Where Are You




Product Specifications: 25% brandy alcohol, infusion of Where Are You? in distilled water.

Available in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles & 2 oz. spray bottles

Definition: Every child and pet is dependent upon the care and attention of their adult caregivers. Caring for the most basic survival needs of a child or a pet is a very large responsibility. Those we care for depend upon us to be there for them. Adults can come and go as they please; but children and pets cannot. As a result, they may feel stress, anxiety and vulnerability.

The essence formula Where Are You? brings an understanding of trust and responsibility to those who are giving as well as those who are receiving care. This essence will bring everyone in the family into their highest expression of accountability, responsibility and compassionate action. This leads to feelings of trust in those most vulnerable. When children and pets feel loved and nurtured, the family experiences harmony and peace.