Discipline Please




Product Specifications: 25% brandy alcohol, infusion of Discipline Please in distilled water.

Available in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles & 2 oz. spray bottles

Definition: Every family will benefit from the essence formula Discipline Please. This essence supports the development of maturity in each family member. It provides the clarity and focus pets crave in order to hear and respond to your command. With discipline, caregivers model what it looks like to take on responsibility. True responsibility, showing up to take care of what has to be done, alleviates stress, anxiety and fear that will lead to harmony within the family.
Discipline Please essence formula wants to teach self-accountability, self-command, and self-control. With discipline, you modulate your own rhythm within society’s structure. It provides a framework for developing grounded healthy habits and behavior patterns. With discipline, you can climb a mountain; without it, you can fall off.
Use this essence any time discipline is required for such activities as: leash, litter box, all pet training; potty training, bedtime, homework, curfew; cleaning up after yourself, keeping your room in order and other family chores; being on time for appointments; and meeting your daily obligations.