Product Specifications: 25% brandy alcohol, combination mineral and flower essences in distilled water.

Available in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles & 2 oz. spray bottles.

Definition: The essence Safety will assist in strengthening the immune system after an accident, illness or stressful situation. It will help humans and animals stay clear and grounded during negative and stressful situations. It is helpful when one is feeling psychically or physically attacked during waking or dream state. It also helps to clear animals that live with humans from the negativity generated from their human caretakers.
When you are feeling grounded and clear, you are able to make decisions from a place of feeling safe about the outcome.
Suggested dosage for humans is to use 5 to 6 drops or sprays every few minutes after initial accident or stressful experience. Continue to use as often as you feel guided. When you are clear and have regained your sense of balance, you will no longer feel a desire to take the remedy. Take as desired during the day or night. You can mist another person by adding 5 drops into a handheld water bottle with sprayer and mist the body starting above the head and continuing until you reach the feet. You can mist a room to clear the energy after a conflict, or emotional interactions. Pets benefit from having 6 to 8 drops or sprays directly on their body or from misting them.