Vibrational Mineral Essences Definitions


Holding the energy of structure and stability, Mineral Essences support making grounded, conscious change.

When Mineral Essences are used with the flower essences, they support a grounded holistic approach to healing detrimental subconscious emotional and mental patterns that keep us from maturing and responding to life in joy, harmony, peace, and love. Use any of these 36 Mineral essences to make a custom remedy along with Flower, Body/Soul, Vibrational Nature, and Astrology essences to support healing of specific issues.


Collection I


The essence created from this mineral contains the vibrational frequency required to balance emotional expression. It contains the ability to promote verbalization, the ability to express truth through the power of the spoken word. Within this purpose lies hope for the future. Turquoise allows a calm to enfold within you in the understanding of a truth you can in turn speak. In that respect, it is a joining of the divine plan and an individual’s higher consciousness (superconsciousness).

This essence is to be used if you feel a sense of hopelessness or fear about the future. It can be very helpful in realizing your Soul’s purpose and for understanding the divine plan on Earth.


This essence is for forming connections from the Universal Creative Source in the physical. Whenever there is a process of manifestation on a conscious level, this essence will assist you in tapping into and personally experiencing the creative and abundant energy of the Universal Source. With the continued use of this essence, you will experience your own creative and universal energy within.


Emerald essence supports powerful subtle body healing. Your subtle body is represented by those human aspects that are not physical, yet real: the mental body, the etheric body, the emotional body, and the astral body. The essence allows trust in the gifts of spirit, the creative self, and the ability to connect with an idea or energy in spirit and bring it into form. Emerald essence opens the individual to the continuous flow of universal truth and promotes the expression of that truth.

Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline was introduced to the earth in an effort to transmit higher virtues and laws of the universe onto this physical plane. Tourmaline teaches expansion and transformation of our limited concepts into a much larger reality. Green Tourmaline strengthens the vibratory rate of every molecule within a form. It recognizes the weakest link in your chain and promotes balance by strengthening it. Use Green Tourmaline in any healing process, no matter what the level. It works by lowering the vibrational frequency of the spirit and raising the frequency of the form. As more energy is carried within the physical system, higher degrees of consciousness can be maintained. Truth becomes reality.

Black Agate

Black Agate aids in the circulation of energy in the etheric body, helping one ground with the earth and bring in the essence of Soul plan and purpose. It helps one proceed in life with determination and a minimum of distraction. It is also a useful essence for any individual who finds it difficult to maintain self-identity in a group setting.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is the spiritual and mental cleanser. It draws your mind inward to seek your own source of power. Lapis represents the caterpillar awakening to the reality that the butterfly exists. It is a movement through your own darkness and illusion to identify with the reality within your own truth. Lapis is seeing divine perfection in all things. Its complement energy is Sapphire.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye allows the utilization of creative forces into all aspects of being. It elevates consciousness. It helps free you from your current belief systems that may no longer serve you and moves you to form perceptions based on universal truth. This essence promotes creativity in truth by allowing you to see truth in a larger context.

Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl allows personal identification and assists in understanding the oneness of God. It is a higher connection with peace and wisdom. In the oneness with God, we realize the connection to all life. Golden Beryl integrates the intellect with Divine Will. This essence is helpful in the decision-making process, planning, or organizational activity.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is essential to self-fulfillment and inner peace. It warrants understanding the true essence of self-love, thereby allowing access to all the truths of the universe. If we do not understand self-love, we cannot understand universal love and cannot enter into truly loving relationships with others. The only way to enlightenment and happiness is love of self. Rose Quartz is the healer for internal wounds suffered in life. It teaches the power of forgiveness and moves the heart to love. Universal love can only come from self-love. Self-love is the only imperative lesson for humanity; universal love will automatically follow.


The essence of Moonstone is to soothe and balance emotions, providing greater understanding of them. It allows you to experience emotions, instead of repressing or expressing them inappropriately. Moonstone allows greater awareness to unfold. It enables you to choose which emotions are real and to act accordingly. When acting realistically with an emotion, a calmness and a peace of mind lead to inner balance.


Bloodstone is a grounding stone. This essence is helpful in bringing out the areas of your life that are not harmonious. Bloodstone does not work on those areas without your acceptance. Once disharmony is recognized and acknowledged, Bloodstone can strongly direct the flow of the body’s own energies toward these areas to assist in the change and rebalancing. Bloodstone teaches that when asking for and accepting divine assistance, there will be an answer.


Sapphire essence helps alleviate fear by reconnecting an individual with their True Self and their own unique power. While experiencing fear, the individual’s attention is on the outer world. The result is a feeling of a loss of control. The Sapphire essence directly influences the mind and the thought process with order and clarity. It promotes enlightened intuition. It is only when thoughts possess some order and are somewhat calm that you can begin to work on the emotional issues. The number of useless subconscious-influenced thoughts you have is astounding. Sapphire helps promote useful thoughts and useful thinking. Sapphire supports order and clarity.

Collection II


Quite simply I am like a lightning bolt of energy that comes from the Father, runs through you on all levels, and connects with the Mother. I am the essence that brings all of the energy and intent of the other eleven essences in this collection into their highest form, in order that you are able to integrate everything they have to offer you, without a feeling of overload. Without the assistance I have been asked to bring to this collection of essences, the power of the other eleven essences would surely short-circuit your ability to process all of the changes that are being brought to humanity at this time. I am the lightning rod that protects you from their intensity, as well as being the lightning itself, that connects all of their energies together. In addition to working with the other eleven essences in this collection, the essence of Barite is also beginning the process of opening you, on all levels, to the fullness of what the third collection of Light Expression Mineral Essences has to offer.


We are here today to bring you good news! Most who are now in physical form upon the earth go about their daily business of making decisions about their life from the level of ego. This is very much as it was meant to be. But over time the ego has greatly become unbalanced, through the continual bombardment of subconscious misunderstandings as to its true, total identity. It is now time to clear up these subconscious misunderstandings. We will assist in this process (along with several of the other mineral essences) by bringing about a healthy feeling at the ego level of the personality’s self-worth.

You will begin to integrate the knowing of your true value upon the earth into your personality. This expression of your personality will come across to all who step into your energy field as a sincere, loving, nurturing, caring confidence about yourself. You will find yourself expressing this confidence in your abilities in a balanced, non-threatening way. With this balancing of your ego comes the complete dissolving of the unbalanced need within ego to be judgmental of yourself and others. This is just one quality of the unbalanced ego you will experience dissolving from your consciousness. The objective of this essence is, at its core, to bring about a healthy balanced ego. This will enable you to make decisions based upon the truth of your talents and abilities, rather than judgments stemming from feelings of lack or inabilities. For, in reality, you are truly able to do anything you wish to do. We will help you see and experience this from a balanced ego perspective, a perspective that has been long waiting to manifest within you.


We are here for the purpose of working with that which you call your chakras. When this essence is desired, it is signifying that your form is now ready to participate in the process of bringing a harmonious flow of energy into balance in various chakras, at different times, depending on the thought patterns at the time. Inconsistent energy flowing through the chakras puts stress on your physical body. As this essence is taken, a steady, harmonious flow of energy is experienced throughout all of your chakras. This is but one step in the process of bringing your total being, on all levels into complete alignment with God, the Divinity within. This essence is here to support you for as long as it takes for you to remember how to regulate this flow of energy through your chakras on your own.

Azurite with Malachite

This essence of Azurite with Malachite is to help you with perseverance in fulfilling your Soul’s purpose on Earth. Each Soul on Earth has a purpose for being here, and a plan for its manifestation. Taking this essence helps you on the conscious level to come into alignment with that purpose and plan, thus facilitating the Soul’s divine purpose to its full manifestation.

This work is done as the result of coming into balance with your assertive energies. Once you are open and balanced with your assertive energies, you will find that you are eager and willing to make changes in your life to bring about the Soul’s purpose. You will also find that your skills and talents are equal to the challenges faced, in order to bring about the changes necessary in your life to manifest the soul’s purpose.

With balance in assertiveness comes greater ability. The Soul’s desire is to be heard, understood, and manifested; you will be aided to that end by this essence.


When your conscious mind is finding it difficult to experience laughter in your world, when you notice that it has been a long time since you have smiled, it is now time for the essence of Wulfenite to do its job. When taken, this essence begins the slow yet joyous process of peeling away the layers of long-held subconscious misunderstanding that life is difficult and that all goodness comes to you as a result of hard work and much struggle. This misunderstanding has prevailed among humanity on Earth for much too long. The collective subconscious of all benefits each time an individual releases the judgment that life is too hard and certainly not funny.

It is time for humanity to awaken to the truth. The essence of Wulfenite will replace this subconscious misunderstanding with that truth. This truth is very simple: The creator of All That Is only wishes for humanity to experience joy, happiness, abundance, and peace in life. The essence of Wulfenite will make this truth clear to you and present at all levels of your life. This truth God wishes you to experience will be integrated within your consciousness, never to be misunderstood again.

You will, for all times, know and experience the truth that it is your birthright to have joy, happiness, abundance, and peace with ease.


Obsidian is for realizing and awakening to your connection to other civilizations throughout the universes. When you take this essence, you will begin to remember that you are a member of other families, on other planets, in other solar systems, in other galaxies, in other universes, in other dimensions. You will start to understand and work with your true purpose here on Earth. Your true purpose for this lifetime will begin to unfold rapidly before your eyes and you will feel yourself drawn to do things you never previously imagined.

You will go toward these new challenges with a sense of determination, excitement, joy, and harmony. As these new ideas come into your mind and heart, you will know you are doing your Soul’s work. You will be fulfilled in your new life’s work, to depths of your being that you never dreamed you could experience before.

With this knowledge of who you are and what your purpose is, you will feel a sense of completeness and total success in all you are guided to do. Opening to the knowledge of the Soul’s purpose in your life requires you to be very receptive and willing to make changes in your life. This, we understand, is not always easy. Therefore, the purpose of this essence (as well as that of Azurite/Malachite, for it takes both of us to assist in this task) is to balance your receptive and assertive energies.

The specific purpose of the essence of Obsidian is to balance your receptive energies, enabling you to be open and willing to hear all guidance from God, wherever it is spoken.


We, too, wish to assist humanity in the area of releasing that which you understand to be fear. We work in conjunction with Green Calcite. Our ability and purpose are to integrate all aspects of the personality back into the form which you call body. At times during life when fear is experienced, aspects of the personality leave the form and travel to other dimensions to find safety, waiting in these dimensions until the personality and Higher Self are ready to integrate these aspects back into the whole personality. We facilitate a healing within the subconscious leading to a healing of the physical body on the cellular level. As this healing occurs, the aspect which left is now called back to fully integrate with the personality within that body. In order for there to be wholeness and health within each human, all aspects of the personality must be integrated within that being. Without this healing, no aspect of the personality, which may return at one time or another thinking it safe to do so, will be able to stay integrated with the whole personality for very long.

This work we do is crucial to the work of Green Calcite. Without the healing we provide, that which Green Calcite wants to do for humanity is unable to be fully manifested.

Snake Skin Jasper

My purpose is to assist you in the understanding and awareness of all the many levels of your true self. Many of you know that you are not just a body, that there are many levels of energy that make up that which you are. Knowing this does not change the imbalances of this energy, and the many subtle levels in between which most are not yet aware of. This essence will assist you in becoming aware of these subtle levels, as well as to balance their energy.

All subconscious, emotional, mental levels of energy must be balanced and in harmony with one another before the total alignment with Soul can take place. This is what we will assist you in doing. You have forgotten much of how to function in human form and still be in harmony and alignment with Soul. My gift to you is to balance all of your subtle bodies until you are able to consciously and consistently do this on your own.


I am the essence to be taken when you desire to go deep within yourself to make that special connection with Soul. Humans are often so busy being busy that it takes much longer than necessary to connect with Soul when you meditate. This essence will help calm you, center you and bring a feeling of peace over you which will enable you to easily and serenely experience yourself being more receptive to what Spirit is saying to you. Citrine has been waiting for many eons to be able to assist humanity in this way. We are glad that you now know of our gift to you, of God’s gift to you, and that it is given in love.

Green Calcite

Many times, humans find themselves immobilized by fear. No matter what the fear is, you feel surrounded by it and completely at its mercy. If you were able to get beyond the fear for just a moment you would find that always fear is based on a subconscious misunderstanding. This is exactly what we assist you with, and our assistance goes further than just intellectually understanding the basis of the fear. We assist you to feel and release the subconscious perspective and misunderstanding of the fear and replace it with truth. To know within yourself, on all levels, that the truth is God will never abandon you. You are an individual unique expression of the Devine.

When you find yourself guided to take this essence, even if you are not experiencing fear at that moment, know that your Higher Self is guiding you toward the release process which is ongoing, on many levels. This essence works continually and gently to release all subconscious misunderstanding from every aspect of your being. One day you will wake up knowing the truth that God never abandons that which has been created. God never leaves your side, not even for a second. This knowing will go deeper than you ever imagined possible. At that moment, you will know peace as a unique individual expression of divine consciousness.


When I am taken, a feeling of weight being lifted from your subconscious will be experienced. The weight being released is that of lifetimes of dysfunctional karma held in the subconscious that has been carried into your present form. Each time this essence is taken, a dysfunctional karmic situation that has been brought into the dimension of the physical at any time during this life will be released on the Soul/astral body, subconscious, emotional, and mental body levels.

The Soul and the subsconscious will be cleansed of all attachment to that particular karmic lesson; it is finished.

This essence comes to humanity as Divine Grace, for it is from God that Divine Grace is given.


I have come forth in the form of an essence in order that I may give to you the catalyst for the beginning of the awakening process for that which you call the Kundalini energy. There are many ways for the Kundalini energy to be awakened within human beings. I am known in the nature kingdom as the catalyst for this awakening process within the human form. I am only the first step in this awakening process of the Kundalini energy.

There are several other steps to come before this awakening can be fully accessed and activated. The awakening and activating of the Kundalini energy is actually a process of awakening through several stages. Nature, through the medium of mineral essences, is bringing forth this gift from God in gentle, yet powerful stages for you to experience. By the time all stages of this process have been experienced, your Kundalini energy will be fully awakened and activated, allowing you to know the fullness of your spiritual path. This essence provides only the beginning of this process.

Collection III


My purpose in becoming an essence is to offer my service and ability as a detoxifier of your human form. My particular vibrational frequency allows me the ability to detoxify your energetic physical body through a vibrational cleansing process. As this essence is taken, my unique vibrational pattern goes directly to your cellular body, gently releasing and cleansing toxins from your system that have built up in your body since birth.

This cleansing process is vital to the work being done by Light Expression Mineral Essences, as it is necessary to support the physical form on all levels as the subconscious habitual thought patterns are being released. I work to initially cleanse the toxins from your body and assist in keeping you toxin-free. Earth has become an extremely toxic planet at this time and it is very difficult to live in this environment without taking in toxins. Toxins can be brought into the physical form through ingesting substances, breathing, and even through thoughts. As your subconscious habitual thought patterns are released it is important to understand that the toxins in your system must also be released in order that balance and structural integrity be maintained within your body.

Feldspar, Quartz & Mica

My vibrational pattern offers the second step in awakening and activating your Kundalini energy. I work in conjunction with the essence of Fluorite in this process. My purpose within this collection is to facilitate the synchronistic merging of Kundalini and that of your front and back chakras into a single energy pattern.

As this process of the Kundalini and balanced front and back chakras becomes fully activated, you will begin to experience the release of your linear understanding of duality. As this process of awakening unfolds, you will find that your inner awareness of your spiritual path opens its understanding into your conscious awareness, thus gently embarking you onto the path which is your birthright. The path is transcendence. This path is one in which you will experience yourself (your physical consciousness) as becoming more etheric superconscious, and yet you will still be able to go out into the world and do the work which you have come here to share with humanity.

Rainbow Fluorite

Simply, I am the energy that assists all of the other mineral essences within this collection to integrate with one another. I have been asked to become an essence within this collection to specifically hold together the entire intention of this series of essences. Without my pattern of energy mixing with all of the others, the cohesive factor required to keep you centered and grounded would be lacking.

I hold together the clarity and intention of Spirit’s purpose that is contained within this series of mineral essences.

I am here to call your attention to the bigger picture which is unfolding within you as you align your consciousness with Divinity, superconscious.


My gift to you is to be the catalyst for your remembering how to communicate with and see the wondrous beings of the angelic kingdom, as well as the nature kingdom. My purpose in becoming an essence is a simple one. The angelic kingdom wishes to reach all of you in a way that you have blocked for a long time. As you use this essence, many understandings will gently float into your conscious mind and you will become aware in a short period of time that these understandings are being offered to you from the angelic kingdom.

You will find yourself having many comforting and insightful conversations with your angels, and when you desire support and guidance from nature, you will experience the wonderful nurturing gifts the nature spirits have to offer. As you become increasingly in tune with these kingdoms, your awareness and ability to interact with them will open you to new understandings too numerous to describe.

The pattern that is imprinted within me is offered to you in love, and with the highest regard for your individual spiritual path. Walk down your path with an angel on your shoulder, and know it is so.


As all of the integral subtleties of the Kundalini energy begin to unfold within you and the power of this energy has been brought to your attention, I assist in triggering the next aspect of the awakening process, for this is all very much a process of experiencing and remembering your connection to that which is known as Oneness. You will begin to understand and feel the non-dualistic reality of truth. For indeed the universe is a non-dualistic thought and up until this time, your concept of everything being either black or white has caused you great disharmony when considering the truth and magnitude of God, universal mind.

With the aid of my vibrational frequency pattern your subconscious misunderstandings of duality will be gently released and in its place will be the understanding and experience of Universal Oneness.

Berkeley Springs Rock

I bring a heightened state of consciousness that will open you to the awareness of the increase in energy that is flowing through all of your chakras. The use of these mineral essences has activated this energy moving through you. You will begin to notice a sensation enveloping you that you have never before experienced. This sensation is the manifestation of all your bodies merging with the crown chakra. It is through the grace of God that this transformational process is occurring.

In conjunction with many of the other mineral essences in this collection, the entire awakening Kundalini process will emerge within you. As these individual vibrational patterns come together and merge with your physical cellular and etheric bodies, they set into motion this transformational awakening experience. My vibrational pattern is a complex one that offers much to this unfolding process on the cellular level.


As Sugilite/Shale Matrix ignites your spark within, enabling you to see into the future, I provide you with the ability to fine-tune that which you are receiving. The world today is extremely crowded with random collective subconscious thoughts bouncing around the planet. I offer the frequency necessary to receive clear and accurate reception into that which you call future. In order for this to come about, I assist you in several areas. One way I assist you is by gently moving aside ego so that what you think about a particular event or person does not become a part of what you see. You have a strong ability to project your feelings onto a situation. I help you understand and feel the difference between what you may think or feel about an outcome and the truth of what Spirit is trying to show you. There are many subtle adjustments that must be made within your energy field in order to see with clarity. I provide the assistance necessary to align your receptivity with Spirit.

Quartz Crystal

Within the dynamics of Light Expression Mineral Essences Collection III, I provide the vibrational frequency pattern that will in time align all of your bodies with the fifth dimension Unity Consciousness. This aligning is a gentle, ongoing process. I work in conjunction with several other mineral essences to facilitate this process that you will experience in gradual stages. There will be an increase of energy within each of your cells equal in vibration to that of the fifth-dimensional frequency energy pattern. This increase of energy within your cellular body as well as all of your other bodies will allow you to accept and feel comfortable with the increased energy coming to Earth at this time.

As you continue to use these essences, your subconscious energy pattern will become and stay compatible with the frequency energy pattern that Earth is moving toward. In time you will be in sync with the energy frequency pattern of the fifth dimension, allowing you to transcend the third dimension duality to that of the fifth dimension, Unity.

Orange Calcite

Through this essence, I offer humanity the ability to experience and hold a very key process of your evolution to Kundalini balance. There are blockages within three of your chakras that first must be removed and released. I assist in the removal of these blockages through the vibrational frequency pattern that is mine to offer. As these three front and back chakras become clear, Kundalini energy merges the physical and spiritual to become one. Next, all of your bodies will be put into perfect alignment with Divinity. Then your human form will be able to hold the increased spiritual energy that will begin to move through your body. A shift will take place at the atomic level of your body enabling you to hold and experience this increased energy within a whole and healthy body.

Sugilite in Shale Matrix

I offer you the vibrational frequency pattern which, when it merges with your physical form, will ignite the spark within you that will then open you to your psychic gifts. All humans have these gifts within them; it is only a question of igniting the spark that activates the gift. Some people come into their physical form with this spark already lit. Most, though, need a catalyst to ignite it.

I work in conjunction with Ulexite for this ability to be activated and tuned. I work on many of your bodies within and outside your form. This is a gift that manifests within the individual in many different ways. Some may experience an intuitive knowing of events that have not yet taken place. Others may actually see the outcome and still, it may present itself in your dream state. There are many ways this gift can manifest. You will come to know your personal experiences with your psychic gifts. This gift is but one tool for experiencing your Oneness with All That Is.


All vibrational frequency patterns offered through nature are already contained within you on some level. Over years the vibration that you carry, naturally aligning you with the fifth dimension, has become so distorted that it is practically useless. I fine-tune this pattern within you so that over time, not only is the vibrational frequency of the highest quality but it is also located in all the correct conduits. I work in conjunction with Quartz Crystal. This is an intricate process requiring the cooperation of several different mineral essences. As your physical and etheric bodies become in alignment with this new energy coming to Earth, your life will become more in harmony with the bigger picture being offered at this time.


My particular vibrational frequency pattern is one that allows the conscious mind to open itself to the infinite awareness of Divinity. For even though you may intellectually understand that Divinity, God, universal mind is infinite and held by no boundaries, on the level of ego this is still hard to grasp. I open the door and allow in the energy to experience the Infinite. One must be able to get beyond the third-dimensional duality understanding of the Infinite before being able to walk in and out of the other dimensions that are here for you to experience. Humanity wishes to understand the concept of the Infinite. I offer the opening to this understanding so you may be able to move through the door and experience it. The Infinite, because of its continual change, growth, and expansion, is more than anyone can fully grasp. Through the use of my essence, you will work with a very profound understanding and feeling of what Infinite is, in the context of your ability to take in the energy of the Infinite.


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