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Find Inspired Solutions to Difficult Problems

Shenandoah County residents are offered a 15% discount for all essence experiences through 2015.

Inner Balance Session

When life throws you off balance, move to inner balance by being listened to really well and empowered by a custom essence formula.

A designated Light Expression Essence facilitator will make a custom spray formula to support any issue/challenge you would like to address, for example:

  • Transitions of birth, death, leaving home or moving
  • Employment confusion
  • Relationship issues
  • Animal & pet concerns
  • Medical diagnosis and urgent need for healthy habit formation (that is, support for integrating advice from your professional healthcare team into your daily life routine)

3 sessions one hour: $65 each
3 sessions half-hour: $35 each

Sharon’s Energy Healing Experience

When it’s your turn to be cared for, choose an issue (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) that you would like to work through.

Quietly relax on a massage table (clothed), experience a meditative state, the power of Light Expression Essences and Sharon’s healing energy radiating throughout your body. This will help you to receive your own inner guidance and clarify how you will move forward towards a beneficial healthy outcome.

3 sessions one hour: $60 each
3 sessions half-hour: $30 each

Reiki Session

One hour session fee: $60
Half-hour session fee: $35

Enhanced Reiki Session

A dual qualified Reiki practitioner and Light Expression Essence facilitator will enhance your Reiki experience and outcomes with essences to prepare you beforehand, to deepen the experience during Reiki, and afterwards to integrate the experience fully into your being.

The essences will be carefully chosen from these collections of Light Expression:

  • Combination Collection
  • Vibrational Nature Collection
  • Animal & Family Relationship Healthcare Collection

One hour session fee: $70
Half-hour session fee: $45

Group Essence Session

Bring a group together (friends, family, business associates, church group, first response team, etc.) to focus on a specific topic and have a discussion while a custom essence formula is made. The formula is inspired by your discussion and will support the healing of each individual’s perspective about the issue being discussed.

When we are challenged or stuck in our beliefs, healing comes to us all when we find a larger perspective of our group dynamic and become more conscious of each other. This session work supports team building, even in the face of internal discord, moving the group consciousness to the highest outcome for all. Each member will leave with their own bottle of the group custom essence formula.

90 minute session fee: $35 per member

Minimum group size is 3 members.