Astrology Collection Set




The moment of our birth sets into motion our personal astrology, a blueprint of who we are at our most unique level. Our personal astrology provides the lens we use to filter our experiences of this new life, showing our unique strengths and challenges. Astrology is a tool that can help us better understand who we are and what we can learn to be our best self.

All of our personal astrology is important:

  •  The 3 primary signs – Sun (ego), Moon (emotions) and Ascendant (personality)
  •  The other 9 signs
  • The Elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  • The 8 planets, sun and moon
  •  The 12 houses

Attempting to understand ourselves through the complexity of our astrology can keep us in our mental body. Change occurs through our emotions, which then impact our thoughts. We learn and evolve because we feel a compelling desire to understand who we are.

The simplicity of the Light Expression Essences Astrology Collection allows us to stay in our heart. These essences help us evolve our unique astrology from the dark suffering side (the immature, misunderstanding of who we are) to the truth of who we are: a unique creative, expressive individual evolving to our highest potential. The lightest part of our uniqueness is pure joy to experience.

Using the Light Expression Essences Astrology Collection daily opens our mental body to the highest expression of our thoughts, and opens our emotional body to lovingly express what we feel. This openness brings clarity, allowing us to see more possibilities in every moment.

The Light Expression Essences Astrology Collection supports the healing of the emotional challenges and physical illnesses we encounter during our life experience. As each of the 12 signs vibrate at higher levels, the underlying issues and fears causing illness, disease, poverty, etc. will be brought into wholeness. Then the physical challenges can be treated more efficiently. When you add these essences to any essence formula you choose to make, the formula will more accurately pinpoint emotional obstacles.  Use any of these Astrology Essences as individual essence support or add to a custom remedy of Mineral, Flower, Body/Soul or Astrology Essences to support healing of specific issues.

We can find it difficult to interact with others whose astrology is different from our own. By becoming conscious of our personal astrology’s strengths and challenges, we open pathways to find common ground for communication with others so that we can experience understanding and harmony. This is where Light Expression Essences excel. The essences do the work; they bring us to the place where we are able to choose to express maturity and wholeness in our life.

Definitions of Essences Included in this Collection