Vibrational Nature Essences Definitions


These 56 essences support healing where we are out of balance with our individual eco-system: our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. These essences add a level of healing that teaches us how to experience Unity Consciousness within our own being. We then see how to consciously interact in harmony with all of life.

Conceived from, but not limited to, the animal, insect, flower, mineral, and elemental kingdoms and the elements of fire, earth, air, and water, all of which hold the healing energy of change that teaches us harmony and oneness through the connection to all life forms. Use any of these Vibrational Nature Essences as individual essence support or add to a custom remedy of Mineral, Flower, Body/Soul, or Astrology essences to support healing of specific issues.


Collection I


When I am used, the human consciousness will experience a transformation of its current understanding of reality. A healing will take place of the emotional body, releasing the physical body on the cellular level of the turmoil it has experienced since the beginning of time. With this healing and clearing of the emotional body comes the full awareness of what the human experience is really all about. You will now be able to experience each day for the wondrous event that it is, without the subconscious misunderstandings from your past or fear of the future to cloud your NOW. An integration on all levels occurs, and your ability to soar as the Soul you are begins.


When I am taken, an overwhelming sense of strength, power, and determination enters your consciousness. A single-minded clarity of purpose envelops all you think and do. There is no room for indecision or doubt in any thought or action about any situation you face. You will feel determination in your knowing and nothing or no one will be able to influence you. You will be guided completely from the level of instinct and intuition, with the highest level of integrity in all that you do.

On the physical level, you may also feel energized, giving you the strength necessary to fulfill that which must be done.

Carpenter Bee

The quality contained within this essence is the ability to grasp an idea within your own mind, structuring it into a goal and moving forward toward manifesting that idea into the physical plane, then having the perseverance, desire, and ability to fully manifest it.

Many times you hear an idea (whether from the level of Soul/Higher Self), understand the concept, and recognize that it would benefit you to follow through on it, but you lack the will, discipline, or self-esteem to carry it through to full manifestation.

We provide the assistance to manifest an idea through to completion. We carry within us the strength and determination to take an idea through to its full completion upon the earth plane. We will embody you with this characteristic, which is the strength of our species. As you use this essence, you will begin to notice your ability to manifest your desires to completion becomes much easier. As your self-esteem greatly improves and success in all you do becomes your reality, all who come in contact with you will begin to experience this change in consciousness.


Many times when you go out into the world your energy levels may be low. You may be experiencing sadness or just feeling vulnerable to the thoughts and actions of the collective subconscious of others. We are here, in the form of an essence, to support you with clarity on all levels from these thoughts and actions of those around you.

We have made ourselves available to guide and nurture you through your own thoughts as well as the thoughts of others. We will surround you with an energy that is uplifting to your conscious mind and physical being. You will know that you are guided by God as you go out into the world and interact with other human beings.

You will feel our support and guidance and you will smile with this knowing. Your thoughts will be in harmony with your highest good and the highest good of those with whom you come in contact.

Shenandoah Valley

This essence contains within its vibrational pattern the healing capacity of the Earth Mother, as well as the added specific intention that has been gifted to that land area known as the Shenandoah Valley. The Shenandoah Valley’s particular energy pattern is that of healing on all levels. Certain areas of the world have this added intention of healing within its energy field, in addition to the understanding that it is always the Earth Mother’s intention and ability to heal all who ask this of her.

Shenandoah Valley essence has the ability to open you to the realities that, through change, you always have the opportunity from within to transform disease into health. We offer the opportunity for you to recognize and stand within the truth that change is the catalyst for moving from a state of disease to healing, to health.

We give you this understanding in the form of an essence to take with you wherever you may travel. This is a blessing from Earth Mother. 

Blue Ridge Mountains

Within the vibrational pattern of this essence, we bring the qualities contained throughout the chain of mountains known as Blue Ridge. The Blue Ridge Mountains are the oldest chain of mountains above sea level on Earth at this time in history.

The qualities that come forth through this essence are very powerful indeed. We bring you the most profound wisdom Earth wishes to offer humanity at this time. This wisdom comes in the form of re-awakening you on the cellular level to the power contained within your mental body. This power, which you all possess, must first be healed and moved into harmony with your other levels. The healing of your mental body is just one of the qualities this essence has to offer. As the healing of your mental body progresses day by day, your ability to focus the power within your mental body will become more steady and stronger. You will also begin to experience an intuitive ability to tap into the wisdom and rhythm of Earth.


I have chosen to become an essence, for there are many delights that I wish to share with humanity.

Many humans who walk the planet Earth do so with a great density and heaviness. They have taken on much too much of the earth’s physical expression. They move through each day with an out-of-balance perspective of what it is really all about to be here in physical form. Each Soul who comes to Earth is taking an opportunity to learn how to maneuver through life in physical form, but many times this lesson becomes out of balance with the reality intended.

I bring you the ability to once again regain your balance on Earth in the physical form.

One might ask, what is balance? From one perspective, balance is the ability to physically, emotionally, and mentally maintain a healthy connection to the wonders and joy of being in physical form. To recognize and understand the gift which has been given by God to you to express in the physical, the Spirit that you are, and the divinity that is contained within you.

The balance, then, is always between the physical and spiritual aspects of oneself. This essence of Dragonfly will assist you in maintaining this balance. We will bring this remembrance of balance into your consciousness from your own Soul memory. For within each human is the remembrance; it is only that years of density of thought have pushed it far from your consciousness.

We will open the door of your Soul memory so the full understanding of balance will be yours again.

Black Ant

We bring the quality contained within this essence of a gentle and loving reminder of something important which many forget in their daily journeys. The awakening that will be imprinted within you is the remembrance that you are not carrying your burdens alone. This essence will release the heaviness of the subconscious burdens that you carry, by reconnecting you to that understanding and awareness. We will assist you through the specific nature of our character: how to work within the dynamics of the community for the support which humans require on the physical level. The support that comes to you on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels comes through the direct understanding that the release of the subconscious burdens you carry is only available through total surrender to God. For when you let go and give your burdens to God, through the act of surrender, the burdens then become lighter.

When you find yourself immersed in the misunderstanding that the burdens you carry are yours alone, take this essence and feel yourself surrendering all to God. Feel yourself reconnecting to the community and remember that you are a part of the whole, and never alone.

Collection II

African Violet (Violet)

The intention of my essence is to offer all who are undergoing a profound spiritual transformation a bit of calm and serenity. When you are experiencing many changes within all of the various bodies, because of spiritual transformation, it is important that you also be given an opportunity to experience calm. I offer you this feeling of calm that is vital to soothing the body while using mineral essences. I work specifically with mineral essences to support and sustain your physical and emotional bodies while you are releasing the many layers of subconscious habitual thought patterns. I give to you the feeling of a restful nap that was much needed during the course of a busy day. (This essence brings this understanding to you from an assertive perspective.)

Ever Blooming Begonia (Coral)

Through this essence, I bring you the understanding that life is a continual process of change, growth, death, and rebirth. My place in this collection is to offer the vibrational pattern compatible with the work being done through the mineral kingdom. I give you the gentle balance between nurturing and pushing necessary for you to feel safe and in harmony with the changes taking place within your being. There are times during the spiritual transformation process that you experience wanting the comfort and safety of a warm security blanket wrapped around you. I provide that feeling. My essence will help you feel safe when you just aren’t sure you can handle any more changes. (This essence brings this understanding to you from a receptive perspective.)


Too much of humanity’s time upon Earth is spent attached to one another through such emotions as anger, hatred, or resentment. When you are feeling any of these emotions you become connected in a negative way to the person, group, or culture these emotions are directed toward. When you are experiencing these emotions, judgment toward another person or group is being manifested with the full force of the collective subconscious judgments. In order for love and peace to be experienced, unconditional forgiveness must be brought to the situation. It is only through the surrender to forgiveness with no condition placed on it, that your negative ties to another may be broken. I offer you the energetic quality to assist you in releasing judgment that in turn dissipates anger, hatred, and resentment. As these emotions subside a new feeling will replace these unproductive emotions. That is forgiveness. As this feeling of forgiveness is brought into the conscious experience, all who were caught up in the judgment of one another will begin to feel peace being brought into their lives.

Owl (Great Horned Owl)

I wish to take you by the hand, walk with you through your darkness and show you the light. All too often those in human form feel that you are living in darkness, unable to find the light. You feel only darkness only because at that moment the way to the light is not clear to you. I bring to you the gift of seeing the light no matter how dark the situation you are in appears to be. Seeing the light will bring clarity to any situation which seems to have no positive outcome. Walking into the light and viewing your situation from this perspective will always show you with clarity the positive side of things. With this new perspective, feelings of darkness and hopelessness about the situation will fade away. Only the light will remain.


When the feeling of sadness comes over you like the powerful flow of a waterfall and this sadness appears to not have any particular time or place attached to it, these feelings are coming to you from deep within your subconscious memory. These feelings are real and yet you know that you cannot attach any conscious moment to them; as a result, you begin to lose touch with the present.

We are here to assist in releasing these undefined feelings of sadness as well as to bring your heart back to the present. Every time you desire our essence, know that you are being guided through the release of another experience of sadness you have acquired over your many lifetimes.

It matters not where the sadness comes from, only that it is now time to release it, to be brought back to the present where your Divinity is located.

Cat (Tiger)

TigerI come to you from nature as well as that of the spiritual level. Over centuries as humanity has walked the earth, a basic understanding within the individual about one’s own relationship to the whole has become grossly out of balance.

The understanding within the individual that is out of balance is that of boundaries. Humanity has forgotten how to respect the individual’s need for time and space, as well as how to respect these needs within society as a whole.

Bringing this understanding of healthy boundaries into balance promotes respect and peace within the individual as well as the individual’s relationship to society.

I offer you the vibration that will assist you in remembering how to maintain healthy boundaries. You will become more clear on the emotional and mental levels about your requirements for time and space as well as extending that awareness and respect to those around you.

As this integration of awareness moves through all your levels of being, you will develop a deep sense of respect for your own requirements as well as for the needs of society as a whole. You will also be able to maintain your physical boundaries within an energy of love and compassion.


When you are in the middle of a problem, turmoil, or crisis, and all you are able to think about is how overwhelmed you are feeling by it all, this is the time for our essence.

As you travel down your spiritual path on your journey toward Oneness, you will experience moments in your life that feel as though they weigh too much for you to carry. Even though you have been releasing many subconscious thought patterns that do not serve your highest good, there are still many more that call out to be released. This calling from your heart to release still more is not intended to overwhelm your senses, it is only to let you know that there are still more misunderstandings that wish to be released from within your subconscious memory.

The essence of Rain offers itself to you at a time when your own conscious mind requires a renewed feeling of hope. We help still your thoughts of the moment at hand so you may receive our calm and restful feeling. When one’s thoughts are stilled and hope is felt, one then finds the strength to continue on with their journey.

Our gift to you is contained within this gentle summer rain.


Time and time again you call out in prayer, “Please God, guide me to what I am to do next in my life.” You ask for a sign, a knowing, a sense of direction. What comes back to you from All That Is is the sign, the feeling of knowing, the direction.

Even though your prayer is answered, it usually requires some form of action on your part to put the answer into motion. Perhaps you don’t like the answer you received, don’t know how to put that guidance into action, or are afraid of taking that first step down the unknown road which would lead you to the fulfillment of your prayer.

When one asks Spirit for guidance one must be ready to act on the guidance received. I offer the wind at your back to help you over the cliff’s edge.

Many times what you are guided to do feels like walking out into thin air. I bring you the energy of wind that will assist in moving you along as you take that first step and guiding you as you travel down your path. Sometimes all that is necessary in order to make a change in one’s life is a gentle push. I am that gentle push. I will always provide the energy of wind at your back.

Collection III

Alabaster Bear

It is time to put aside words of advice from those around you. The wisdom and understanding to end your confusion and turmoil lies within you. As you become more comfortable with the counselor within, which is your Higher Self, you will see the power of your own wisdom. Nurture this new understanding; be quiet with words of advice from the inner world. Allow your dreams and meditations to be your guide. You have the strength to overcome all your problems. As you work with the silence and receive your counsel, all that is left to do is to take the words and turn them into actions. Be decisive, strong, and determined. The light will guide you to the end of the tunnel where you will walk out victorious into the day.


My gift to you comes in many forms, as I take on many looks and feelings. I am able to adapt to any situation, any environment. This I offer you. Sometimes it is wise to simply sit back, be silent and observe the actions of others, listen to what they say, and stay focused on what they do. Discernment is the learning for the day. Many times, acting impulsively can cost you a great deal. I will show you how to fine-tune the art of observation and have confidence in your intuition. With skills of observation, discernment, and intuition, you can navigate the waters of life with confidence.


Whenever you find yourself in need of our essence, it is because a balance is lacking within your heart center. When this balance is lost, it can appear as if nothing but chaos exists in your life. Through the dance of life, we give you this balance of male and female, work and play creating within you the knowledge of and experience of joy as you regain your balance within your heart center. Joy can truly be experienced when it comes from the heart. There must first be an understanding within the heart that joy is about the balance of creating and manifesting. One becomes out of balance when we try to force one of either of these two aspects of joy. When the balance exists between creating and manifesting, play and work, joy will always be the experience. When joy is your experience, there is harmony within the whole.

Barn Swallow

Watch carefully the world around you. It is correct to live your life trusting those with whom you come in contact, but understand that not always do they honor your gift of trust. Discernment is a great compliment to trust. As you work in the world with the openness of trust, bring along the knowledge of discernment. Discernment will help you lovingly make correct decisions. Blind trust can cause many complications in your life. Making decisions with eyes open to all possibilities requires many skills. Discernment will guide you through the darkness.

Canada Goose
canada goose

As you travel on your journey here in the physical, every day, the dance of give and take must be balanced. Some days your strength and knowledge put you in the forefront; it is appropriate to be the leader. On other days you will want to follow others. This is a difficult balance for humans to understand. When in the physical, it is correct to use your gifts to assist others as well as yourself; it is also correct to accept the leadership of those who come into your world with their own gifts to offer. True leaders know how to accept assistance when it is offered.

We are all leaders when the time is right. Life must be balanced with give and take. This is our gift to you.

Poppy - Burdock

Healing of any form or structure is not linear. The source of All That Is has allowed us to work with the concepts of duality, but now it is time to begin the process of integrating the concepts of duality in order for a personal understanding of Oneness to occur within the conscious mind. Our essence will act as a catalyst on the subconscious level to trigger your ego consciousness into understanding and experiencing an alignment with a less black or white experience of duality. You will gradually begin to see the whole on all levels of your energetic body, not from a perspective of black or white, but from shades of the two as they merge together. As you accept more of this awareness into your consciousness, a greater sense of peace will be yours. Even as you begin to feel the well-being of a state of peace, you will notice a heightened level of energy flowing through your physical body. This is the result of a decrease in polarity within your subconscious thinking mind, decreased duality/polarity, and increased energy and clarity. Healing on any level now has a more firm foundation with which to manifest and flourish.

Land Turtle
land turtle

It is time to remember that you have great power and strength within you. This power is available to all who remember to simply connect with the Mother. Mother Earth is always available to assist you with your needs. She is about birth and abundance, the harvest. You forget this when you move through your days in a great hurry. Through the essence of Turtle, you will re-experience the buried knowledge of your ability to ground with the earth. Through this grounding, much creativity and patience will come to you. You will remember how to heal yourself from the pain of words and actions that others may throw your way. In doing this, you will be touched deep within your soul and conscious mind with compassion and patience. This will shift your consciousness to understand and honor your feelings and as a result of that honoring, you will be in touch with the universal collective subconscious hurt of humanity. As this connection grows, you will be aware of new and creative solutions to ease the pain from which mankind is suffering. This is an essence of Earth, heart, and Spirit. First, you ground to Earth, next you open your heart to humanity, and finally, you will merge with Spirit.


Essence of Spider brings you the infinite nature of creativity. If you have been feeling stuck in a pattern of negativity and criticism, it may be time for an infusion of creativity into your life. As you work with Spider, you will once again begin to see that there are many possibilities to every problem. You only need to move your attention from your own illusion of who and what you perceive yourself to be, and in that instant new possibilities will present themselves. Many times you are so caught up in planning your life that you miss the physical manifestation of what you have already created. Take a moment to honor your creations, acknowledge your creativity, and more ideas will come to you. Spider is here to remind you that your possibilities are always infinite. Open to that energy and rejoice in its beauty and splendor.

Collection IV


On your mark, get set, go! Birth, new beginnings, and joy are what this energy is about. It is important to remember that birth and new beginnings are not exclusively feminine or about firsts. Starting anew is an energy that must be utilized regularly in order to experience the creative force available through your connection with Divinity. This energy of Spring can propel ideas forward to new levels of expression within form.

Spring carries the life-force blueprint of Divinity, a vitality that will take you to new heights of awareness. This vibration will assist you in keeping pace with evolution, the evolution of Earth, humanity and the universe!


Summer holds within its energy pattern the awareness of a thought or idea coming to fruition. The seed was sown in spring and the idea or thought has now moved into its bloom stage. Sit back; observe the thought in its full manifestation and all its beauty. Life and ideas develop in stages. This stage of bloom is truly worth admiring; for it shows you the direction of your thoughts and the stability of the commitment of your focus.

fall 3

This is truly a season to rejoice. Not everything planted in the fertility of spring comes to fruition by summer’s end. Some thoughts and ideas require greater patience and perseverance before they may be harvested. Fall offers us the extra time often needed to bring our thoughts and ideas to harvest. Fall also offers us the time and space to clean up after our harvest in the crispness of a clear day.

Fall is here to offer you the energy of completeness of the cycle of manifestation you set into motion. The use of the energy of completeness is just as vital to your process of growth as the energy of birth. Incorporate this vibration into your subconscious energetic blueprint and you will feel joy in the completion.

winter (2)

The essence of Winter opens the heart and thymus to the vibration of Christ Consciousness. Unity, giving, and receiving are all brought into alignment with the energy of love. Love is an expression of balance. As the heart and thymus come into alignment with the energy of love, the individual opens on the superconscious level to the awareness of his or her connection to All That Is. This sets the mental body into motion to delve into deeper levels of healing. The mental body understands the need for further healing and will bring this to the forefront of the individual’s consciousness. Denial as a way of life will no longer be acceptable. Healing is the path; love is the destination!

Starseed I Am

Taking this essence will align your subconscious to the frequency of this vibration and will allow you to access the expansiveness of the I Am. The possibilities for personal growth and awareness are unlimited. Taking StarSeed I Am aligns your internal subconscious emotional and mental vibrations with its frequency pattern of expansiveness. For some individuals, this energy of expansiveness may produce physical or emotional awareness never before experienced. Whatever your specific gifts or talents, the connection within the StarSeed I Am will expand awareness of these talents and lead you to new ideas. New understandings within technology can also be greatly enhanced or accessed by the use of this essence. As your system becomes accustomed to the energy, you will move into this new space of expanded awareness with feelings of excitement and anticipation of what the experience will hold for you.

The Resurrection

Are you awake? On what level?

I am the vibration that will assist you in remembering and experiencing the blueprint of your multidimensional body, superconsciousness. This remembering process is vital to continue your spiritual growth and gain awareness of who you truly are. All cells within your physical form must go through an energetic transformational process of being reborn to this higher frequency. As that happens, this frequency can move through all of your bodies to reunite spirit consciousness within form. This process can be considered a form of cellular resurrection. All levels of the holy being which you are, must unite and be one with this resurrection vibration. This uniting, in turn, brings you to a state that will allow you to accept the experience of rebirth.

Birth Activation

The energy and vitality of the essence of Birth Activation will unite with the seed, which is planted within your heart center (home of your soul). This seed contains a new energy blueprint for your continuing evolvement toward 5th dimension awakening. The energy of Birth Activation is like the life-giving force of water to a seed that must receive this water in order to begin the process of germination. There is an energy configuration contained within the essence of Birth Activation which, when it merges with the corresponding frequency of the seed within your heart center, will produce a noticeable movement toward a conscious awareness of the many levels of life. Evolvement is an activity that requires a level of conscious participation; each new level of human evolution always comes from moving through an untested paradigm. You are on the threshold of just such a new paradigm in the process of human evolution and the essence of Birth Activation is the catalyst given to you from Nature to nurture this new awareness.

3D Graduation (Third Dimension Graduation)

This essence holds the vibrational blueprint of the celebration of completion. Your journey has been long and it has involved many paths, taken and not taken, many days and nights of uncertainty, and a great deal of questioning the direction you are to go in. Congratulate yourself; you have arrived at the doorstep of a new awakening. It is time to wake up and take hold of your birthright. Move into your new skin and rejoice! This essence will acquaint your entire being with the next phase of your growth, while also celebrating the phase you have just completed. All you have accomplished, all the healing that has taken place within humanity, collectively and individually, is now being integrated into the collective subconscious of humanity. Take this moment to breathe deeply into your being this great awareness of love in all of its forms. I Am.

Collection V

Poison Ivy

Are you feeling irritated, frustrated, annoyed, rubbed the wrong way by others’ actions, or your own misunderstanding of how things could be? This irritation is your Soul speaking to you about a chronic imbalance within your subconscious mind. The situation is rubbing you the wrong way because it must. It is calling out to you to be cleared and healed right to the core.

Frustrations and irritations are only possible when there is something out of alignment within the subconscious about your true nature. You are a unique divine Soul.

Poison Ivy will soothe your rash and show you what your next level of healing is about. Insights will flood your mind and emotions with a healing salve, allowing you a moment’s rest from the discordant feelings you have been experiencing. Now, your conscious mind can see what the true issue is and make a choice to heal it.

Take us when life appears frustrating or irritating and feel the relief of healing wash over you. All that is real is love. Love is all there is.


Romance and Passion are what we offer. Wisteria opens the heart center to the beauty and gentleness of romance and to the intensity and focus of passion.

There are many aspects that make up the totality of the frequency that you call love. Without incorporating the understanding of the need to experience romance, not exclusively between humans but in all relationships, one misses the deep inner beauty and gentleness available in any relationship. Romance brings a softness and beauty to love.

Passion must be present in all relationships in order for vitality to manifest. Passion gives a relationship the life force energy needed for creating (anything). Without passion, love is simply a word without energy.

When the energy of romance and passion are present within the whole of love, your relationship with anything takes on an awareness of beauty and wonder and meaning, which will bring you to higher levels of joy.


I speak to your heart of Joy and Beauty.

I open the heart so you may see Beauty in all its forms. In seeing the Beauty all around you in every moment, your heart cannot help but fill itself with the energy of Joy. When Joy is present, the energy within the heart becomes whole. In all of life’s moments, Beauty is available to be seen and experienced. Beauty, like life itself, is ever-changing. We each see Beauty differently. But when our hearts are touched by it, a renewal of our ability to feel Joy is experienced directly. Beauty is a divine gift, whether it is created by human hands or by the creativity of Source via nature. See Beauty, feel Joy. If you are experiencing sorrow or pain, let this essence move into your heart so you may see a different side of life and experience its joy and beauty.


Happiness is a clear crisp morning, ripe with the day’s possibilities; a blue sky, white fluffy clouds floating overhead; the sun shining its warmth over the earth; a rainy day, cold drops of life-giving moisture penetrating the earth’s soil; a moonlit night, stars shining from their far off homes; and winds blowing, bringing change and possibilities.


True happiness is all this and more. Happiness is found in each unique perfect moment. Fly, walk, crawl, swim – all is happiness. We, Bluebirds, know pure happiness and we offer this frequency to all who are ready to heal their subconscious feeling patterns of sorrow, loss, fear, or uncertainty so they may immerse themselves in the cool calm blue light of happiness.

Happiness is the experience of pure delight in the beauty of the moment. String together one moment after another and experience a lifetime of happiness. Open your heart to the frequency of happiness. Smile and breathe in the refreshing blue light of happiness. Oh, what joy to have happiness in your heart and soul.


I am the voice you hear in the dark beckoning you to come out and play. You have forgotten how to navigate your dreams and goals with your gifts of intuition and the focus of intention. You think you cannot see where to go next in your growth and evolution. Your dreams and focused intent are created within the void; they only need your courage, strength, perseverance, and trust to move them into the light.

Having a dream, desire or goal is a divine gift, a creative energy we all received at birth. We dream, we create, we manifest.

The energy of Bat will assist you if your intuition – radar – feels blocked or uncertain about which way to turn next in your journey, your path to enlightenment. Forward movement flowing smoothly, intuitively, toward your goal allows the energy from All That Is to surround your being and guide you along your journey to home. Dream and navigate with the Divine radar of intuition moving you forward in trust. Your dreams are building your tomorrow; create them from certainty rather than from hesitancy. Your guidance is Divine.

horse edit

The gift we receive from this magnificent being is the energy of will.

Will I choose to help another carry a burden that is weighing them down, slowing their journey? Will I assist others from the place within my Soul that remembers the heaviness of a journey that appears to be taken alone? Will I choose to be compassionate when I come upon all who are traveling the long Soul journey home? Will I choose to give them comfort and support from a heart that remembers part of the journey is about sharing our wisdom and strength with others and also remembering that assistance is only helpful when it is born out of respect? Their journey is their journey. Do not judge it while at the same time sharing your experiences, wisdom, and talents.

Will I speaks to the heart and mind of a choice calling out to be made. Will the choice come from compassion and a desire to be of service balanced in wisdom, integrity, and joy? Or will you become overwhelmed by the possibilities of manifesting your power and balance? Power, strength, wisdom, and balance are born out of compassion. Share the compassion and the journey will be lighter for all. I am Will.


The essence of Crow will assist in giving you insight into your fear of change. Change, evolution, and growth will all occur no matter what we do in our attempt to hold them back. There will always be change; that is the nature of life. What are your subconscious fears concerning change? Does learning something new intimidate you? Are you afraid you may look silly, even foolish trying a new approach to an old challenge?

Growth and change will occur. Balance, integrity, honesty, and forgiveness give us the foundation to build a future driven by change.

Our gift is to point your heart and mind to look squarely in the direction calling out for change. Denial allows us to perpetuate the fear of change. Change brings vitality to life that ultimately brings us closer to our divine birthright – superconsciousness.

Snake (Black)

We bring you the gift of awareness that the journey can be effortless. Transformation allows us to experience all of creation without having to indefinitely hold onto an idea, belief or attitude that no longer supports our journey. If there is a subconscious belief, dogma or habit that is no longer comfortable to wear, bring it to the energy of Snake.

The essence of Snake will assist you in moving through old ideas, shedding that uncomfortable skin that only seems to still hold power over your life. Snake is about wisdom and wholeness. We assist you in the movement toward wholeness without resistance from subconscious memories of fear about moving forward. How can you move toward wholeness when every cell of your being screams out against movement? We are about movement, transmuting that which is not whole, and more, doing it without the encumberment of resistance.

Collection VI

eagle edit

When we avoid accountability and responsibility because we do not feel the courage necessary to walk through life’s daily challenges, the essence of Eagle can help us see what fears must be healed in order to move through the challenges we each face on a daily basis.

We are all connected to the Divine and Earth. Because of our subconscious fears and stress, we can forget this important understanding. The essence of Eagle will hold our attention to our connection to the Divine and balance our connection to Earth. At the same time, Eagle draws our focus to see beyond what is currently right in front of us that is causing stress, to see the bigger picture of life, and to feel our connection to the Divine. This promotes healing where courage and confidence are lacking in our decision-making process. We can then walk through our daily life in courage, confidence, and certainty rather than doubting ourselves. When we feel confidence and courage, we can face our responsibilities and feel accountable for what must be accomplished each day. Our fears only limit our freedom and our abilities to do what is ours to accomplish. Eagle helps us feel connected to the Divine and Earth, to feel courage, feel confident, and master yourself. When we master our self like Eagle, our power will expand and we will feel the freedom to soar as the unique individual we each were created to be. You will feel the confidence to face your daily challenges and use your power to support the greater good of all. Eagle promotes fearlessness, mastery of self, and expression of your creative uniqueness.

Please and Thank You

How many times have you been asked to say Please and Thank You when asking for, and receiving something that you desire? Please, when spoken, is an energy that connects the heart and mind to the awareness of appreciation, gratitude, and value. Genuine heartfelt appreciation for that which you desire to receive places the individual in a space of feeling real, deep, grounded gratitude. Asking (Please) from a feeling of appreciation acknowledges the value an individual places on the request. Thankfulness after receiving completes the cycle and leaves all parties involved feeling valued, honored and grateful. A feeling of wholeness is now the experience that both the asker and giver share between them. The cycle of giving and receiving, Please and Thank You, are now in divine harmony.


Does your Will vibrate as love? The test, if you will, looks like this: do I say yes with a joyful expectant heart, mind, and Soul? Or do I hesitate, afraid, looking for excuses to support my position? Your Will is confused, wrapped up in subconscious patterns of guilt and shame, which brings you to deny that light-filled expression is possible for you to manifest. Your Will has taken on the expression of feeling inadequate, not up to the task of manifesting as love and understanding. Your Will is in denial of its power and strength. Denial of your power, your full birthright, has led you to experience guilt. Denial removes you from your heart and places you squarely in guilt. I deny my behavior, my past, and only receive back the energy of guilt. Bring your past, your behavior, and your history to the wholeness available within Will. Feel the joy, the support, the love that moves through your Will. Love and guilt cannot share the same space. Which will you choose? Love heals, makes whole. Guilt separates and denies your true expression. You are the light. To be it, you must choose it. Say yes to the light, Will you? I Will. Will must be whole in order to leap in trust.

Clear Quartz / Clematis Vine

Are you present and accounted for when you ask for guidance, support, and assistance from your spiritual guides? Or are you in a space that lacks inspiration, leading you into a subconscious belief pattern that tells you that you are on your own, left to your own devices, struggling for a glimmer of wisdom to come your way? Your spiritual guides have their perspective to add to your thinking process. They have their gifts and talents ready, willing, and able to add to your agenda as support and communication, assisting you from their realms. Inspiration is a quality offered to us via our spiritual guides. They whisper inspiration into our heart and mind and they support and honor our desire to be whole. They speak their guidance in the wind, through a neighbor, friend, loved one, through a song or just a sweet smell from a plant.

Clear Quartz/Clematis Vine will ground your heart and mind so inspiration can be let into your heart. Inspiration grows in a heart that is accepting, and an accepting heart is grounded in faith and trust.

We offer our grounding and inspirational energy as a blueprint, a model of what to be on the lookout for. The guides speak, Now Hear.


Embrace yourself, all of yourself. No need to justify or rationalize any part of who you are or where you have been. When you feel your mind wander off into the recesses of your subconscious memories, remember you may only be experiencing your memories from the energy of the fear, drama, trauma within those memories. All your life’s experiences are part of who you are, not just one side, one event, one outcome. We think, see and feel from the perspective of the individual. If a moment in our history is too sad, angry, painful, confusing, and belittling for us to see, feel or know, we immediately think it must have been bad, dark, not very pleasant. But was the experience really as we thought?  Or were we only seeing or feeling not enough?

Welcome to your shadow side wanting to be seen. You fear your shadow because you don’t see the creative talent and wisdom wrapped within the moment which created a shadow experience. In every moment, we have access to the light. Bring the light to the shadow and see your shadow qualities for the strength and wisdom that they contain. Many times, you fear your shadow side; it feels uncomfortable because it is strong and power-filled, misunderstood wisdom, a talent not fully developed, waiting oh so patiently in the shadow to be recognized and honored.

Your shadow side holds great wisdom and skill. Embrace the shadow, access the skill, and use it in wholeness. It is a skill waiting to be recognized and made whole. Opossum brings the shadow quality to the Light. Look it straight in the eyes, embrace all of yourself and accept your strength and power. Light and shadows, when used as whole, have power and wisdom to express as whole.


Congratulations, you are opening slowly, cautiously to new ideas, information, techniques, talents, and strengths. As you receive new ideas and information is your first instinct to shut down? Or do you jump up and grab the ideas with expectancy and a curious mind, eager to know, learn and share the ideas? Many people experience overload and shut down first, because of so many subconscious impressions within the past memories which tell you how frightening new information and ideas can be.

In duality, new information has had a good or bad, right or wrong feel to it. Choosing to act on an idea has led you to experience sadness, failure, shame, and guilt. The essence of Wolf will impart to you the ability to move with an idea through all sides of its expressions as a whole. There are always many appropriate outcomes and possibilities with every new idea and experience. Wolf guides you through the circular fluid motion of thinking, moving your mind to see all possibilities without getting stuck in the energy of judgment.

As you move through the intricacies of the idea, Wolf will guide you around all sides and the appropriate action will move into your consciousness because you now allow it in without the fear of judgments about failure.


Do you give only to receive? Are you in constant fear of being left behind, left without, and left alone? The heart is confused from all of its experiences with the give and take the flow of life, when to give and when to receive. Do I deserve what I receive (good or bad)? Do they deserve what they receive (good or bad)? We deserve to receive, but what is it you truly are asking to see? Step into the vibration of Turkey. Giving is in harmony within the essence of Turkey. You give because you can; you give because you are asked; you give because you know you will always have more available to give again. Giving allows the cup to be refilled; holding on tight to what you have only restricts the flow of giving. How can you have room to receive if you think it will be all gone, never to be replenished? Giving allows you the space to receive, which brings you back again full circle to give, feeling satisfied and full.

Faith to Wholeness

I am the vibrational energy pattern of the idea or thought you know as faith. The energy of faith contains the wisdom and ability to hold an idea that is asking you to move into a new frame of reference and manifest that new idea, sight unseen, into your world. Faith supports and holds the blueprint for the concept that all is possible and that through the energy of faith as your foundation the impossible becomes possible. New ideas will begin streaming into your consciousness, asking to be seen and manifested. But first, faith must be strong, accepted, and grounded. Fear moves faith aside; and, there is much fear lurking in your subconscious shadows, waiting to take your mind away from your goal and back into fear.

To access the energy of the 5th Dimension (Unity/Christ Consciousness), we each must find our inner strength to say yes to the opportunity presenting itself for our growth. Subconscious patterns of fear will manifest as obstacles; faith will carry you through your learning agenda seemingly on the fluid movement of it is possible. Plant your seeds and watch them grow. Faith is grounding. Faith says I am good with moving forward, even in the face of not knowing in which direction to go. Faith is a fuel; when consumed, it will move you forward in your learning and remembering of who you truly are. To be a Master, you must always embody faith. Ground in the energy of faith and the journey will take on the quality of effortlessness.

Collection VII

The Four Sacred Element Essences

Fire, earth, air, and water are the energetic building blocks of the universe, earth, and humanity. Each soul in form must connect with, relate to, embody, integrate, know and be one with each of these elements for optimal health and well-being.

All individual Souls were created out of the energy of the four elements. They are the primal energies of the universe created by Source. They are the structural blueprint energies out of which all in form and out of form are connected to and must be one with for health, growth, vitality, evolution, and oneness with Source/All That Is.

These Four Sacred Element Essences provide healing to each unique individual in form. Over the many life incarnations, there may be moments, hours, weeks, years when an individual may feel disconnected to any one or all of the sacred elements. When life pushes the individual past a point of internal balance and comfort, any one of the sacred elements may become so unbalanced within the individual subconscious that the Soul actually becomes allergic to the form (body) in which it resides. To become out of balance with one of the sacred building blocks of the universe is to deny a part of our own uniqueness as Soul in form.

Our continuing evolution as Soul requires that we each be in wholeness and in harmony with the primal creative energy of Source, contained within these four sacred elements. Love is the motivating energy of all creation, and the four sacred elements embody love as their core creative motivator. To be out of balance with any of the elements is to be in conflict, disharmony, and disease within your own physical, emotional, mental, and Soul bodies.

These four essences were co-created to support humanity in healing the Soul personality ego’s subconscious misunderstandings of breathing in a body and living on a structure (planet) with other unique individuals. We each were created out of the same energy building blocks, the four sacred elements, and yet we, as Soul in form, are all each uniquely individual and different. Our journey as Soul in form provides us each with unique knowledge and unique subconscious misunderstandings. But, at our core, we are all made of the same energy. Harmony, wholeness, health, vitality are ours in abundance when our individual Soul becomes one with each of these four sacred elements. These essences contain the universal wisdom of wholeness and they will support your process in healing all imbalances associated with your personal relationship to the four sacred elements.

The Sacred Element of Fire Essence

The Sacred Element of Fire Essence provides the individual with the whole understanding and truth-filled vibrational vitality of the energy of action. Fire provides the Soul personality ego with the blueprint and knowledge of how to take action when in form. Fire has the awareness, understanding, and ability to activate the individual personality ego’s will when in form. Fire energy imprints within us and teaches us to make decisions, move forward, and follow through with those decisions. When the sacred element of Fire is whole and grounded, the ultimate decision of all unique individuals in form can now be made, expressed, grounded, and activated. This ultimate decision of all evolving Souls in form is to choose a consecration of will and expansion of will. It is my Will that your Will be done! Fire, when in harmony, will move the individual forward with a singleness of purpose, and goal, focused, and intent on its expansion, growth, and wholeness. This balanced fire energy will motivate you forward, focused, and unstoppable on your journey/evolution to oneness with Source.

The Sacred Element of Earth Essence

The Sacred Element of Earth Essence supports the individual who feels disconnected, unstable, impatient, with no self-discipline about being a Soul in form. In order to be connected, Soul to form, and manifest the highest intention of the Soul in the current physical life expression, it is imperative to feel the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and the structure (planet) on which the body lives. To dislike (not feel safe or comfortable) in any way with the physical form (body), that the Soul has chosen to express itself through, is to be allergic to the very home we chose to live in and on. This essence brings wholeness understanding of physicality to the individual personality ego and allows the Soul to fully connect to the form that it chose to manifest during this life expression. To love the form is to love Source as the ultimate creator of all Form. To love the physical body and Earth is to finally be at peace with all of creation in form. No judgments are made about our individual uniqueness, just appreciation and acceptance for the unique differences of us all.

The Sacred Element of Air Essence
element of Air

All individuals in form must breathe in oxygen in order to stay alive. As we breathe without the need to think about it, we are experiencing our subconscious on autopilot telling your lungs to breathe. We know to trust that oxygen is available for our needs without thinking about how to get it and what to do with it. With air in our lungs, we can now move forward, secure in our bodies with the understanding that air is all around us, unseen and yet available to sustain us in our daily lives.

When an individual is out of harmony (inner balance) with the sacred element of air, there is resistance within the individual to be in a state of willingness to be curious about the self and our relationship to the whole. It’s as if you are living your life holding your breath.

Out of balance air energy looks like a lack of curiosity and creativity, which eventually cuts the individual off from any interest to expand their knowledge and explore. To explore, create and expand knowledge are the gifts of the Sacred Element of Air. When air is in wholeness within the individual, the universe becomes our playground to create within, expand and explore. Curiosity and creativity are now whole within the individual and new possibilities are now available to us to explore in every direction that we look.

The Sacred Element of Water Essence

When the Soul/personality ego consciousness is out of balance with the sacred element of water, our emotions can flow at a trickle with no vitality, passion, or drive. It’s as if the individual is totally underwhelmed by life. They appear to just exist within the world in which they live with no joy, humor, playfulness, or excitement coming through their personality, just a person going through the motions of being alive. The other side of the imbalance of water energy looks as if nothing but emotions flow out of an individual. They live their entire lives openly gushing their feelings (good, bad, indifferent) with no apparent ability to discern when such gushes of emotion are appropriate for others to be exposed to. There appears to be no direction or grounding available to the individual and their feelings gush from them with no direction or grounding, just a wild flow of emotions pouring out of the individual, constantly overwhelming the personality ego consciousness with feelings of sorrow, pain, obsessive thinking or judgments. There is no stability of love within the individual’s emotional body to ground the emotions within the individual form.

This essence supports and heals the individual who is out of inner harmony and balance with the energies of nurturance, imagination, stability, security, and intuition. Water energy, when in harmony and balance, teaches the individual how to be in unconditional love in all relationships in the middle of experiencing life as a unique individual who has come to give and receive love. To do this, the lesson learned and made whole, is that a Soul is vulnerable when it chooses, as an individual, to give love without conditions placed on the gift of the love. When no conditions are placed on love, unconditional love, can now be received by the individual. To love your neighbor as yourself now takes on a new understanding and feeling for us as Souls in form.

Unity Support Essences 1, 2, 3, 4

Where two or more unique individual Souls in form come together in my name (Christ Consciousness) with the intention of surrendering to Source, your higher self, their physical, emotional, mental, Soul pain, burden, confusion, doubt, etc., I am there! Source, Creator of All That Is, wishes now and always to share love, light, and grace with all Souls in form in the energy format of Unity Support Essences 1, 2, 3, and 4.

I offer healing, blessings, peace, calm, guidance, support, help, understanding, patience, comfort, generosity, compassion, ability, courage, inspiration, creativity, corporation, collaboration, gratitude, appreciation, respect, security, joy, harmony, happiness, faith, abundance, trust, hope, willingness, humility, pleasure, expansion, forgiveness, friendship, passion, love, light, and grace to any individual in need of divine love and support.

Unity Support Essences will move you forward along your unique journey as Soul in form in the whole joy-filled energy of love, light, grace, and knowing. The truth is that Source/God/All That Is is now and always totally and completely available to each and every unique Soul personality in form no matter where you are in the universe. Wholeness comes to you in the form of Unity Support Essences 1 – 4 to heal, support, guide and nurture you to knowing oneness (unity) with Source All That Is, You as your True Self, and infinite Spirit!

When any individual feels cut off, alone, abandoned, ill, exhausted, or unsupported by Source/All That Is, taking Unity Support Essences 1 – 4 will heal your subconscious feeling of disconnect, aloneness, burden, insecurity, sadness, etc. and bring your emotional, mental and physical bodies into harmony with the vibration of love, unity, and oneness. As you continue to take these four essences when needed, you will notice an inner strength and commitment growing within your conscious ego mind to continue forward in your healing and evolution to be one with Source, connecting conscious mind and subconscious mind with superconscious mind

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