Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essence Definitions


The wildflower-based essences in this collection support healing subconscious, emotional and mental imbalances. Use any of these 36 Blue Ridge Mountains Flower Essences as individual essence support or add to a custom remedy of Mineral, Flower, Body/Soul, Astrology, and Vibrational Nature essences to support healing of specific issues.


Collection I

Black Eyed Susan

Our essence can provide an understanding and balancing of emotions that one experiences. For many, there is a tendency to shut down and deny an intense or chronic emotional experience. We help support the process of examining emotions and changing beliefs and perceptions in order to know how to bring balance into life again.

Indications: Feeling emotional, but unable to identify a cause or determine a way to create change; unable to integrate an emotional experience because of subconscious patterns’ resistance or denial.

Bladder Campion

We help release any confusion about the self and the roles one chooses to play in the world or the images one chooses to project. Many roles and images are chosen as a means of expressing the inner self. These can feel quite comfortable. But when a role is chosen as a means of pleasing someone else or has become outdated, one begins to feel very ill at ease with it.

When inappropriate role-playing is carried out for too long, it becomes difficult to express the true self in the world. There may even be a feeling of uncertainty about who the true self is. We can help in the process of remembering and bringing the true self forward again and creating new, more appropriate images and roles to accommodate this.

Indications: Feeling uncomfortable with the roles one has taken on in life; a desire to redefine the self and be true in what is expressed in relationships and in the world.


When this essence is desired it is because there is a wound within the subconscious, emotional body that has never healed and which has recently been torn open exposing the anguish the person has been feeling for lifetimes. This wound was most likely caused during a time of severe persecution, thus leaving the individual feeling cut off from any experience of healthy connection to humanity. The person feels a deep mistrust, thus they hold themselves back from experiencing healthy, nurturing, loving relationships. It is time to reconnect with the energy and love of human/God connectedness. The subconscious pattern will experience a draining off of the infection energy, allowing light to enter and heal memories that have caused so much pain and feeling of separation. Feeling connected to humanity and the ability to experience friendship and love will return.

Indications: Feeling mistrust and an inability to connect with other human beings in a healthy relationship.

Cardinal Flower

We assist you in communicating anger in a clear and non-aggressive fashion, from the balanced center of your being. Many in the human kingdom have experienced anger in a hurtful and painful way; therefore, the experience of anger has deep, negative connotations. There can be fear and resistance to expressing anger, or in allowing another the opportunity to express it.

We represent the fire element of life. Without this, there can be no vitality or sense of choice. If you desire to feel the true, clear power of yourself without the desire to dominate, we can support that process. If you desire to express anger in a non-hurtful fashion and acknowledge another’s right to do so, we can assist you in this also.

Indications: For one who has difficulty around the experience of anger, and the communication of it; for one who feels helpless and angry in a situation or relationship, but has difficulty communicating their feelings.


catalpaTo be in the world without expectation or judgment is to create a gentle life for the self and others. It is a way of being that allows for the differences in others.

If one is feeling overly attached to outcomes or to certain beliefs, there is an inhibition of the expression of the Spirit within, which is naturally expansive and accepting. We can assist in developing non-attachment and unconditional love. It is from this state that kindness and gentleness can be expressed in the world. The Catalpa essence embodies these attributes and in this way contributes to the emergence of the coming age of peace on Earth.

Indications: To develop non-attachment and unconditional love; a desire to experience greater levels of kindness and gentleness in life.


There is a deep and abiding superconscious universal wisdom in all human beings. This is accompanied by a feeling of peace. Many have forgotten or lost sight of this aspect of their self. One cannot experience inner wisdom without inner harmony. Our essence assists in cleansing and release in order to provide the experience of harmony and inner wisdom, whether the cleansing is on a subconscious emotional, mental, physical, or astral level. On a physical level, we can assist in any detoxification process, such as fasting or withdrawal from an addictive substance. Because of the support we can give to inner harmony, one may experience a decrease of side effects. In sickness, we can help the body to release and detoxify more fully and completely.

Indications: Use whenever a cleansing is desired on a subconscious emotional, mental, physical, or astral level; support for fasting or a withdrawal process from an addictive substance; helps one have the necessary release required to experience the superconscious universal wisdom and peace within.


Chicory essence is called for when there is a tendency to feel that you must manipulate people and your environment in order to get what you want or that nothing will get done well unless you are involved.

There is so much love in the individual, yet there is also an insecurity regarding their loved one’s ability to achieve in the world and be safe. There is a great desire for attention from loved ones. Therefore, the individual may be overly involved in the lives of those around them and expect others to be just as involved in their life. We help the individual allow life to unfold on its own. We also redirect the energy to the core self, which can reduce the tendency to cope with insecurities through the defense mechanism of manipulation and control.

Indications: Overly mindful of the needs of others; feeling it is necessary to be in control of the lives and actions of loved ones. The individual has difficulty letting life unfold on its own. There is need for a great deal of attention from family and friends.


This essence can support and assist those who are experiencing subconscious patterns of fear and resistance related to the unknown. Resistance to life is most often the result of fear. There is generally an unwillingness to move forward in life because the future seems to hold no guarantees. Yet the potency of the future is in the present day. The release of the subconscious fear patterns will help make that apparent and the future will be regarded with optimism.

Indications: There is resistance and a subconscious pattern of fear related to an unknown future, preventing one from living in the present day and moving forward in life.

Crown Vetch

We teach tenacity and perseverance that promote steady movement toward the goal, finding the strength to do what must be done for success, and feeling able to attend to the final details for completion.

We stabilize the individual so one can begin to see the necessary steps to take to reach the goal. Feelings and thoughts of failure or difficulty become less apparent and there is a sense of strength to achieve what is desired.

Indications: Lacking the strength and will to reach a goal or complete a project; thoughts and feelings of failure. For the one who desires to develop perseverance.


When a cooler, more analytical approach is useful, we can help. We assist in solidifying ideas, bringing them down to Earth.

Concepts, ideas, and philosophies are structures of thought and emotions that exist energetically in the superconscious. To give them life, or words and form, one must clarify and define them. This is a task we can enable one to embark upon by releasing the subconscious pattern which is blocking the fullness of the idea, vision.

Indications: Attempting to formulate and define an idea or concept and feeling frustrated in the attempt; settles the mind and energy field to let the idea or vision clarify. Use when a cooler, more analytical approach is beneficial.


We help one soften and relax with the experience of life. We especially assist those who react to life’s pressures by over-striving and hurrying from one task to another. We help one slow down and react to life with less tension.

Indications: Feeling tension and a perceived need to hurry in reaction to life’s pressures; a desire to soften and relax.

Dogwood Blossom

We impart the ability to live life with ease, to move through life’s challenges and joys with a gentle and gracious spirit.

When one is of the earth, one must join with the earth. Those desiring our essence tend to try to rise above life and their emotions and often become quite aloof in relationships and life in general. There is a feeling that they need to protect themselves by being apart from others. After a while, life begins to feel rather flat and unsatisfying.

Indications: A desire to feel part of life again; feeling too aloof and removed to enjoy life and be intimate; helps one move through life with a greater sense of ease.

Collection II

Evening Primrose

We help unify the individual and their Spirit with their life and surroundings. We have a grounding effect and we help one connect with others on a deep and meaningful level. There is a sense of expansion as well as an increased sense of harmony with the world and a joining with the divine spark in all things and a sense of at-one-ment.

You will find that we can assist if you are feeling out of synch with your world or your life circumstances. We help one be fully present in the moment, to experience a sense of connection and knowledge of having a place in the overall divine plan. With this comes an ability to open to a more universal perspective.

Indications: For one who feels out of step, separate, and out of harmony with life or their environment; a desire to connect with others on a meaningful level.


Our essence is for the individual who lacks self-confidence. Having little faith in themselves, they are easily influenced by the opinions and actions of others. Often times they will attempt to anticipate other’s opinions as they make decisions in their own life, having difficulty hearing their own voice of wisdom within. The individual does not think highly of self, in fact thought patterns about the self are quite negative. We help break through those subconscious negative thought patterns and provide a more enlightened and caring perspective toward the self. As the limiting thought patterns are cleared, a sense of confidence and decisiveness emerges.

Indications: Negative thought patterns about the self; having little self-confidence or faith in one’s own abilities; easily influenced by others’ opinions and actions when making decisions.


Where courage, faith, and fortitude are required, we can help. At times, through life’s circumstances, a sense of helplessness can occur. We serve to bolster the individual, helping them reclaim their strength and find the faith to go on; performing the tasks necessary to regain balance and harmony in their life once again.

Indications: For feelings of helplessness; when faith, courage, and fortitude are desired.


We help you let go of attachment to the past and the way things have been or could have been. This is so whether the past was just a moment ago or years ago, wherever your thoughts and feelings drift. The past may indeed have been sweet, but the present and the future can be sweeter still.

Indications: Drifting back through time, avoiding the present; wishing life were as it once was; longing for a time, person or place; agonizing over a lost opportunity from the past.


The person who will most benefit from our essence has allowed others to lead them through life, make decisions for them and even speak for them. This person is soft-spoken and tends to be passive and yielding in relationships. There is sometimes little energy for the daily affairs of living, and the individual can become discouraged by life’s challenges.

Being straightforward can also be difficult. The person is often evasive as if they were hiding. We help open pathways of communication; first with the self and then with others. Inner strength becomes more obvious and a firmer resolve is achieved. The person’s gentle Spirit is held intact and the Will is brought forth in greater proportion.

Indications: The individual is passive and yielding in relationships, to the extent that their needs and desires aren’t communicated; strength is required to be more communicative and straightforward; for one who is easily discouraged by life’s challenges.


We will work with those who face inaction in their lives because of an inability to make a decision. They see every side to a problem and each seems equally important to weigh and consider. Usually with persons of great vision, there is a difficulty in narrowing down all the factors to arrive at a final choice. Because they see so much to consider they often feel overwhelmed and have little trust in their own ability to make the right decision.

We help one focus on the goal, which is to reach a decision and then take appropriate action. When the individual waivers from one possibility to the next, we create structure and balance in the energy system to help them move forward. Thoughts become clear and there is a sense of ability to create the best outcome with decisive action.

Indications: For those who lack trust in their decision-making abilities. As a result, they often do not take action when necessary. There is a tendency to see so many sides to the problem that it feels impossible to focus and decide what to do.


We help you regain a memory, a gift that has been lost. And yet, if you are feeling overly sentimental, we help to clarify the picture you have of the past to make it more true to form.

Because of the trauma of certain life experiences, memories can be buried deep within the psyche. If it is considered therapeutic to bring these up for processing and release, we can support this process.

Indications: Feeling overly sentimental about the past, lacking clarity about events and people; helpful in bringing up buried memories.


Often the one that desires our essence has had a difficult and demanding life. There have been hurtful experiences with people and this individual has little or no trust in anyone else. There is a fear of being controlled by others, especially those they care about. Control is almost always an issue in interpersonal relationships, as well as in situations that may arise in other areas of life.

We help one feel a sense of his or her own power in the world and to experientially understand that control or dominance are not necessary as a means to an end. The fears regarding intimate relationships and attachment to people can be openly examined. A greater allowance for the other person’s desires and expectations can occur.

Indications: Distrust of people and life itself. Often a subconscious pattern of power and control issues in life experiences and in relationships. The individual feels that another’s desires or expectations are an attempt to dominate.

May Apple

We represent the angelic kingdom on Earth. We carry the qualities of inspiration, upliftment, abundance, and peace. We open the heart to assist one in attaining and receiving the love, guidance and support necessary in their life. We help when one is feeling lonely and alone.

If one consciously engages in prayer or meditation when taking our essence, a direct call to the soul, the angelic kingdom, and God is made. Help is coming! Open up and receive.

Indications: For opening to feel the love and support that is available from all dimensions; for those who, in difficult times, feel isolated and cut off from what they desire emotionally and spiritually.

Morning Glory

We are for the person who has a tendency to take on the energy and emotions of others. Often they are unaware of this. Nervous and jittery, they have lost a sense of who they are amidst all the subconscious emotional patterns and undefined energy they carry about them. Attempts are often made to numb the feelings or quiet the thoughts. Sometimes nervous habits or addictions can result.

We also assist anyone who is working with removing himself or herself from an enmeshed relationship, or from any situation where they have felt overshadowed by the thoughts and feelings of another. Our essence cleanses the aura of others’ energies and helps to reestablish necessary energetic boundaries. Therefore, feelings of nervousness and powerlessness can begin to subside.

Indications: Feeling nervous and jittery, usually because of taking on the energy of others; cleanses the aura; helps one move out of enmeshment with another and reestablish necessary boundaries.


We hold our energy back for a year and wait until we reach a point of proper maturity. Then we shoot forth in utter abandonment and joy, growing quickly and purposefully. That is the lesson we teach. There is always a time of gestation and growth before gifts can be given to the world.

Yet, if you do not believe in yourself and your talents and gifts, this may be the reason you are feeling held back. We help you release those subconscious beliefs that are no longer valid in your life and limit your expression of your gifts. We assist you in going within to discover who you really are and what you can do in your life, as well as in the world. This involves getting back in touch with the purposeful, vibrant energy of the soul and allowing it to come forth into the life expression.

Indications: For those who have difficulty accepting and expressing their talents, who have a limited view of themselves. We assist in breaking out of false concepts about the self and reaching for the highest potential.


We work with the individual who has been carrying pain and bitterness within for quite some time. There are periods when this pain and bitterness is projected into all aspects of life, feeling like a dark cloud and overwhelming the individual. The world seems like a harsh reality and depression sets in as a result. Often times the individual will not speak their feelings because there is a fear of loss or abandonment. When they do finally speak, a litany may spew forth.

Our essence helps the individual to draw light in and to begin to let go of the gloom. This supports one in letting life’s events transpire, instead of resisting the reality of them. One can begin to regain a connection with their inner joy.

Indications: Feeling bitterness and resentment about life’s pain, overwhelmed and depressed; a desire for light and a re-connection with inner joy.

Collection III


We may be referred to as the meditation essence. We help create a state of balance and calm. We greatly assist in any process of meditation or prayer, enhancing the experience; an expanded state can be achieved. The level of conscious awareness of Divinity can be enhanced.

For one who is ready, all the senses may be heightened, especially if we are used in conjunction with a spiritual discipline.

Indications: For enhancing the experience of meditation or prayer; an expanded state can be achieved; for creating balance and calm.


Throughout life, many have felt that who they are is not enough. Therefore, they have held back from giving their true self to the world; many hold back from giving at all. And the world is lacking because of this.

We invoke the spirit of generosity. To give is to unfold the self and reveal it to the world. This is true no matter what the gift may be. Giving is an act of strength and it further strengthens one to give. The greatest gift one has to bring into the world is the self. To be yourself and know that this is enough, that is what we help you to understand and experience.

Indications: Hiding the self away, feeling unable to give because there is a perception of not being good enough; a desire for the individual to know they are an integral part of this world and to generously act on that knowing; believing in the self.


We help one open up to the sweetness in life. Our flower heads are open and receptive, welcoming the sun and rain, the things that nurture us.

We serve as a gentle reminder to all levels of your being that abundance can be yours, that abundance is your divine birthright. Once one recognizes and is able to access life’s principles of abundance, the focus on survival and the material world can be lessened to a great extent. One is therefore able to be open to life’s bounty of goodness.

The Petunia essence assists in understanding how subconscious thoughts and beliefs affect the ability to experience the abundance and nurturance that life on the earth plane can provide.

We are also of great assistance in any healing process involving compulsivity. When one is unable to connect with life’s goodness, there is a subconscious pattern and feeling of deprivation and need. This is the root of many compulsive behaviors. Often, there is a life pattern, which began in childhood, of having to make do with less: materially, emotionally and spiritually. Compulsive behaviors appear to fill the void that is present; one is always searching for gratification.

Indications: For the person who experiences a lack of abundance in their life. For the one who has stress over a feeling of not having enough and who finds it difficult to believe in their ability to get their basic requirements met on all levels. To support one in a healing process around the issues of subconscious compulsive behavior.

Pineapple Weed

When you go into a state of prayerfulness, you are asking for Divine assistance, guidance, direction. You find asking easy, but many times are closed off from Divinity’s energy, which carries the answers you seek. In order to hear and accept guidance, it is important that your heart be open to the full aspect of grace. It is the energy of grace that will carry you to your full and complete integration with your God Self. As your heart opens and you feel Divinity enter, your feelings of separation from Source diminish. You will be more clear and centered in your conscious mind; the end result is a deeper experience and knowledge of Divinity’s guidance. It is from this state that answers to your prayers are made known.

Indications: Feeling closed off from Divinity when in a state of prayer; allows Divinity to enter through the heart so guidance might be heard and felt.

Queen Ann’s Lace
queen anne lace edit

We assist the individual who, with an accumulation of knowledge, has difficultly experiencing life on an intuitive or emotional level. Movement is out of the intellect and into the heart, where the consciousness of Truth resides.

We enhance the experience of any spiritual work, such as healing and communicating with the Higher Self/Soul or the devic realm – any work that incorporates the dimension of Spirit. Our essence opens and expands the crown chakra, which stimulates the etheric body of the aura. Look at our flower head, delicate, lacy white, with a violet center. This very much represents the open crown chakra.

Indications: For opening to the voice and vision of the Soul and Spirit; to assist one in moving from a strictly analytical or intellectual view into a more intuitive and feeling experience of life and truth.


We assist one in finding a point of balance in any polarized subconscious point of view that exists within the self. Use Ragweed essence if the emotions, thoughts, or perspectives seem extreme, inflexible, or narrow. When taking in our essence, there is a general balancing effect upon all the levels of the being, particularly the emotions. A sense of calm arises and a broader perspective is achieved.

The dynamic masculine and feminine natures within a being are assisted to express in an integrated fashion, so that a person may find himself or herself being gently assertive. Ragweed is very helpful for one who is working with bringing forth a greater amount of masculine or feminine energy into their life expression, no matter what their gender may be.

Indications: For one who is feeling inflexible or experiencing extreme subconscious thoughts and opinions; when a balance is desired, whether this is in emotions and thoughts, or the masculine and feminine energies within. Ragweed is an excellent tool for any negotiation process, helping to bring about an acceptable compromise for all involved.

Red Bud
redbud edit

Grace, forgiveness, and goodwill are the qualities we embody and help bring out in an individual.

A state of forgiveness can be very hard to achieve. It is always preceded by a release of the emotions of hurt and anger, and then the people and situations involved with them. This release creates a state of grace and goodwill ensues. When a feeling of nonattachment is experienced, forgiveness has been achieved. We support an individual in this process.

Indications: A desire for the forgiveness of people and situations. This essence embodies the qualities of grace, forgiveness, and goodwill.

Red Clover

We will primarily be used as a means of clearing and calming the thoughts. If you are trying to see through a mental fog, then we can assist. We draw your being back into the present moment and help one regain the ability to think and intuit with clarity. When you find yourself in an internal state of confusion, with trouble thinking clearly, we are the essence for you.

As an adjunct to this, we may also affect any physical congestion in the sinuses and general region of the head, as this sometimes occurs because of confusing subconscious thought patterns.

Indications: Distracted; having no sense of your own thoughts on a matter; caught up in a subconscious nonproductive or confusing and repetitive pattern of thought. Feeling disconnected mentally from people, your environment, or the task at hand; general congestion in the head area.

Spring Beauty

Life is what you make of it. We return every spring, a carpet of color in the dark and cold woods. We bring with us a message of renewal and rejuvenation.

Behind every cloud is a silver lining. Yes, these are the reminders we bring. Life may feel tiresome and drab sometimes, but there is always something to smile about. There is a bounty of blessings in every day. If life is feeling dull and unfulfilling, we suggest you take time to smell the roses.

Indications: For the one who has lost sight of life’s blessings, feels worn out and unexcited by it all. For anyone who would benefit from a boost of positive energy and a greater ability to smile and enjoy.


We assist in overriding the will of the ego which is receiving dysfunctional subconscious energy patterns. Therefore, one is able to achieve clarity and nonattachment. Overriding the subconscious influence on the ego is necessary for decisive decision-making and for clear communication.

At any time an individual desires that Truth be brought forth without attachment or interference from one’s ego level, we can assist. At the same time, we help redefine and strengthen the aura. This gives one the ability to be unaffected by ego needs and perceptions of others so that there is less likelihood of being pulled from one’s own path.

Indications: Feeling attached to an outcome; afraid of losing. Feeling influenced by ego needs and perceptions of self and others.

Wild Rose
rose wild edit

We help obtain the clarity and strength required to move through life with a sense of direction. Because of certain life situations or events, one is sometimes diverted from their path. We help reestablish a tie with inner guidance and strengthen one to the extent that life can be put back in order and proceed as intended.

We are useful in times of pressure and stress in maintaining inner strength. There is less of a tendency to feel compelled by, or fearful of, outer circumstances. There is a greater sense of strength within.

Indications: When a sense of clarity and strength is required; the desire to reestablish a tie with inner guidance; helpful in times of pressure and stress.


With the use of our essence, we enable the individual to be receptive to life and the people they choose to share themselves with, even in the midst of feeling vulnerable. We facilitate this through a strengthening of the relationship with the inner self so that even in vulnerable and sensitive times, the individual can maintain important contacts and yet not be defenseless or without boundaries.

We are very helpful during times of emotional or spiritual sensitivity, when the individual may feel unsure of themselves and their environment.

Indications: For times of sensitivity, feeling unsure and vulnerable; helps with allowing receptivity to others while maintaining a strong relationship with the inner self; for maintaining clear boundaries.


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