No Seizure




Product Specifications: 25% brandy alcohol, infusion of No Seizure in distilled water.

Available in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles & 2 oz. spray bottles

Definition: This formula is for animals that exhibit a high strung nervous system. Many of our pets have come from a strong breeding system. This selective breeding can result in animals that have seizures. Animals can also act out from a demanding personality, wanting a lot of attention and care. The animal can be overly anxious and easily distracted by loud sudden noises, unexpected visitors or discord in the family. Animals are sensitive to the emotions of their caregivers. Disharmony, anger and impatience in the adults can send the animals into a nervous fit.

No Seizure essence formula supports animals in feeling calm, balanced, nurtured, accepted and, most importantly, loved and wanted. The essence supports the family that has an animal challenged with seizures, nervous fits, high anxiety levels, demanding or controlling behavior. Regular use will bring the anxiety level down and promote building a healthy electrical system in the animals.

No Seizure essence is also appropriate for caregivers and family members who may also be feeling controlled and agitated by the intensity of life’s daily challenges.