Which Vibrational Essences Should I Have?

From the very conception of the Light Expression Essences project, we have always suggested the selection of vibrational essences through some type of personal intuitive testing. By personal intuitive testing, we are referring to the use of kinesiology, dowsing, clairaudience, claircognition, ESP, clairvoyance or just having a gut feeling.

Many essence providers will teach that the user should read the various definitions of their essences and select the one(s) that are appropriate for the moment relative to how they are feeling. You might imagine yourself sitting at a table with 200 vibrational essences before you and trying to read the definitions in order to get a “feel” for which one(s) you should have at that time.

As you can imagine, this task could prove a daunting experience. Fortunately, we can test ourselves for all 200 (+/-) Light Expression Essences in less than 15 minutes (with practice) with the aid of intuitive tools. If you are new to intuitive testing, the process may seem slow at first.  With practice, you will gain confidence in your intuitive abilities and you will move through the process of testing for your daily essences more quickly.

When asking specifically (with your dowsing, kinesiology, or other communicative tools) about which Light Expression Essences you should have, be sure to expand on that question with the following: “Which Light Expression Essences should I have in my possession for my LONG TERM use for releasing subconscious dysfunctional patterns, balancing your chakra system, and spiritual evolution and personal conscious growth?”