Painted Daisy



Product Description: 25% brandy alcohol, infusion of Painted Daisy in distilled water.

Currently available only in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles.

Definition:  Many times you go into a situation with a narrow opinion of someone or a preconceived idea of an outcome. You are not allowing yourself to see all of the varying aspects of any given situation, idea, or person — this restriction of thought on your part limits how you may grow from the experience. Painted Daisy offers to you, through its vibrant range of colors, the ability to see all sides of a person or idea being presented. This ability to see the wholeness of a person or idea will reunite you with your gift of compassion. Your need to express judgment will diminish because of your expanded awareness about the person or idea. You will see the true nature of the person or the idea and know that it is an image of Divinity being manifested. As you interact with this person or idea, you will experience a healing within your heart of the judgment you carried within you about the situation. The result of this healing will be openness to growth whenever and however it is presented.