Workshops and Classes

Introductory classes in vibrational healing and using vibrational essences in your everyday life are forming now. Call 540-459-2007 if you are interested.


Home Is Where the Heart Is:

Using Essences Is An Experience. Join us in an introduction to the simplicity of using vibrational essences at home with your family and pets.


Health and Lifestyle

Learn how vibrational essences support your self-care in creating wellness. Learn to use essences in supporting lifestyle changes that physical health and well-being requires. Vibrational essences support the medically fragile in maintaining balance. All benefit from greater vitality in the formation of good health habits and practices.


Attention Caregivers

Learn to use vibrational essences in your healthcare and wellness practices. Find out how they benefit and support you in being grounded, centered, and balanced so that you can avoid undue stress and burnout. Essences are a tool to help you remember to take care of yourself!


Expansion Experience

Use vibrational essences as a tool to open and expand your meditative experience. Meditation is uniquely different for everyone.
Experience a brief meditation that is enhanced by Light Expression Essences.


Honoring Differences

An introduction to using vibrational essences to support learning differences. We all learn differently and can feel challenged by our uniqueness when experiencing a new situation. Learn how vibrational essences can support you in being accepting and joyful of your uniqueness. Learn how vibrational essences can support you and your family in developing healthy learning and work habits. Children and adults alike will benefit from essences.


Teams, Support Groups, Play Groups, Service Clubs, Families

Experience the benefit of collaborating as a group on a pre-determined topic.
Learn to use vibrational essences as a tool to support you and your workplace, service organization, etc.
This introductory essence experience is directed to new parents, first responders, community organizers, and community volunteers.