The Sacred Element of Water Essence



Product Specifications: 25% brandy alcohol, infusion of Sacred Element of Water in distilled water.

Currently available only in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles.

Definition: When the soul/personality ego consciousness is out of balance with the sacred element of water, our emotions can flow at a trickle with no vitality, passion or drive. It’s as if the individual is totally under whelmed by life. They appear to just exist within the world in which they live with no joy, humor, playfulness or excitement coming through their personality, just a person going through the motions of being alive. The other side of the imbalance of water energy looks as if nothing but emotions flow out of an individual. They live their entire lives openly gushing their feelings (good, bad, indifferent) with no apparent ability to discern when such gushes of emotion are appropriate for others to be exposed to. There appears to be no direction or grounding available to the individual and their feelings gush from them with no direction or grounding, just a wild flow of emotions pouring out of the individual, constantly overwhelming the personality ego consciousness with feelings of sorrow, pain, obsessive thinking or judgments. There is no stability of love within the individual’s emotional body to ground the emotions within the individual form.

This essence supports and heals the individual who is out of harmony and balance with the energies of nurturance, imagination, stability, security and intuition. Water energy, when in harmony and balance, teaches the individual how to be in unconditional love in all relationships in the middle of experiencing life as a unique individual who has come to give and receive love. To do this, the lesson learned and made whole, is that a soul is vulnerable when it chooses, as an individual, to give love without conditions placed on the gift of the love. When no conditions are placed on love, whole love, with no conditions, can now be received by the individual. To love your neighbor as yourself now takes on a new understanding and feeling for us as souls in form.