that they may return and rejoin the whole. Because of this fragmenting, individuals may find themselves working in the world without the benefit of a whole integrated personality. This and other Chakra – Astrology energy imbalances make connecting with our Godself seem out of reach.

This is where nature steps forth to assist us. Through the gift of vibrational essences, nature is offering us a tool to strengthen our vibrational connections to the truth. With these tools, we can reintegrate our fragmented personalities into the whole and find clarity for our purpose while here on Earth. As this healing takes place, we find that our travels inward to our Godself will become easier to accomplish. As this pathway opens and becomes well-traveled, we experience the full meaning of being grounded.

Once we begin to participate in the everyday experience of grounding from within, the material world will take on a new perspective. This is where the concept of manifestation with ease originates. Manifesting easily on a regular basis comes from the ability to merge with the Source of All Things, which is trust in God. Through grounding our connection with our Godself, all illusions (lack, fear, etc.) are no longer experienced as truths. With this new level of awareness (a higher vibration), we can participate in the world fully grounded, thus attracting abundance and joy into our life.

What is the subconscious? It’s our unique computer system. It is a part of the Soul’s system which is run on frequency perceptions. All there is in the universe is consciousness. What frequency of consciousness we each carry is stored in our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind comes with us through every incarnation and prompts our entire life experiences with the frequency patterns we have perceived uniquely. Perceptions have a frequency. They can support your experience of life as frightening, difficult, or lacking or they can support you to experience life as a joyful, exciting, loving adventure. Mostly, the subconscious holds a mix of both. Vibrational essences are frequencies that hold unity consciousness awareness, which is superconscious mind. Essences know that we are all a unique part of an amazing ecosystem. The universe supports us in changing our low-frequency perceptions to unity consciousness.

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