Unity Support Essence No 4



Product Specifications: 25% brandy alcohol, infusion of Unity Support #4 in distilled water.

Currently available only in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles.

Definition: Where two or more unique individual souls in form come together in my name (Christ Consciousness) with the intention of surrendering to Source their physical, emotional, mental, soul pain, burden, confusion, doubt, etc., I am there! Source, Creator of All That Is, wishes now and always to share love, light and grace with all souls in form in the energy format of Unity Support Essences 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I offer healing, blessings, peace, calm, guidance, support, help, understanding, patience, comfort, generosity, compassion, ability, courage, inspiration, creativity, corporation, collaboration, gratitude, appreciation, respect, security, joy, harmony, happiness, faith, abundance, trust, hope, willingness, humility, pleasure, expansion, forgiveness, friendship, passion, love, light and grace to any individual in need of divine love and support.

Unity Support Essences will move you forward along your unique journey as soul in form in the whole joy-filled energy of love, humility, collaboration, creativity, inspiration, patience, peace, calm, faith, trust, harmony, happiness, joy, willingness, commitment, ability, courage, integrity, compassion, friendship, forgiveness, understanding, receptiveness, acceptance, generosity, abundance, passion and truth. The truth is that, Source/God/All That Is is now and always, totally and completely available to each and every unique soul personality in form no matter where you are in the universe. Love, light, grace, and wholeness come to you in the form of Unity Support Essences 1 – 4 to heal, support, guide and nurture you to oneness (unity) with Source, the son, and infinite Spirit!

When any individual feels cut off, alone, abandoned, ill, exhausted, or unsupported by Source/All That Is, taking Unity Support Essences 1 – 4 will heal your feeling of disconnect, aloneness, burden, insecurity, sadness, etc. and bring your emotional, mental and physical bodies into harmony with the vibration of love, unity and oneness. As you continue to take these four essences when needed, you will notice an inner strength and commitment growing within your conscious ego mind to continue forward in your healing and evolution to be one with Source.