Animal and Family Relationship Health Care Definitions


discipline pleaseLight Expression Animal and Family Relationship Health Care essences support healing at our most important life level, the home. Family and animals are our support system. When individuals come together to form a family, there can be many ways to interpret how to live together. We each bring our own perspectives on life that can be in harmony with one another or can feel like disharmony. When disharmony prevails, there can be many dysfunctional behavior patterns causing the family to be unable to collaborate towards a happy healthy life.

When we bring animals into our lives, they have no real power to get what they desire except through their caregivers. When the behaviors of the caregivers are not in harmony with the highest benefit of all within the family, animals can begin to feel insecure and controlled.

All of life is connected energetically. We impact one another, including our pets and livestock. When anyone within a family is in anxiety or not feeling supported in a healthy emotional way, survival concerns and fear can predominate. When we bring animals into our life, we show them what our family structure is based on, and they adapt to our energy. If a family is in chaos, survival mode, anxiety or poverty, that energy is the foundation for the animal and children’s behaviors. Living in discordant energy stresses the body which can cause it to become more susceptible to illness and disease.

The Light Expression Animal and Family Relationship Health Care Collection was developed to support family and animals in healing survival patterns at the most primal level. We all want to feel loved, wanted and nurtured, but we don’t always know how to achieve this balance within a family structure. Living together can be stressful, and we don’t always agree on how to live together in harmony. Everyone in a family can have different perspectives and opinions on how to live together.

A healthy family is what we all desire to achieve. Daily use of these essences will support the humans and animals living together in a state of harmony, peace, integrity, nurturance, honesty, responsibility and love. When the caregivers feel wanted, nurtured and loved, this will extend to the animals and children feeling the same.



arnicaArnica supports the emotional and physical healing process in animals and humans. When an animal or human is experiencing physical pain (i.e. cuts, bruises, skin irritations, inflammation, illness or surgery), it is a signal that something emotional is causing us to feel out of balance within our bodies. Pain is always a red flag. It shows us where stress and anxiety have built up to a point of causing pain in the body.

Pain can have many faces. Hiding the pain with masks of numbness does not make the pain go away. It only moves deeper into the physical body. Our pain shows us where our fears and survival issues are causing tension, anxiety and physical discomfort.

Arnica will assist in drawing the physical pain out, so the emotional misunderstandings can be addressed without the distraction of pain. This is not about numbing the pain, but rather about bringing the emotional response that caused the pain to come to the surface of your awareness so physical healing can be addressed and brought to a healthy outcome.


lavaWe live on a planet that is alive and fluid. Our busy lives can cause us to not feel our connection to the earth. Animals relate to the earth and her diverse ecosystem. When animals are in our homes and cities, they too can lose their feeling of connection to the earth. When animals or people are out of balance with the planet, stress and anxiety can build in the body. Feeling connected to our environment keeps us in a higher state of physical wellness and reduces stress and anxiety.

Lava holds the primal energy of creativity and when used as an essence, Lava will support us in feeling connected to the earth at our most basic physical structure ˗ atoms, molecules and cells. Lava is the creative expanding energy of planet Earth. It opens us to the easy flow of God’s love and creativity, promoting a feeling of power, strength, determination and non-attachment during the creative process, no matter what is being created. This essence will help us feel fully in our body, very grounded and connected to everyone and everything. It allows us to operate in the world from the center of our being, the God within. It will shift your perspective from feeling anxiety and stress to feeling peace, harmony and acceptance as a reaction to life’s daily challenges. In addition, Lava supports a healthy circulatory system building a strong lymphatic response to living in a body.

Flea and Tick Off

Animals are more likely to attract fleas and ticks when they are feeling out of control, feeling out of balance and out of harmony with their environment. When there is crisis and drama in the household, it is easy for the animals to feel the insanity that life can at times provide us all.

Flea and Tick Off essence formula supports our pets in feeling the natural state of harmony and balance with their outside environment. It is animals’ natural condition to feel at one with the environment. Flea and Tick Off will keep their electrical systems in the highest state of vitality and harmony with the environment, supporting them to stay healthy and strong and to repel bugs that bite.

Use Flea and Tick Off essence regularly to keep your pets and family in a strong state of electrical vitality that will keep unwanted bugs from attacking and biting them.


When an animal or child is ill and receiving treatment, it may take a while for the treatment to provide the necessary benefit. It may even be necessary to alter treatment or make adjustments for maximum benefit. When the animal or child feels vulnerable and uncertain about the recovery process, lack of faith, doubt and mistrust can lead to obsessing about the care they are receiving.

Fear can begin to control the body’s electrical system, throwing them off balance with their environment internally as well as externally. Pets may bite at their body, scratch, lick or pace. This can appear in people as biting fingernails, pulling hair, self-mutilation, picking at scabs or scratching rashes. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur in people who are recovering from a traumatic event or illness. Anyone can fall into this control pattern, doubting that they are receiving the best care available to them.

The essence formula Obsessing supports feeling that you are receiving the best care and attention as well as healing the emotional attachment to the traumatic event. This promotes healing in your body and helps you move through the recovery process to the healthiest outcome:, full recovery and renewed vitality.

Change Is Good

Change occurs daily. Our lives and our bodies are in a constant state of flux. Animals and children take comfort in what is known and have little understanding that change is such a normal part of life. Attempting to resist change out of fear or holding back the experience of change puts stress and tension on the body, leading to a feeling of disharmony with the environment that is also in a constant state of change.

Change is Good essence formula supports animals, children and caregivers in feeling at peace with the process of life’s ever-changing evolution. Peace and harmony will be felt when acceptance of change is understood as beneficial and natural. Change is Good essence opens us to see new possibilities and opportunities for our lives as the family learns to go with the flow. This supports a healthy urinary tract, digestive health, strong muscles, alleviates back and shoulder pain, promotes emotional wellbeing and acceptance of life’s timing.

Annoyance + Frustration = Irritation

annoyance + frustration = irritationAs individuals living within a family and a community, we each have our own rhythm, our own timing. It is easy to forget that we are all different and process information uniquely. Animals and children are in a state of experiencing life as new. Adults can easily become impatient with the timing of pets and children. Life moves fast and can cause everyone to be frustrated with obstacles that cause delays in our daily agendas.

Pets are curious about what they see in the grass. Children are constantly wondering why to everything they see. When the adult caregivers are in a hurry to get to their daily jobs, they can feel annoyed and frustrated to have to constantly move the pets and children through their routines each day. Children and animals have curiosity; adults just want to move along with their day.

Annoyance and frustration cause the emotional body to begin to feel irritated, attracting bug bites, shingles, pimples, rashes, hives, cysts, boils and burns to the physical body. Animals and children can pick up stress the adults are feeling and this can cause their bodies to express physical irritation. Annoyance + Frustration = Irritation essence formula supports all within the family to experience patience, joy and ease. Accepting life as it is promotes healthy harmony for all. When adults feel patience for the pets’ and children’s timing, a state of joy, calm and peace will be experienced. Annoyance and frustration dissolve, leaving patience as the way to experience the moment. The physical body will respond by healing any irritants caused by the tension of annoyance and frustration. The nervous system will feel peaceful and calm. Patience becomes the way to experience living as a family.

You Are Wanted

you are wantedLife can move fast. Some days we get caught up in our own world to the point of missing the sweetest part of life: having healthy relationships within a family. You Are Wanted essence formula supports acceptance of each family member’s uniqueness and promotes feeling accepted, cared for and included as a valuable part of the family. When each person and pet feels wanted, they will contribute their best and be better able to express love to others.

When we bring pets into our lives, they may not feel accepted by those already a part of the family and may act out their fear by behaving in a shy or aggressive manner. You Are Wanted essence will support harmonious interaction among pets and family members and will provide calm, peace and cooperation as the foundation for the family to grow upon. Feeling wanted alleviates stress and anxiety as a response to life and relationships.

Where Are You?

Every child and pet is dependent upon the care and attention of their adult caregivers. Caring for the most basic survival needs of a child or a pet is a very large responsibility. Those we care for depend upon us to be there for them. Adults can come and go as they please; but children and pets cannot. As a result, they may feel stress, anxiety and vulnerability.

The essence formula Where Are You? brings an understanding of trust and responsibility to those who are giving as well as those who are receiving care. This essence will bring everyone in the family into their highest expression of accountability, responsibility and compassionate action. This leads to feelings of trust in those most vulnerable. When children and pets feel loved and nurtured, the family experiences harmony and peace.

Loss and Grief

Loss is an inevitable part of life. Loss and Grief essence formula supports pets and people in processing the sadness and despair that often accompany the loss of a friend, family member, pet or companion. Loss and Grief also supports healing separation anxiety when a child moves out or a family is dissolved because of divorce or death. This essence promotes healthy grieving, provides a release of the feeling of loss and moves us toward the feeling of acceptance. In feeling acceptance of the loss, the body will hold its highest ability to maintain balance through the grieving process.

Thunder Lightning Storms

thunder and lightningStorms, no matter what type, can have an emotional impact on our pets and children. They evoke our most primal fears of survival. When a pet or young child feels a sudden storm approaching, instincts kick in and a safe place is sought. Storms come and go. They can leave behind damage that disrupts the family home and outdoor environment. Storms can take the shape of emotional conflict within the family, like a sudden angry outburst. Animals can be so frightened by the storm that they act out by destroying their environment, chewing at a door, scratching themselves or running away from their home. Children can cry and hide.

The essence formula Thunder Lightning Storms supports healing the anxiety and stress those in our family may feel during any type of storm, whether nature-influenced or emotional, and provide a feeling of calm and trust. Storms come and go. This essence can provide a sense that everything will be okay, w. e can trust in the process of life. The sun will shine again.

Competitive Jealous Insecure

When individuals come together as a family and as a community, there can be many agendas and many unique personalities. It is easy for pets and children to slip into feeling competitive and jealous about their place in the family. Animals have pack leaders. Children can have siblings and friends. Animals and children can easily experience jealousy.

Competitive Jealous Insecure essence formula supports every individual in feeling secure and wanted as they are. Feeling accepted will keep pets and children in harmony with the family; there is no reason to act out disruptive behaviors to get attention. Healthy behavior based in acceptance of each individual’s uniqueness promotes harmony and peace within the family. Everyone within the family will flourish as unique individuals. Jealousy, rivalry and competitive behavior will heal. Playfulness and enjoying each other as unique individuals will grow.

Discipline Please

Every family will benefit from the essence formula Discipline Please. This essence supports the development of maturity in each family member. It provides the clarity and focus pets crave in order to hear and respond to your command. With discipline, caregivers model what it looks like to take on responsibility. True responsibility, showing up to take care of what has to be done, alleviates stress, anxiety and fear that will lead to harmony within the family.

Discipline Please essence formula wants to teach self-accountability, self-command, and self-control. With discipline, you modulate your own rhythm within society’s structure. It provides a framework for developing grounded healthy habits and behavior patterns. With discipline, you can climb a mountain; without it, you can fall off.

Use this essence any time discipline is required for such activities as: leash, litter box, all pet training; potty training, bedtime, homework, curfew; cleaning up after yourself, keeping your room in order and other family chores; being on time for appointments; and meeting your daily obligations.

No Seizure

This formula is for animals that exhibit a high strung nervous system. Many of our pets have come from a strong breeding system. This selective breeding can result in animals that have seizures. Animals can also act out from a demanding personality, wanting a lot of attention and care. The animal can be overly anxious and easily distracted by loud sudden noises, unexpected visitors or discord in the family. Animals are sensitive to the emotions of their caregivers. Disharmony, anger and impatience in the adults can send the animals into a nervous fit.

No Seizure essence formula supports animals in feeling calm, balanced, nurtured, accepted and, most importantly, loved and wanted. The essence supports the family that has an animal challenged with seizures, nervous fits, high anxiety levels, demanding or controlling behavior. Regular use will bring the anxiety level down and promote building a healthy electrical system in the animals.

No Seizure essence is also appropriate for caregivers and family members who may also be feeling controlled and agitated by the intensity of life’s daily challenges.