What Are Vibrational Mineral Essences

The mineral kingdom holds the structural energy for the planets in the universe. Minerals are the final result of a universe in motion, continually expanding energy into form. The minerals contain universal creation energy. When a mineral is made into an essence, the essence holds this wisdom and shares it with you, thus expanding your conscious connection to all of creation.

Minerals are chemical elements or compounds found naturally in the crust of the earth. When minerals or anything in the world are explored in their atomic makeup, it becomes obvious that the entire physical manifestation is only a vibrational variation of one primal essence, the atom. Minerals are alive in the sense that they all have a unique vibratory frequency. Vibratory frequency differs with humans of varying shapes, sizes, and genetic makeup; so too with stones and minerals. The electromagnetic field surrounding our physical bodies, known as the aura, contains all the information about the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and the Soul. The same is true for a mineral. Each human has a specific purpose on the planet, as does each individual mineral, plant, and animal and their individual essence.

Mineral essences hold within them the vibrational and color frequencies of the individual stones. These specific 36 minerals are here to provide a unique healing on the subconscious level for all who participate in their use. Just as the human form has within it an intricate electrical energy system, usually unseen by the human eye, everything in nature also has its own unique electrical system. The vibrational patterns within each aspect of nature correspond to those within us. This is not an accident, but rather Divinity in full manifestation. In other words, God is on the job and fully aware of our healing needs long before we took our detour into what is known as the illusion of ego.

It is usually our individual and societal misunderstandings that are held in the subconscious and the collective subconscious that when triggered by a life experience causes us to become ill and disconnected from our True Self. The intended outcome is for us to recognize where growth and understanding are needed and to make that change within our conscious mind. Instead, because of negativity in the subconscious memory, we may respond to these growth opportunities from a place of fear, anger, or anxiety. This continues the pattern of feeling disconnected and alienated from humanity and Spirit. Essences have the ability to move through our subconscious realigning us vibrationally with the divine wisdom imprints that are infused into these solutions. This, in turn, sets into motion our healing process. As our subconscious begins to vibrate once again with the energy from Divinity that comes through the individual patterns of each essence, the illusion of separation that we have held onto for so many lifetimes begins to dissolve.

Vibrational Mineral essences, used on a regular basis as a tool for spiritual growth, have an added benefit of releasing any subconscious patterns that get triggered as a result of occasional daily stress experienced while moving through our individual issues. Continual use of vibrational essences allows the movement of release, transformation, and balance to remain constant within the individual, thus bringing the individual into alignment with their Godself through ease, rather than disease. Quite simply, instead of getting stuck in a particular issue or caught up in judgment of it, regular use of essences keeps you moving in your quest for enlightenment and wholeness. The release process has movement, the physical form stays balanced and healthy, and transformation is the outcome.