Free Will – Divine Will

In 1992 I was sitting next to our vegetable energy garden working with Wayne on our annual planting. We work together at this process as we each have our specific talents and contributions to offer. We both connect with the overlighting deva (angel) of the vegetable garden while I specifically connect with the nature spirit (elemental) of each variety of vegetable going into the garden. As we were going about the process of asking where each variety would be planted and how many of each variety would go into each row, I temporarily found myself being removed from the garden work and being shown a scene far away.

For days I had been asking for clarity on several questions on why life seemed to be breaking down. By this, I am referring to the times when we do our Soul’s work, stay in touch with Spirit’s guidance and promptings and remain open to change. With all this on track, why were our lives attracting crisis and chaos instead of bliss? I kept asking, “What are we doing wrong?” Have you ever felt the need to ask that question? I was shown intuitively a beautiful scene. Yet it contradicted what I thought I understood truth to be. The angel Jodah was showing me how to live in harmony on Earth and in our highest good. He shared:

Dear ones, when anyone chooses to work with Spirit to manifest anything into the physical plane (love, forgiveness, an idea, or perhaps simply a new puppy), the first lesson to understand is that of surrender. I say surrender because you are now in a time of much change and fluctuation. You ask for help in manifesting a plan or idea you have. But, you hold onto your ideas of how the plan should appear once it has manifested into the material plane. Your ideas of perfection come from the past that is no longer working. In surrender, you will find new insights, creativity, and energy to manifest your plans and ideas. It is now time to move into the energy of Divine Will that is the balanced and grounded Will of the Universe. As you move into the energy of Divine Will and learn to stay in that energy, you will experience the unfolding of your plans from a new understanding. This is not to say that your plans and their outcome will always appear lovely and orderly. Quite the contrary much is in turmoil at this time. Things do not always look orderly. But, as you stay in the energy flow of Divine Will versus the old ego-based place of Free Will, you will know that what is unfolding is indeed God’s plan. This is true for you, and for all of humanity. The illusion of life, as it has been experienced in the past, is that which is falling away at this time. By staying in the energy of Divine Will versus Free Will, you will feel more in harmony with the unfolding of the new planetary energy that is upon us now. In accepting the power of Divine Will, you will be carried through the changes within the current of Spirit rather than paddling upstream using the energy of Free Will. You are doing nothing wrong. Trust and surrender God’s plan is unfolding, and you are all an integral part of it.

— Jodah

As soon as I found myself back at the garden, I quickly went to my desk and recorded everything I was told and shown. Whenever I begin to feel disconnected and ungrounded, I remember these words offered by Jodah. The scene in my mind that I received appeared as follows, as well as I can describe it:

I was shown a large, beautiful, clear river with a bank on either side. The river represented Divine Will and the banks, Free Will. Along the banks were many trees, a lot of underbrush and large rocks. It appeared to be a very difficult place to walk. The river, on the other hand, had a smooth and calm appearance. The water flowing down the river was bright blue and very clear. I saw myself in this river and felt peaceful and at ease with my surroundings. After a short while of observing the scene with myself in the river, I saw myself move out of the center of the river and go toward the bank. As I did, I could feel myself become agitated and nervous. A good deal of anxiety came over me. I was feeling both experiences: the first was calm and peace – a oneness with my surroundings; the second, fear and anxiety – a sense of isolation and separateness.

I was told by the angel Jodah to move back into the river. As soon as I did, the anxiety I had felt near the bank subsided and the feeling of peace returned. It was then that I was told that in choosing to stay in the river, I was choosing to let go of the illusion of separation from Divinity. When you choose to merge and work with Divine Will, you will no longer experience a feeling of separation from All That Is. It has only been an illusion that you ever were separated. This feeling of separation comes from your subconscious and the collective subconscious telling  your ego to think that you must travel to your destination along the banks of the river.

In that brief moment, not only was I shown the river of Divine Will, but I was experiencing the feel of it as well. The angel Jodah went on to say that either path will provide you with optimal challenges to see and then heal. The ease in your journey was the real difference between the two paths being offered. The choice to stay in the river, surrender to God, is a blessed path. The choice to walk along the bank is ego-driven and will provide obstacles and challenges necessary for your ego to see and choose to heal.

The question becomes, “Do I choose to surrender to the Will of Divinity, flowing along to my destination? Or, would I choose to continue to work with the concept of Free Will, ego, and the illusion of separation as I travel alone, along the banks of the river, passing through heavy and difficult underbrush and climbing up cliffs?” This seemed like an easy decision at the time – put on the floaters and step into the river.

There appeared to be only one problem; all the subconscious emotional baggage we carry around with us such as negativity, judgment, misunderstandings, immaturity, and detrimental addictive patterns of behavior make it difficult to float freely downstream. In fact, it may feel as if our subconscious emotional baggage is so heavy that it is pulling us under the water. This is when our ego-based survival understanding kicks in and makes us want to get out of the river and back to the bank. It (what ego knows) feels more comfortable on the shore (what is known). It can seem easier to walk uphill, rather than surrender and float into what feels like the unknown.

This is where I was shown that as you feel your subconscious issues coming up, one method of lightening and releasing your subconscious emotional baggage is with the use of vibrational essences. Their purpose is to assist us in transmuting and releasing our subconscious negativity, misunderstandings, immaturity, and detrimental addictive behavior, thus raising our vibrational level to hold trust in the universe verses ego doubt and uncertainty. This brings us into alignment with the vibrational energy of God/Love/superconsciousness. The lighter we become (fewer issues), the easier it will be for each of us to stay in the River of Divine Will. Surrendering your fears to God, taking essences to heal the survival fears, and trusting the journey will take you to places and adventures you never imagined.

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River Ride Update

It’s now 2023, 30-plus years of riding the river of Divine Will. The angel Jodah spoke the truth to me back in 1992. Staying in the flow of Divine Will, God’s plans, versus ego, free will has definitely had its challenges for me to heal through. Many days the river was full of rapids with an occasional waterfall taking me through my survival fears and showing me where my subconscious was holding me back in the energy of lack of trust in God’s plans for my journey in this life expression.

The more I travel the river path, the more clearly I am able to see and feel the obstacles and challenges I need to let go. The joy of surrender is that it builds humility and trust in our subconscious and conscious mind. The challenge is convincing our ego that God’s plans are our true path.

For my journey, I have been co-creating with the Divine Source, Nature, and my higher self to bring Light Expression Essences in the physical for our benefit. I have been using essences as a tool to support the intention of staying in the vibration of Divine Will.

I never imagined where making essences would bring me. The journey is ongoing and I feel the blessings of saying ‘Yes’ to God’s plan for my life every day. I am currently finishing the collection of Animal and Family Relationship Health Care essences. This collection has been a huge learning, healing, and joy experience for me. I love using this collection as my daily go-to Love and support energy.

The collective subconscious mind holds functional and dysfunctional frequency information from all Souls. Using my essence tools keeps my conscious mind in tune with what my higher self is guiding me towards. I’ve seen how easy it is to fall back into dysfunctional habits. The collective subconscious mind pulses frequency information to all of us daily. Resisting dysfunctional frequencies can be challenging. Using my essences supports my intention to experience Unity Consciousness. I feel the blessing of traveling my path. I trust that Light Expression Essences can and will support your journey as well.

Ride the River in Trust.